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Difference between Nestle and Mother Dairy

India has the largest and fastest milk and milk products market in the world. If the growth of this sector is extrapolated, it is observed that in the next ten years production will increase to about three times todays numbers. India produces milk with the lowest cost at around 40 cents per liter. Amul, Nestl, Mother Dairy are some of the major companies that produce milk and milk products in India. However, factors such as lack of adequate amount of fodder and unavailability of veterinary doctors have reduced the yield of milk per animal. This article compares Indias three popular dairy organizations Amul, Nestle and Mother Dairy

Nestle S.A. (Switzerland) runs its subsidiary in India with the name Nestle India. It has setup seven factories throughout the country. A part from India, Nestle S.A. operates in eighty five other countries. Nestle originated in 1905 and is named after Henri Nestle. It grew rapidly during World War I

Nestle offers its products in four categories viz. Milk products and nutrition, prepared dishes and cooking aids, beverages, and chocolates and confectionary products. Milkmaid, Nescafe, Maggie, everyday, Polo, Kit-Kat are some of its very famous brands. It has a total of six thousand brands... Mother Dairy, on the other hand, in addition to its milk products, offers the Dhaara - range of edible oils and Safal range of fresh fruit juices. It has around two hundred thousand outlets across the India.

Production and Earnings

In 2009, Nestle recorded a net profit of CHF 10.43 billion. A major portion of this came from Europe and America, with 16% coming from Asia. Mother Dairy markets around 2.8 million liters of milk everyday with a market share of 66% percent in the branded sector. It has its main market in Delhi, Hyderabad, Saurashtra and Mumbai.

Cereals Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia) Cini Minis Honey Nut Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia) Oat Cheerios Cookie Crisp Crunch (Cereal) Fitnesse Force Flakes Chocapic Gold Flakes Golden Grahams Golden Nuggets Golden Morn (Nigeria) Honey Stars Koko Krunch Milo Cereals

Nesquik Cereal Nestl Corn Flakes Shreddies Shredded Wheat Clusters Trix Yogurt Fruit Selection Yogurt (Philippines) Longa Vida (Portugal) Molico (Brazil) Munch Bunch Ski Coffee Bonka Buoundi (Portugal)[1] Christina (Portugal)[2] Dolca (Argentina) Ecco (Peru, Chile) El Chan (Uruguay) International Roast Kirma (Peru) Loumidis (Greece) Nescaf Sunrise (India) Nespresso Partner's Blend Ricoffy Ristretto Ricor Sical[3] Tofa[4] Taster's Choice Zogas Shrameet Water Aberfoyle Aqua D'Or Aqua Mineral (Poland) Aqua Pod Arctic (Poland) Acqua Panna Al Manhal Aquapod Arrowhead Buxton Contrex

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Foodservice products
Chef-Mate Davigel Minor's Santa Rica

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As shareholder Nestl owns 30% of the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company L'Oral and its brands including Garnier, Maybelline, and Lancme as well as The Body Shop stores. Nestl owned 100% of Alcon. In 2008 Nestl sold 24.8% of Alcon shares to the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis. In 2010 Nestl sold another 52% of Alcon to Novartis. Novartis paid a total of 39.1 bn US$. References

Mother Dairy
Mother Dairy markets & sells dairy products under the brand (like Liquid Milk, Dahi, Ice creams, Dairy Whitener, Cheese and

Butter), Dhara range of edible oils and the Safal range of fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen vegetables and fruit juices at a national level through its sales and distribution networks for marketing food items. Mother Dairy sources its entire requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives. Similarly, Mother Dairy sources fruits and vegetables from farmers / growers associations. Mother Dairy also contributes to the cause of oilseeds grower cooperatives that manufacture/ pack the Dhara range of edible oils by undertaking to nationally market all Dhara products. It is Mother Dairys constant endeavor to (a)ensure that milk producers and farmers regularly and continually receive market prices by offering quality milk, milk products and other food products to consumers at competitive prices and (b) uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable. At Mother Dairy, processing of milk is controlled by process automation whereby state-of-the-art microprocessor technology is adopted to integrate and completely automate all functions of the milk processing areas to ensure high product quality/reliability and safety. Mother Dairy is an IS/ ISO-9002, IS15000 HACCP and IS-14001 EMS certified organization. Moreover, its Quality Assurance Laboratorys certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL)-Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The company markets more then 2.2 million liters of milk daily in Delhi and surrounding areas of Western U.P. and Haryana, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Mother Dairy Milk has a market share of 66% in the branded sector in Delhi where it sells 2million liters of milk daily and undertakes its marketing operations through more then 10,000 retail outlets. There are 780 exclusive outlets of Mother Dairy out of this.

The companys unique distribution network of bulk vending booths, retail outlets and mobile units give it a significant competitive advantage. Mother Dairy ice creams launched in the year 1995 have been showing a continuous growth over the years and today boasts of approximately 62% market share in Delhi and NCR. Other than Delhi and NCR, Mother Dairy ice creams are now also available in the markets of UP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Mumbai and Kolkata. Mother Dairy also manufactures and markets a wide range of dairy products that include Butter, Dahi, Ghee, Cheese, UHT Milk, Dairy Whitener, Lassi & Flavored Milk. Mother Dairy dairy products are available in the markets of Northern India, Eastern India, Mumbai, & Port Blair. The company markets an array of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable products under the brand name SAFAL through a chain of 295 owned Fruit and Vegetable shops and more than 20,000 retail outlets in various parts of the country. Fresh produce form the producers is handled at the Companys modern processing facility in Delhi with an annual capacity of 1,20,000 MT. A state-of-the-art fruit processing plant, a 100 per cent EOU, setup in 1996 at Mumbai supplies quality products in the international market. With increasing demand another state-of-the-art fruit processing plant has been set up at Bangalore this year.

Mother Dairy Products



Strawberry L




Kesar Eliachi





Cheese Slice

Cheese Cubes

Cheese Sprea

Buffalo Ghee

Cow Ghee


Blueberry Yoghurt

Raspberry Yoghurt

Mango Yoghurt

Mango Marvel

Strawberry Crush


Choco Almonds

Cookie Crumb

Creamy Rum Cake





Butter Scotch


Fruit & Nut




Orange Blast

Two in One

Chocolate Bar


Mega Bar

Mango Bar




Chocolate Cone

Butter Scotch



Raspberry Mango





Butter Scotch

Natural Vanilla


Black Grape Bar


Apple Juice

Guava Drink

Litchi Drink

Mango Drink

Orange Drink

Peach Drink

Pineapple Drink

Plum Drink





Mixed Fruit

Pineapple Jam
Apple Jam Mixed Fruit Jam

Lime Pickle
Orange Marmalade Peach Jam

Mango Pickle

Mixed Pickle

Dela Pickle

Tomato Puree
Green Chilly Pickle Tomato Ketchup

Mother Dairy has also been marketing the Dhara range of edible oils for the last few years. Today it is a leading brand of edible oils and is available across the country in over 2,00,000 outlets. The brand is currently available in the following variants: Refined Vegetable Oil, Refined Soybean Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Filtered Groundnut Oil. Mother Dairy has over the last 3 decades, harnessed the power of farmer cooperatives to deliver a range of delicious products and bring a smile on your face.