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Get Out the Vote Options for Local Groups

How Does GOTV Help Restore the Constitution?
!  Sway Hearts and Minds!!!! Spread the message of how our core values:
!  Fiscal Responsibility !  Constitutionally Limited Government !  Free Markets

Will solve America’s problems concerning 3 main areas:
!  Decrease Health Care Costs and have Individual Patient Physician Decision Making Authority in Health Care !  Improve Economy & Increase Jobs through Balanced Federal Budget to Stop Overspending Without Raising Taxes !  End Crony Corruptive Deals in DC between Elite, Bureaucrats, Big Business, K Street

Get Out The Vote Workflow Overview
Voter ID Pass One (8 – 12 weeks out) Voter ID (1 – 8 weeks out) Determine which activities for your group 72 Hour GOTV Push Absentee Ballot Chasing
First Pass ID Voters Get Data for Walking Recruit Volunteers Neighborhood Walks Phone Banks Intersection Signs Rallies Letters to Personal Lists Follow Up Post Cards Give Out Halloween Packets on 10/31 Final Rallies Phone Calls Sign Waving Precinct Signage Poll Watching & Working

Election Day 11/6/12

Activity Options
!  Personal Christmas Card List !  Phone Calls !  Letters to Editors, Calls to Radio Programs !  Reply to posts on blogs (Blog Commenter Brigade) !  Host House Parties !  Discuss Issues on Social Media (as long as you are engaging in at least 1 other activity) !  Halloween Treat Packets

Local Groups
!  Door-to-Door !  Phone Banks !  Halloween Treat Packets !  Yard Signs & Bumper Stickers !  Sign Waving & Stick-Ons !  Assist with House Parties !  Adopt-a-Group or Be Adopted !  Voter Registration & Voter Integrity

Activity Overview
!  Address Personal Postcards to People on Your Christmas Card List - You can fill out postcards or write a letter explaining why you are voting for our core values and goals of restoring fiscally responsible, constitutionally limited government, and free markets to create jobs once again. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers to consider this when voting. !  Bumper Sticker Stick-On Days - Tea Party Patriots is doing three Bumper Sticker Stick-On Days on September 22, September 29, and October 6. Volunteers hold up signs on the sidewalk outside of a Tea Party-friendly business reading “Free Tea Party Bumper Stickers” and guiding interested drivers into the parking lot. Parking Lot Volunteers clean the back window and apply a bumper sticker. The parking lot volunteers also ask the driver and passenger in the cars to fill out a TPP contact sheet. !  Door-to-Door - You are needed to go door-to-door on your street to tell your neighbors why you are supporting our core values and ask them to vote for fiscal responsibility. You can hand out Voter Registration Forms (which must be mailed in by Monday, October 1, 2012), Absentee Voter Forms, & Bumper Stickers. [*****STATE COORDINATORS AND RST NEED TO VERIFY VOTER REGISTRATION INFO*****]

Activity Overview
!  Letters to Editor & Calling Radio Shows - You will write Letters to the Editor and/or to call radio shows telling why you support and are voting for fiscal responsibility and why this is essential for the American economy. Letters need to be written to the local newspapers and blogs. (Note: You can find contact information and requirements for letters to the editor and op-eds for all major American newspapers here: http://www.ccmc.org/node/16179.) !  Envelope Stuffing - Volunteers are needed to stuff envelopes and address envelopes and postcards for various mailers for voters. (*****LOCAL & STATE COORDINATORS AND RST NEED TO VERIFY IF THERE IS A ESTABLISHED LOCATION TO DO THIS ACTIVITY*****) !  Data Entry - Volunteers may be needed to assist with entering various contact information into an Excel spreadsheet. !  Phone Calls - During the final weeks, days, and hours leading up to Election Day, various phone calls need to be made to ask people to vote our core values. Scripts and phone lists will be given to volunteers. This may be done from a phone bank or from your house.

Activity Overview
!  Halloween Treats - During Halloween Trick or Treating this year, TPP may tentatively help local groups organize a special project to hand out sample ballots. It will be an exciting opportunity to encourage voters to vote for Tea Party values. !  Yard Signs - In addition to having a yard sign in your own yard, volunteers are needed to help put signs up at key intersections throughout your county. If you are interested in this activity, you will be assigned a particular intersection and will put the signs up in the last 72 hours and take the signs down after the polls close on Tuesday, November 6 or Wednesday, November 7. It is important that we leave our counties as clean as we found them. !  Sign Waving - Volunteers are needed to wave signs during the last 72 hours of the campaign at key intersections and precincts. !  Host House Party - A House Party is generally hosted in a volunteer’s home and the volunteer’s friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors generally are the invited guests.

Activity Overview
!  Adopt-a-State Get Out the Vote - Volunteers are needed to go to key swing states to help Get Out the Vote each weekend between now and the election and especially the final 72 hours. !  Voter Registration - You will research the local and state voter registration rules, regulations, and laws to ensure compliance, and distribute them to anyone interested in registering potential voters. In 2012 you can work with Smart Girl Politics (SGP) or any groups that you know can help you with voter registration drives. You will also help to organize the registration walks through neighborhoods or the voter registration tables/booths in public places or at public events. !  Absentee Ballot Chasing – Determine who has requested absentee ballots, make sure they received them, and make sure they remember to return them on time. !  Voter Integrity & Poll Watching – Work with True the Vote to insure those who are registered are legit voters. Watch the polls on Election Day(s) to insure the law is being obeyed.

Resources from Tea Party Patriots
!  Volunteer Sign Up Forms !  Walking Lists !  Phone Banking System !  How to Neighborhood Walk !  How to Phone Bank !  House Party Movies & How to Kits !  How to Host a Candidate Forum

Resources from Tea Party Patriots
!  Voter Guide Comparing Federal Candidates !  Scripts for Walking & Phone Banking based on 3 issues: Health Care, Debt & Overspending, Crony Corruption !  Hannity & TV Advertising – increase group size !  Ability to order yard signs & bumper stickers !  Local Group Grants !  Adopt-a-Group Connection

Neighborhood Walks

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk Sample Script - Economy

Additional Items for Neighborhood Walk – Spreadsheet for LCs

Additional Tool for LC – Spreadsheet Task List

Adopt an Intersection

Adopt an Intersection

Intersection Signage

How to Determine Vote Goal

How to Determine Goals

Determine Goals – In Practice

What to Do Next
!  Get with your local group steering committee and determine which actions you plan to take & determine goals – Let State Coordinator & Regional Support Team Coordinator know which actions you plan to take & your goals !  Begin working to recruit volunteers (download Volunteer Sign Up Form for this – we will email to you this week) !  Begin listing all major intersections & polling locations for signage, sign waving, poll watching, etc. !  Watch for House Party Dates this week via email and begin to promote – you want to have as many of these as possible locally!! !  Recruit 1 additional Local Coordinator for next week’s webinar

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