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Development of a Pilot Smart City Spread of Indian Power System in increasing to new dimensions especially with the proposed

synchronous interconnection of NEW grid with Southern Regional Grid. In future single grid of more than 250 GW capacity shall be operated in next 4-5 years. With the growth of meshed network, complexities due to change in power flow direction, wide variation in supply & demand etc. have grown manifold. Diversified electricity market in which power is contracted on different type of contracts(short-term, mediumterm, long-term, day ahead etc.) has given a new paradigm shift the way power is generated, transmitted and distributed. Further, to maintain sustainability, emphasis has been given to develop renewable energy in a big scale and its integration with the grid. All these poses challenges in terms of grid security, reliability and stability under different operating conditions and has also increased the complexity towards the monitoring and control of such large grid. Further, AT&C losses has reached to an alarming level and other aspects like reliability in supply system, power quality etc. also necessitates due attention. Considering increasing complexities in every segment of entire value chain, it is prudent to introduce intelligence in all fronts of power sector viz. generation, transmission and distribution through Smart Grid Applications. Smart Grid shall facilitate efficient and reliable end-to-end intelligent two-way delivery system from source to sink through integration of renewable energy sources, smart transmission & distribution system. Technologies in the field of Measurements, Communication, Control & automation, Advanced meters, IT infrastructure, Energy Storage, Electric vehicle etc. have prominent role towards successful development of Smart Grid. In this way, Smart Grid technology shall bring efficiency and sustainability in our country, meeting the growing electricity demand with reliability and best of the quality. In distribution, POWERGRID has planned to develop a Consumer-Utility interactive a Pilot Smart Grid which will inter-alia cover integration of multiple forms of renewable energy sources, Smart metering & control through Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI), Power Quality Management(PQM), Peak Load Management, Outage Management System(OMS), Micro-grid, Storage technology, Electric vehicle etc. For successful implementation of Smart Grid in every segment of power system, apart from development/integration of intelligent technology/devices into the network, commercial mechanism through suitable market design in terms of innovating consumer tariff structure based on time of use/day tariff which will incentivize consumers on the basis of energy consumption during off-peak/lean period also need to be established. In addition, suitable tariff mechanism through Net-metering may also be introduced to facilitate grid interactive renewable energy generation at consumer level. POWERGRID also intend to extend this Smart Grid endeavour towards a Pilot Smart City to take care of other consumer infrastructure services such as security system, transport system, water management, e-public services, smart building & home, mobile- education, medical transcription etc. in a holistic manner.

POWERGRID proposed to develop the Pilot Smart City covering all the above functionalities through open collaboration with the players in these fields as an indigenous project in a demonstrable manner. Such endeavour shall go a long way towards development of field proven Smart Grid technology in Indian context as well as for application in other utilities.