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Based on John Cages

Variations II
John Cage Indeterminarratives

(Based on Variations II)

1. Cut out as many lines from the list below as youd like to use
a. For every group of lines you will need 5 dots as well, separated from the lines
2. Draw a 5 column table and label each column with one of the following words, in any order: 1.
Frequency (Pitch) 2. Amplitude (Volume) 3. Timbre 4. Duration 5. Point of Occurrence in An
Established Period of Time (Order of lines of text)
a. Draw as many rows as lines of text youve selected
3. Take the lines and dots and drop them onto a suitable surface
4. Draw lines from each dot such that each drawn line is perpindicular to the edge of every piece of
paper with a line of text OR simply measure and record these distances one by one
5. Record the length of each perpindicular in the table, according to any rule
a. We designated one parameter (table column) per dot such that each perpindicular drawn
from a given dot gave the readings for a single parameter of the line of text to which it
6. Use the collected data to determine how and when each line should be read
a. Our rules were as values
i. Pitch higher numbers = higher pitches ; lower numbers = lower pitches
ii. Amplitude higher numbers = greater amplitude ; lower numbers = lower
iii. Timbre higher numbers = brighter timbre ; lower numbers = darker timbre
iv. Duration higher numbers = slower reading ; lower numbers = faster reading
v. Point of Occurrence Order the lines of text based on a reading of the collected
data from lowest (first) to highest (last)

The following is a list of all the first and last lines of John Cages Indeterminacy Narratives
First Lines
Comlng back from an all-lves concerL we'd aLLended ln ConnecLlcuL, Mlnna Lederman sald LhaL by
separaLlng hls lnsurance buslness from hls composlLlon of muslc (as compleLely as day ls separaLed from
nlghL), lves pald full respecL Lo Lhe Amerlcan assumpLlon LhaL Lhe arLlsL has no place ln socleLy.

CulLlvaLe ln yourself a grand slmllarlLy wlLh Lhe chaos of Lhe surroundlng eLher.

uad ls an lnvenLor. ln 1912 hls submarlne had Lhe world's record for sLaylng under waLer.

uavld 1udor and l Look a Laxl down Lown.

uavld 1udor and l wenL Lo Pllversum ln Polland Lo make a recordlng for Lhe uuLch radlo.

uavld 1udor and l wenL up Lo new Paven Lo do a Lelevlslon class for Lhe new Paven SLaLe 1eachers

uavld 1udor glves Lhe lmpresslon of noL belng overly fond of mushrooms.

uorls uennlson had been born uorls Suckllng.

uoroLhy norman lnvlLed me Lo dlnner ln new ?ork.

uown ln Creensboro, norLh Carollna, uavld 1udor and l gave an lnLeresLlng program.

uurlng a counLerpolnL class aL u.C.L.A., Schoenberg senL everybody Lo Lhe blackboard.

uurlng my lasL year ln hlgh school, l found ouL abouL Lhe Llberal CaLhollc Church.

uurlng recenL years ualseLz 1elLaro Suzukl has done a greaL deal of lecLurlng aL Columbla unlverslLy.

uurlng LhaL Creensboro concerL, uavld 1udor and l goL a llLLle mlxed up.

Lach one of us has hls own sLomach, lL ls noL Lhe sLomach of anoLher.

Larle 8rown and l spenL several monLhs spllclng magneLlc Lape LogeLher.

LllzabeLh, lL ls a beauLlful day.

lour years ago or maybe flve, l was Lalklng wlLh Pldekazu ?oshlda.

lranz kllne was abouL Lo have Lhe flrsL showlng of hls black and whlLe palnLlngs aL Lhe Lgan Callery.

Cenerally speaklng, sulclde ls consldered a sln.

Ceorge ManLor had an lrls garden, whlch he lmproved each year by Lhrowlng ouL Lhe commoner

Pave you ever noLlced how you read a newspaper?

Pe ls a large man and falls asleep easlly.

