and afford.com/forum/indian-car-scene/122853-june-2012-indian-car-sales-figures- analysis.team-bhp.TATA SAFARI. THE FIRST INDIGENOUSLY DESIGNED AND BUILT SUV IN INDIA. Anil knew that his team had to get valuable insights into the consumer psyche in order to assist the design and manufacturing team in bringing out a brand new product which could shake up the competition and bring back a chunk of the pie back to Tata Motors. The protectionist regime during the 50s. Anil Kumar. Even the frontline player for Mahindra and Mahindra in this segment. 90s became the melting point for the car industry in India. The first motorcar drove down the Indian roads in 1898. the Maruti now.html . especially Mahindra and Mahindra with its recently launched XUV500 had been able to breach the 3000 unit mark thrice in the previous 3 months. India has traveled a long way. but he sure can dream.[1] On the other hand the competition. Indian car industry was born with the foundation of Hindustan Motors (HM) which was set up in 1942 followed by the establishment of Premier Automobile (PAL) in 1944. Safari sales were fluctuating and they had failed to cross the 1000 figure mark since the month of April. the Indian car Industry has seen a major resurgence with the opening up of Indian shores to foreign manufacturers and collaborators. Inspite of playing as a multi utility vehicle (MUV) the Toyota Innova was also eating into Safari’s pie by posting robust sales of over 6000 in the past few months. An average Indian’s dream car may not be the design-savvy Honda or the stately limousine. Scorpio had been able to see sales to the tunes of 4000 in the past 3 months. But since the 80s. [1] http://www. the GM of Marketing for the consumer vehicles division at Tata Motors was looking at the sales figure for Tata Safari for 2012 till the month of June. About 4. THE INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY From the rhythmic sounds of bullock cart to the jet-age.000 cars were imported to India from 1898 till the First World War. 60s and 70s hindered the establishment of many players in the industry.

The Society for Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has segmented the passenger car sector into nine categories. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle similar to station wagons but built on a light truck chassis. The vehicle in this segment primarily focusses on family transportation. The cars in the economy segment are in the price range of INR 2 Lakhs – 5 Lakhs. The utility vehicles comprise of pick-ups. Tata Motors stands at the third place with 13.e. Maruti Suzuki leads the pack with a market share of 40%. These cars are purchased by the urban middle class families. The hard tops are mainly used for commercial purposes. personal cars and utility vehicles. comfort and power. The smallest one being the Compact SUV category. The high end category in this segment also known as Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are used as passenger cars. premium and super-premium segment.htm .rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-auto-14-top-car-manufacturers-inindia/20120418. followed by Hyundai with a market share of 13. value for money and status. Status dominates the super-premium segment which covers the range of INR 12 lakhs onwards.Things have changed so drastically that today India has become the sixth largest exporter of cars in the world. ranging from A1 mini to SUV. Luxury is what the customer looks for in the vehicles in this category. They are popular for space. [2] http://www. Today Indian consumers have a wide range of cars to choose from. The premium segment covers the range of INR 5 lakhs – 12 Lakhs.12% market share. The Passenger Vehicles can also be classified into two broad segments i. Today almost every auto manufacturer has its presence in India. followed by Mid-Size SUV category and the biggest one being the Full-Size SUV category. The SUV segment is further divided into three categories based upon the length of the car. People in India often associate SUV with masculinity and a means to showcase one’s prowess. resulting in a great tussle for gaining an extra share of pie. soft tops and hard tops. The Personal Car category includes cars in the economy.88% [2].

They hit upon the idea that the best way to do so was to downsize what their forte was . SUV sales have seen a 11% growth in the Year-on-Year (YoY) figures for an eight month period between April and November 2011. Car owners are looking to upgrade their driving experience and are moving towards the vehicles in this segment. how to make a car. It was India’s or rather Tata Motor’s response to Pajero. Ford Motor Co. Mahindra & Mahindra. But sales of sports utility vehicles (SUVs).Tata Safari started its journey in 1998 with this 2. The high interest rates and the rising fuel costs aren't helping the cause either. the XUV 500.SUV Market in India Global automakers are now aggressively targeting growth in India's underdeveloped SUV market with the small car market witnessing a stall. engineers at Tata Motors decided to learn. the traditional leader in multi-utility vehicles has launched its South Korean Ssangyong brand in India along with its own model. It marked the beginning of the SUV segment in India. Mahindra and Mahindra and General Motors have all launched new SUV models for the Indian market. The rising income along with the expanding dealership network has ensured that the rugged vehicles reach beyond the cities. It gave the Indian consumers a car which had both off road capability as well as luxury. India's once booming car market has slumped. The same unit was fit into the Sierra and later into the Sumo. bringing down the overall sales growth. while passenger car sales fell by 4%. which saw it becoming a runaway success. . according to data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). Hyundai Motor Co. A refined still underpowered 2000cc diesel four-cylinder motor powered the Tata 207 (Tatamobile pickup project). Tata Safari – Evolution First generation Back in the eighties. off-road capable cars and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs). are now being spotted more frequently. Renault India.body-onchassis trucks. all by themselves. which weren't oft seen on the country's roads. French carmaker Renault SA and German luxury brand Audi AG have also launched new SUV models for India. where they are more in demand. Mitsubishi.0 litre I4 Diesel Engine in its heart. The SUV car market currently accounts for almost 5% of the Indian Car industry. Discover and their likes. Though it came with a synchromesh forward five-speed .

