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Role of MBA students in building an inclusive society Managers are ones who look after resources, which are needed for building the courses, and hence managers are the main forces, for creating inclusion in society which it endorses.

MBA students are future managers of tomorrow. They are the ones who manage the resources be it manpower or assets (both tangible and intangible).Businesses both big and small depend on MBAs for effective utilisation of resources ,creating new ones and disposing of not so useful ones. An inclusive society if created can provide a huge boom in near future for any country and also remains as a solitary goal for all democratic governments across the globe. But the scale of the challenge is also huge. To create an inclusive society in a country like India which is highly differentiated in social, political and economic fronts is no meagre feat. Although India is blessed with opulent natural resources but to manage these myriad resources is the key to an inclusive society where social , economic and political equality can be achieved .Hence Managers have to play a pivotal role in the entire process.

To understand the basic issues concerning an inclusive society lets take the example of a country whose society is widely differentiated , India. Inclusive society in india have long been an utopian dream which most of the indian governments have tried to tried to implement through a large number of schemes and yojana s ( Eg NREGA,SGRY,RSBY,KVPY,RGUMY etc) but till date have been illusory due to lack of proper management of the funds and resources which quantitatively runs into thousands of crores of rupees . With more than 70% of indian population residing in the villages which are geographically and culturally diverse ,managing these huge chunk of people is essentially a MBAs most challenging role. One of the basic methods of getting to solution as mentioned in most MBA courses is to systematically first identify the problem then identify the available resources and then chart out an action plan and then after extrapolating all possible results of these plans choosing the most optimised one and then supervising the process of implementation through recruitment ,training and management of staff and when everything is over to conduct a survey to gauge the effectiveness of the process. In the present case, the first hindrance in the path of inclusive society is lack of awareness among people caused primarily by illiteracy .To create an inclusive society what is needed is to create awareness among downtrodden people ( an MBA Marketing graduates role).Different policies that are to be taken include a social awareness campaign and an effective representation of benefits that are to be born out of the new policies. To create a demand MBA Marketing would play a pivotal role. Thereafter, the next major hindrance in the path of inclusive society is lack of educated and technologically efficient workforce inspite of a huge population. This is essentially a role suited for an MBA in HR .An MBA HR graduate can also play a huge role in effective recruitment policy creation and increasing interaction between different religions and also effecting an effective interaction and management of different economic classes . In India there exists a huge gulf between the low earning lower class ,an active middle class and a rich upper class

each of whom have a separate life style and hence it will require a HR manager to effectively produce a policy to bridge the gap slowly. An MBA HR graduate would also play the role of facilitator in case of law related issues that are bound to happen with social inclusion taking effect and bridging the gaps in the society. India being worlds largest democracy and boasting of a multitude of political parties each boasting of a unique philosophy of its own would definitely need a huge role of MBA HR graduate to decrease the huge gaps in philosophies through active negotiations .Thereafter, the major hindrance that halts the path of inclusive society is related to government investment getting channelized to the public in a proper way which can be scrutinised by an MBA operations graduate. Once all this is done away with , the next problem would be financial independence of the mass of people for which banking sector plays a pivotal role and can be regulated by an MBA finance graduate. A graduate of MBA finance and MBA marketing can jointly help in ushering in international investors too. Hence MBA as a whole has a huge role to play in social inclusion.

To create a inclusive society in a country with population of 121 crore which is segmented into hundreds of castes and creeds ,It would need 1 crore or more MBA graduates effectively working in a huge team to create an inclusive society. An MBA is one who is trained through numerous case studies and projects to proactively deal with diverse situations to come up with a justifiable and profitable solution to the problem. In case of Inclusive society ,given the magnanimity of the problem and the complicated stratifications of the society ,it is a tailor made role for an MBA to come up with a solution mutually acceptable by the entire group and also in between tens and thousands of groups to arrive at a acceptable and practicable solution .The raising of funds and regulation of taxes would again have to be effectively managed by MBA finance person. So, almost the entire process of creation of an inclusive society has to be done through MBA professionals.