Powever, Lo come back Lo my sLory.

l am noL a good hlsLorlan.

l dug up some hog peanuLs and bolled Lhem wlLh buLLer, salL, and pepper for 8ob 8auschenberg and
!asper !ohns.

l enrolled ln a class ln mushroom ldenLlflcaLlon.

l have a frlend whose acLlons resemble overwhelmlng lnsplraLlons.

l never had a haL, never wore one, buL recenLly was glven a brown suede duck-hunLlng haL.

l once had a [ob washlng dlshes aL Lhe 8lue 8lrd 1ea 8oom ln Carmel, Callfornla.

l Look a number of mushrooms Lo Cuy nearlng, and asked hlm Lo name Lhem for me.

l was argulng wlLh MoLher. l Lurned Lo uad.

l was asked Lo play my !"#$%$&'$#(')#%*+,-(*& ln Lhe home of an elderly lady ln 8urnsvllle, norLh
Carollna, Lhe only person LhereabouLs who owned a grand plano.

l was never psychoanalyzed. l'll Lell you how lL happened.

l was on an Lngllsh boaL golng from Slracusa ln Slclly Lo 1unls ln norLh Afrlca.

l was surprlsed when l came lnLo MoLher's room ln Lhe nurslng home Lo see LhaL Lhe 1v seL was on.

l was Lwelve years old. l goL ouL my blcycle and rode over Lo klW8.

l wenL Lo a concerL upsLalrs ln 1own Pall.

l wenL Lo hear krlshnamurLl speak.

ln 1949 Merce Cunnlngham and l wenL Lo Lurope on a uuLch boaL.

ln 1932 l was asked Lo wrlLe a manlfesLo abouL new muslc.

ln 1934, when l wenL Lo Lurope, l no sooner arrlved ln arls Lhan l noLlced LhaL Lhe clLy was covered wlLh
posLers publlclzlng a mushroom exhlblLlon LhaL was belng held ln Lhe 8oLanlcal Cardens.

ln 1960 l recelved a leLLer from a unlverslLy presldenL glvlng me an appolnLmenL for Lhe followlng
academlc year.

ln connecLlon wlLh my currenL sLudles wlLh uuchamp, lL Lurns ouL LhaL l'm a poor chessplayer.

ln new ?ork, when l was seLLlng ouL Lo wrlLe Lhe orchesLral parLs of my !"#$%&'()"&(*+,#"(,#-(.&$/%0'&,
whlch was performed SepLember 19, 1938, ln Cologne, l vlslLed each player, found ouL whaL he could do
wlLh hls lnsLrumenL, dlscovered wlLh hlm oLher posslblllLles, and Lhen sub[ecLed all Lhese flndlngs Lo
chance operaLlons, endlng up wlLh a parL LhaL was qulLe lndeLermlnaLe of lLs performance.

ln Lhe poeLry conLesL ln Chlna by whlch Lhe SlxLh aLrlarch of Zen 8uddhlsm was chosen, Lhere were Lwo

ln Zen Lhey say: lf someLhlng ls borlng afLer Lwo mlnuLes, Lry lL for four.

lL was a Wednesday. l was ln Lhe slxLh grade.

lL was afLer l goL Lo 8osLon LhaL l wenL lnLo Lhe anecholc chamber aL Parvard unlverslLy.

!usL before ChrlsLmas l vlslLed my moLher who llves ln a nurslng home.

!usL before l moved Lo Lhe counLry, l called up Lhe Museum of naLural PlsLory and asked a man Lhere
whaL polsonous snakes were Lo be found ln 8ockland CounLy.

!usL Lhe oLher day l wenL Lo Lhe denLlsL.

kwang-Lse polnLs ouL LhaL a beauLlful woman who glves pleasure Lo men serves only Lo frlghLen Lhe flsh
when she [umps ln Lhe waLer.

LasL CcLober when lL was Lerrlbly dry l wenL Lo vlslL Lhe 8rowns ln 8ochesLer.

Lols Long (Lhe Lols Long who deslgns LexLlles), ChrlsLlan Wolff, and l cllmbed Sllde MounLaln along wlLh
Cuy nearlng and Lhe llemlngs, lncludlng Wlllle.

Lols Long, LsLher uam, 8alph lerrara, and l were ln Lhe PaversLraw cemeLery gaLherlng !"#$%&'&()*

M. C. 8lchards and uavld 1udor lnvlLed several frlends Lo dlnner.

M. C. 8lchards wenL Lo see Lhe 8olshol 8alleL.

Merce Cunnlngham's faLher dellghLs ln gardenlng.

Merce Cunnlngham's parenLs were golng Lo SeaLLle Lo see Lhelr oLher son, !ack.

Mles van der 8ohe sald, 1he leasL ls Lhe mosL."

Morrls Craves lnLroduced xenla and me Lo a mlnlaLure lsland ln ugeL Sound aL uecepLlon ass.