It was launched on October 5.manual gearbox with a 4X4 option. The engine was taken from the Tata 407.The TVCs and the print ads in unison worked towards revamping the brand Safari. The target audience could immediately relate to the ads and were made to feel tempted to reclaim their lives. with a new. Its styling was very contemporary and fresh which appealed to everyone. it was regarded to be grossly underpowered. DiCOR The new Tata Safari DiCOR (DiCOR standing for "Direct Injection Common Rail engine") was powered by a 3000 cc inline-four cylinder engine that developed 116 PS (85 kW) at 3000 rpm and 300 N·m (221 lbf·ft) of torque between 1600 and 2000 rpm. But nevertheless its design was appreciated by one and all. reinforced a whole new dimension. with which Tata Safari followed the ‘Reclaim your life’ theme. DVD player with LCD screens in the front seats headrests and dimming lights too were also available as an option. Many experts claimed it to be one of the best designed SUVs. The high end version of the Safari came with full safety features like airbags and ABS with EBD.2 . It hit the nail right on its head and the entire campaign was a success. Methodology . reversing camera. ‘Reclaim your life’ was the tagline used by Tata Motors when it launched the new Safari DiCOR 2. It had some improved interior features like two-tone upholstery and leather seats. The new engine was mated to a five-speed gearbox. sporty gear lever. the Tata Safari way! The fact that Safari was India's first indigenous SUV helped the brand to reinstate the emotional connect with the consumers. and had a lot of body roll. Its chunky bumpers and aggressive-looking Kumho rubber embellished the Safari's rugged looks. a truck manufactured by Tata Motors. Also the consistency. the company tried to entice the hitherto car buyer to go for a Safari and explore the world beyond the cubicle in the office. With a brilliant product in their kitty. 2007. Additional features like rear AC vents. 2007 version – Reclaim your Life Tata displayed the Euro 4 compliant 2.2-litre DiCOR engine with 140 PS (103 kW) and 320 N·m (236 lbf·ft) of torque at the 2006 Bologna Motor Show.

two sets of questionnaire were brought in front of fifty current and potential users of SUVs in India. the Tata Safari. This Mahindra SUV was brought in with a mission in mind and that was to weaken the market share of the champion Tata SUV of that time. It defines the priorities in life with respect to brands and the products these users apply. The respondents again were to rate them on a likert scale. India. The second survey incorporated the user persona and mind. Thus respondents were asked to rate the factors for the brand and themselves on a likert scale of range 5. interests and attitude of a typical high end SUV user.2 litre (2179 cc) "mHawk" diesel engine similar to the one in the Mahindra Scorpio and develops 140 bhp. M & M plans to increase the monthly production to 5000 units by Sept-Oct 2012. Mahindra Scorpio is known for power indeed but is also top of the charts in the segment with significant statistics in mileage and fuel efficiency. The XUV500 is powered by a 2.To gain insight into the consumer psyche. During the past 10 years it has gone through many modifications inside-out and under the hood too. and is manufactured in Mahindra's Chakan plant in Pune. . Competition Mahindra Scorpio The daunting SUV Mahindra Scorpio launched in the year 2002. To meet the growing demand of its hot selling model XUV 500. Since then both these star studded SUVs have been fighting their way out. The XUV500 has been designed and developed at Mahindra's design and vehicle build centre in Chennai. talking in terms of an SUV. Mahindra XUV 500 The Mahindra XUV 500 is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) produced by the Indian automobile company Mahindra & Mahindra and was launched in September 2011. Overall. The survey results gave a skeleton of activities. recently completed a decade in proudly serving the utility aficionados of the country. where some of the hypotheses which relate to SUV buyers were put up as questions (Exhibit 1). Scorpio offers a decent performance and gives a tough call to its rivals in the segment. The first survey detailed the outline of the brand as well as the user personality (Exhibit 2). It is the first monocoque chassis based vehicle from the company.

the Mahindra Scorpio and the Toyota Innova. the MPV replaced Toyota Qualis. is given below: . safety and innovative features has been able to give a stiff competition to the 4x2 versions of the Tata Safari and the Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio. are used as taxis. The MPV through its design. Exhibit 1 A comparison of the base versions of the Tata Safari and its two main competitors.Toyota Innova Toyota Innova is the most popular MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) in the Indian market which. Innova is a perfect Multi-Purpose Vehicle plying on Indian roads. Toyota Innova was first launched in 2005 in India and comes as both 8seater as well as 7-seater MPV. Evidently. In India. Hailing from the world’s top-most car manufacturer-Toyota Motors which operated in India with Kirloskar as Toyota Kirloskar Motors. Toyota Innova has shown Indian manufacturers great quality work in a segment where most of the cars sold. comfort.

