Prices Expire October 31, 2010 
Standard Subscrip on License: For use on a single PC worksta on for the period of 12 months. Data can be local or remote. Includes all Code Edi on/
Addenda changes and Maintenance Releases that are published during the subscrip on period. (not a concurrent license, however Flexible licenses are available)


Design So ware  
DesignCalcs™   Modular design by Code so ware based off of our iconic Advanced Pressure Vessel so ware  


   S8D1 Basic (Shells, heads, nozzles, cones, ASME Flanges, 3.5‐1 SF, solves for thickness) Required for any modules 

$650 /   875 

   S8D1 Advanced (Ring s ffeners, app 2 flanges, clamps, li ing lugs, stud outlets, jackets, 4‐1 SF) Requires S8D1 Basic 

$325 /   450 

Analysis Module (WRC 107 Analysis) Currently FREE with the purchase of S8D1 Basic 

          — /— 

Skirt Module  (Calcula ons for analysis of tall towers, skirts, base rings, etc.)    

$450 /   600 

Saddle Module  (Calcula ons for horizontal vessels, Zick analysis, and saddles)  

$450 /   600 

Leg Module  (Calcula ons for legs, lugs, and rings on ver cal vessels)  

$450 /   600 

Exchanger Module  (Design U, Fixed, and Floa ng Tubesheets per UHX & expansion joints)  

$875 / 1175 

DesignDocs™ ( U and R Data Reports for small to medium businesses) Formerly BPVDocs   

$300 /   400 

FormPro™ SQL  U, R, P, H, or A Forms (Data report so ware for large corporate infrastructures)  Price each 

$300 /   400 

FormPro does not include support for Microso  SQL. Addi onal support services are available. 


Welding So ware  
ProWrite™   Modular Code‐Checked welding documenta on so ware to help maintain Code Assurance 


  S9 Welder (Con nuity, WPQs in accord with ASME S9 Code for Stud, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, & FCAW) 

$300 /   400 

  S9 WPS (in accord with the ASME Sec IX Code for Stud, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, & FCAW) Requires  S9 Welder 

$500 /   675 

  S9 Advanced (Adds Brazing, EGW, ESW, OFW, and PAW Processes) Requires S9 Welder and S9 PQR/WPS 

$400 /   550 

  D1.1 Welder (Con nuity, WPQRs in accord with AWS D1.1 Code for GMAW, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, & FCAW) 
  D1.1 WPS (in accord with the AWS D1.1 Code for GMAW, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, & FCAW) Requires D1 Welder 

$300 /   400  
$425 /   575 

WeldToolbox™  Weld Joint CAD drawing, Welding Es ma on, and Filler Metal guidance  

$300 /   400 

WeldDocs™   Modular non‐code checked flexible WPS/PQR/WPQ crea on and Welder Tracking 


   Welder Module (Includes Welder and con nuity tracking) Required for Code modules 

$200 /   275 

                Standard Code Module S9, API 1104, D1.1, or ISO Price each 

$150 /   200 

Project Management & Quality Control So ware  

Weld mapping for complete traceability of every component in a project. (Introductory Price)  

NDEDocs™    NDE Reports including MP, RT, UT, Visual, DP/LP, Hydrosta c, & Pneuma c  

 $750 / 1025 
$ 300 /   400 



*NEW*    Flexible Subscrip on Licensing! 
A flexible license lets you put the license key anywhere on your network and allows any user on the network access to the license (one user per flexible 
license owned at a  me). Flexible licenses also allow the use of terminal services, remote desktop, and virtualiza on. This new type of license is commonly 
referred to as a concurrent or floa ng license. For addi onal informa on please visit 

** Progressive Discounts! ** 

Computer Engineering, Inc.

Spend $1,500 ‐ 15% Discount 

509 NW 5th Street, Blue Springs, MO 64014 USA
Phone (816) 228-2976 Fax (816) 228-0680
Sales Department (800) 473-1976 (USA only)

Spend $2,500 ‐ 25% Discount 
Spend $3,500 ‐ 35% Discount 

10% Automa c Renewal Discount: Take an additional 10% off of the price (discounted or not) by electing to automatically renew your license so
that you need not worry about your subscription expiring. Termination of renewal prior to re-subscription will require repayment of the discount and a $75 fee. 

500 = -35% Automatic Renewal Discount: Take an additional 10% off of the price (discounted or not) by electing to automatically renew your license so that you need not worry about your subscription expiring. Inc. Inc. 2nd day or Next day shipping. HI. Inc. Computer Engineering.500 = -15%.O. (US only. State: _______________________________ Zip: _________ Country:____________________________________________________ Country: ______________________________________________ Method of Payment □ □ Credit Card [Visa] [MC] [Discover] (Circle card used) [American Express] Company Card Card #: ____________________________________________ Exp Date: _____/_____/______ (all information given to Computer Engineering is kept secure and confidential) Security Code:________ Issued To:____________________________________________________________________ Billing Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________ (if different than the shipping address) □ □ Wire Transfer (Please call or email for Bank info. duty. add $40 for Processing Fee) C. $3.35%) $ Shipping (« See prices at left) $ Other Fees $ Total Order (US Currency) $ Progressive Discount: $1. or taxes.computereng. Credit Card orders will be accepted by phone or fax. Include complete credit card information or submit credit references with purchase order if direct billing is desired. Please enclose with order) Invoice (Minimum order $2K. We will not ship software to any country or entity banned by the US Department of Trade and / or US Customs. $2. $50 processing fee) PO #: ____________ Product Quantity Standard Total Quantity Flexible $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Subtotal $ Progressive Discount $ Automatic Renewal Discount $ Sales Tax (Missouri Only 7. itself is not responsible for any Import fees. 509 NW 5th Street. These payments are your responsibility and are charged to you by your respective country. To order your program or for additional information. $7 fee) □ □ Check (US Only. MO 64014 Phone (816) 228-2976 Fax (816) 228-0680 Sales (US) (800) 473-1976 www. State: _________________________________ Zip: ____________ City.D.Order Form Date: ________________________ Company: ______________________________________________________Contact:________________________________________________ Telephone Number:________________________ Fax Number:_________________________E-mail:___________________________________ Shipping Mailing/Billing Address: ___________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________ City. PR. & VI UPS 2nd Day Air $30 UPS Next Day Air $42 Canada UPS Ground $28 International Courier $82 Computer Engineering. US .500 = -25%. Prices are subject to change without notice. complete this order form and return to Computer Engineering. (Subject to cancelation fees) Shipping US Contiguous 48 States UPS Ground $15 UPS 2nd Day Air $26 UPS Next Day Air $38 AK. Blue Springs.

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