Morrls Craves used Lo have an old lord ln SeaLLle.

Mr. 8alph lerrara drlves a SLudebaker Lark whlch ls mashed aL boLh ends.

Mr. 8omanoff ls ln Lhe mushroom class.

Mr. 8omanoff ls slxLy years old.

Mr. 8omanoff says Lhe Sunday fleld Lrlps are beLLer Lhan golng Lo church.

Mrs. Coomaraswamy Lold anoLher sLory abouL buslness meLhods ln lndla.

Murlel Lrrera's house ls nexL Lo Lhe 8oyal alace ln 8russels.

Muslc and mushrooms: Lwo words nexL Lo one anoLher ln many dlcLlonarles.

My grandmoLher was someLlmes very deaf and aL oLher Llmes, parLlcularly when someone was Lalklng
abouL her, noL deaf aL all.

now and Lhen l come across an arLlcle on LhaL rock garden ln !apan where Lhere's [usL a space of sand
and a few rocks ln lL.

now glvlng lecLure on !apanese poeLry.

Cn anoLher occaslon, Schoenberg asked a glrl ln hls class Lo go Lo Lhe plano and play Lhe flrsL movemenL
of a 8eeLhoven sonaLa, whlch was afLerwards Lo be analyzed.

Cn ChrlsLmas uay, MoLher sald, l've llsLened Lo your record several Llmes.

Cn Lhe way back from new Paven we were drlvlng along Lhe PousaLonlc.

Cn ?ap lsland phosphorescenL fungl are used as halr ornamenLs for moonllghL dances.

Cnce 8lll de koonlng gave a lecLure ln hlladelphla.

Cnce l was vlslLlng my AunL Marge.

Cnce over ln AmsLerdam a uuLch muslclan sald Lo me, lL musL be very dlfflculL for you ln Amerlca Lo
wrlLe muslc.

Cnce when l was a chlld ln Los Angeles l wenL downLown on Lhe sLreeLcar.

Cnce when l was ln Ann Arbor wlLh Alexander SmlLh, l sald LhaL one of Lhe Lhlngs l llked abouL boLany
was LhaL lL was free of Lhe [ealousles and selflsh feellngs LhaL plague Lhe arLs, LhaL l would for LhaL
reason, lf for no oLher, glven my llfe Lo llve over agaln, be a boLanlsL raLher Lhan a muslclan.

Cnce when l was Lo glve a Lalk aL Columbla 1eachers College, l asked !oseph Campbell wheLher l should
say someLhlng (l forgeL now whaL lL was l was Lhlnklng of saylng).

Cnce when Lols Long was on a mushroom walk led by Cuy nearlng, a mushroom was found LhaL was
qulLe rare.

Cnce when several of us were drlvlng up Lo 8osLon, we sLopped aL a roadslde resLauranL for lunch.

Cne day down aL 8lack MounLaln College, uavld 1udor was eaLlng hls lunch.

Cne day l asked Schoenberg whaL he LhoughL abouL Lhe lnLernaLlonal slLuaLlon.

Cne day when l was across Lhe hall vlslLlng Sonya Sekula, l noLlced LhaL she was palnLlng lefL-handed.

Cne day when l was sLudylng wlLh Schoenberg, he polnLed ouL Lhe eraser on hls pencll and sald, 1hls
end ls more lmporLanL Lhan Lhe oLher."

Cne day when Lhe wlndows were open, ChrlsLlan Wolff played one of hls pleces aL Lhe plano.

Cne day whlle l was composlng, Lhe Lelephone rang.

Cne evenlng l was walklng along Pollywood 8oulevard, noLhlng much Lo do.

Cne evenlng when l was sLlll llvlng aL Crand SLreeL and Monroe, lsamu noguchl came Lo vlslL me.

Cne of Mles van der 8ohe's puplls, a glrl, came Lo hlm and sald, l have dlfflculLy sLudylng wlLh you
because you don'L leave any room for self-expresslon."

Cne of Suzukl's books ends wlLh Lhe poeLlc LexL of a !apanese monk descrlblng hls aLLalnmenL of

Cne sprlng mornlng l knocked on Sonya Sekula's door.

Cne summer day, Merce Cunnlngham and l Look elghL chlldren Lo 8ear MounLaln ark.

Cne Sunday mornlng, MoLher sald Lo uad, LeL's go Lo church."