6 km/litre 9.6 LX 4810 mm 1810 mm 1925 mm 2650 mm 195 mm 1500 mm 1470 mm 1000 mm 2020 mm 981 litre 2040 kg 65 litre 4555 mm 1770 mm 1755 mm 2750 mm 176 mm NA NA 950 mm 1028 mm 758 litre 1545 kg 55 litre 4495 mm 1817 mm 1975 mm 2680 mm 180 mm 1450 mm 1450 mm 965 mm 1090 mm 460 litre 1910 kg 60 litre Fuel efficiency Mileage (city) Mileage (highway) Mileage (overall) Performance Maximum speed 0-100 kmph 80-0 kmph Engine Engine type Displacement Power Torque Transmission 2.6 seconds 29.9 km/litre 10.4 km/litre 11.2 seconds NA 151 Km/Hour 17.5 Mahindra Scorpio W Turbo 2.5 Liter.4 km/litre 13.2L 16-V DOHC VTT 2. Turbo Intercooled 2179 cc 140bhp@ 4000 rpm 320Nm@ 1700 rpm 2494 cc 200Nm@ 3400rpm 4 cylinder 2609 cc 277m@1700rpm 4 cylinder 102bhp@ 5600 rpm 116bhp@ 3800 rpm Turbo.6 metres 10.7 metres 149 Km/Hour 19. 16-V.6 km/litre 14.2 VTT EV MS 2.2 seconds 44. CRDe. of cylinders 4 cylinder . DICOR DOHC.4 km/litre 11.Parameters Dimensions Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase Ground clearance Front track Rear track Front headroom Front legroom Boot space Kerb weight Fuel capacity tank Tata Safari 4X2 LX DICOR Toyota Innova 2.4 km/litre No. 152 Km/Hour 16.7 km/litre 14.6 km/litre 10. 4 stroke. 4-cyl.

with anti roll bar bar stabilizer Rear suspension Brakes Front brakes Rear brakes Wheels Wheel type Wheel size Tyres Price(Exshowroom) 5 link suspension with 4-link coil springs coil springs Compound link crank-axle with coil springs.com/company/Media/inside.31 lakh Source: http://www. wishbone with torsion wishbone. anti-roll bar. coil Independent double spring.Transmission type Gears/Speeds Suspensions Manual 5 Gears Manual 5 Gears Manual 5 Gears Front suspension Independent.tata.7. coil spring. double Independent.7.20 lakh Rs.aspx?artid=Qp+eSnSW1QU= Exhibit 2 .50 lakh Rs. gas shock absorbers Ventilated discs Drum Steel 16inch Ventilated discs Drum Steel 16inch 235/70 R16 105S Ventilated discs Drum Steel 15inch 205/65 tubeless R 15 235x70 R16 tubeless Price (Mumbai) Rs.7.

72 3.97 3.78 3. 1: Strongly Disagree 2: Disagree 3: Neutral 4: Agree 5: Strongly Agree .88 3.67 Note: 50 People who are users and non-users of SUVs were asked to rate the brand and user factors on a Likert scale of 5.12 3.55 3.02 3.22 3.76 2.Brand and User Personality (Surveying Users and Non Users of SUV’s) Brand Factor Luxurious Rugged Safe Class Comfort Family Oriented Dependable Outdoor Fun Status Value for Money User Factor Luxurious Rugged Safe Class Comfort Family Oriented Dependable Outdoor Fun Status Value for Money 3.42 3.92 4.31 4.13 3.46 3.24 3.11 3.06 3.61 4.03 3.

79 2.67 3.41 Note: 50 People who are users and non-users of SUVs were asked to rate the brand and user factors on a Likert scale of 5.8 2. 1: Strongly Disagree 2: Disagree 3: Neutral 4: Agree 5 : Strongly Agree References .42 3.12 3.Concept (Current Users and Potential High End SUV users ) I feel fun when I control a large Car Aesthetics are important for my car I like going on rugged outdoor fun trips I am a successful person I want to get noticed through the products I own I like fast paced life I wish others to emulate my choices I often look for unique vehicles on the road I like challenging tasks I enjoy going on adventurous trips I want others to look at me in high esteem It is important that I'm always dominating I believe in Brand and Class I am a highly reliable Person I want recognition for my work and achievements 3.12 2.07 3.82 4.53 3.42 3.Exhibit 3 Understanding the Customers of SUV Self.77 3.8 3.69 3.93 3.

com/company/Media/inside.team-bhp. http://www.aspx?artid=Qp+eSnSW1QU= . http://www.html 2.1.tata.com/carmodels/ 3. http://www.cardekho.com/forum/indian-car-scene/122853-june-2012-indian-car-sales-figuresanalysis.

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