Cne wlnLer uavld 1udor and l were Lourlng ln Lhe Mlddle WesL.

aLsy uavenporL heard my lolkways record.

eck says LhaL lf Lhlngs are dolng well ln gardens, one can expecL, ln Lhe woods, flelds, and wasLe places,
Lo flnd wlld planLs dolng equally well.

eggy Cuggenhelm, SanLomaso, and l were ln a veneLlan resLauranL.

eople are always saylng LhaL Lhe LasL ls Lhe LasL and Lhe WesL ls Lhe WesL and you have Lo keep from
mlxlng Lhem up.

olnLlng ouL Lhe flve cars ln her fronL yard, Lhe cleanlng lady sald Lhey were wrecks her son had
accompllshed durlng Lhe pasL year, LhaL he planned Lo puL parLs of Lhem LogeLher Lo make a slngle
usable car for her.

CuesLlon or noL (LhaL ls Lo say, wheLher whaL l wlll do wlll answer Lhe slLuaLlon), my problems have
become soclal raLher Lhan muslcal.

8amakrlshna spenL an afLernoon explalnlng LhaL everyLhlng ls Cod.

8lchard Llppold called up and sald, Would you come Lo dlnner and brlng Lhe !"#$%&'?"

Schoenberg always complalned LhaL hls Amerlcan puplls dldn'L do enough work.

Several men, Lhree as a maLLer of facL, were ouL walklng one day, and as Lhey were walklng along and
Lalklng one of Lhem noLlced anoLher man sLandlng on a hlll ahead of Lhem.


When l was growlng up ln Callfornla Lhere were Lwo Lhlngs LhaL everyone assumed were good for you.

When l was ln hlgh school l wenL ouL, as Lhey say, for oraLory.

When Srl 8amakrlshna was asked why, lf Cod ls good, ls Lhere evll ln Lhe world, he replled, 1o Lhlcken
Lhe ploL."

When Lhe depresslon began, l was ln Lurope.

When Lhe new ?ork hllharmonlc played my !"#$%&'(#)*")($#)% wlLh +),"-.&/0%)(&1'#-(".2,)(&3-.%)2,45 Lhe
audlence more or less Lhrew proprleLy Lo Lhe wlnds.

When valerle 8eLLls flrsL goL lnLo Lhe movles, someone lnLervlewed her, asked how lL felL Lo be

When vera Wllllams flrsL noLlced LhaL l was lnLeresLed ln wlld mushrooms, she Lold her chlldren noL Lo
Louch any of Lhem because Lhey were all deadly polsonous.

When xenla and l came Lo new ?ork from Chlcago, we arrlved ln Lhe bus sLaLlon wlLh abouL LwenLy-flve

Whlle hunLlng morels wlLh Alexander SmlLh ln Lhe woods near Ann Arbor, l menLloned havlng found
quanLlLles of 6$("$.)0%&7-#)()2%0% ln Lhe woods ln norLhern vermonL.

Whlle l was sLudylng Lhe frozen food deparLmenL of CrlsLede's one day, Mrs. LllloLL CarLer came up and
sald, Pello, !ohn.

Whlle MelsLer LckharL was allve, several aLLempLs were made Lo excommunlcaLe hlm.

Whlle we were slLLlng on Lop of Sllde MounLaln looklng ouL Lowards Cornell and WlLLenberg and Lhe
Ashokan 8eservolr beyond, Cuy nearlng sald he had known Lwo women who were blLLen by

xenla never wanLed a parLy Lo end.

xenla Lold me once LhaL when she was a chlld ln Alaska, she and her frlends had a club and Lhere was
only one rule: no sllllness.

?ears ago ln Chlcago l was asked Lo accompany Lwo dancers who were provldlng enLerLalnmenL aL a
buslness women's dance parLy glven ln a hall of Lhe ?WCA.

?ears ago when l was sLudylng wlLh Arnold Schoenberg someone asked hlm Lo explaln hls Lechnlque of
Lwelve-Lone composlLlon.

?ou probably know Lhe one abouL Lhe Lwo monks, buL l'll Lell lL anyway.

Last Lines
A few blocks down Lhe sLreeL."

A few weeks laLer, knx Look Lhe program off Lhe alr.

AfLer all, naLure ls beLLer Lhan ArL."

AfLer hearlng all Lhose sLorles abouL your chlldhood, l keep asklng myself, 'Where was lL LhaL l falled?' "

Am l a buLLerfly dreamlng LhaL l am a man?"

An old shoe would look beauLlful ln Lhls room."

And how dld you know l was lnLeresLed ln mushrooms?"

And ln a lecLure l gave aL llllnols, l added, 1o llfe, perlod."

And meanwhlle all Lhe flashlng colored llghLs assoclaLed wlLh [uke boxes worked perfecLly, maklng Lhe
whole scene glamorous.

AnoLher, noLlclng fungl ln 8avarlan and Mllanese markeLs, senL posL cards.

ApparenLly someone forgoL Lo Lurn someLhlng on.

AL one polnL ln hls lecLure, when Lhe speaker's eye fell on Lhls glrl ln recognlLlon, she opened her coaL,
showlng herself Lo be sLark naked.

AL Lhe end of seven days, kwang-Lse Lells us, Chaos dled.

AL Lhe same Llme, whaL concerns me now ls quanLlLy.

8uL conslder, my dear, how dull llfe would be wlLhouL a llLLle uncerLalnLy ln lL."

8uL l have a very serlous quesLlon Lo ask you: Pow do you feel abouL 8ach?"

ChrlsLlan Wolff sald he'd be glad Lo, buL LhaL lL wasn'L really necessary, slnce Lhe sounds of Lhe
envlronmenL were ln no sense an lnLerrupLlon of Lhose of Lhe muslc.

Come, dear, moLher doesn'L wanL you Lo see Lhese Lhlngs."

Comlng Lo Lhe caskeL, Lhey dlscovered Lhey were aL Lhe wrong funeral.

uld Lhey Lhen or do Lhey now have a place ln Amerlcan socleLy?

uld you hear LhaL?" Lhey wlll say.

uo Lhey know you're a Zen 8uddhlsL?"

uo you have Lo have a LooLh pulled ouL ln order Lo make mlsLakes?"

uon'L be a square. 8ead kerouac."

uon'L menLlon LhaL man's name ln my house."

uonald Malcomb flnds Lhe dangers of llon hunLlng largely lmaglnary, Lhose of mushroom hunLlng
perfecLly real.

LvenLually one dlscovers LhaL lL's noL borlng aL all buL very lnLeresLlng.

Lvery now and Lhen l managed Lo Lell Lhe Llppolds, whose guesL l was, noL Lo worry, LhaL l wasn'L golng
Lo dle.

LveryLhlng, lL Lurned ouL, referred preclsely Lo Lhe sub[ecLs wlLh whlch !oseph Campbell was concerned,
lncludlng Lhe number ln Lhe upper rlghL-hand corner.

lor whaL lf we do lL - glve Lhem up, LhaL ls - whaL do we have lefL?

lor, lL ls sald, Lhe 8uddha's enllghLenmenL peneLraLed ln every dlrecLlon Lo every polnL ln space and

lranz, l mlghL have known you'd flnd Lhe easy way."

CeL ouL!" she screamed, geL ouL and never come back!"

CeLLlng ouL of her car and seelng hlm lylng on Lhe sldewalk, Mrs. Cunnlngham sald, WhaL are you dolng

Pa, ha! ?our mushrooms are gone."

Pe came Lo Lhe concluslon LhaL Lhe mushroom, noLhlng else LhaL had been eaLen or drunk, was lndeed

Pe has dlrL beLween hls flngers Lhe way you and l have beLween our Loes."

Pe led hlm Lo a place where Lhe waLer was shallow and Lhey waded across.

Pe named a small Lown ln Chlo where she llves Lo Lhls day.

Pe Lhen dropped everyLhlng, ran Lhrough Lhe foresL Lo hls Leacher, and sald, 1hank you."

Pe Lhen wroLe back LhaL l had been vacclnaLed, and Lo prove lL he senL along a cerLlflcaLe wlLh hls

Pe Look me lnLo Lhe house and lecLured me for Lwo hours on Lhe lmporLance of Llme, especlally for one
who proposed devoLlng hls llfe Lo Lhe arL of muslc.

Pe wenL on Lo say LhaL people go Lhrough Lhelr enLlre llves Lhlnklng LhaL Lhlngs are LhaL when Lhey are
acLually Lhls, and LhaL Lhese mlsLakes are necessarlly made wlLh Lhe very Lhlngs wlLh whlch Lhey are Lhe
mosL famlllar.

Pell," he sald, Lhawashlashyear."

Pellebore has pleaLed leaves. Skunk cabbage does noL.

Pow ls lL l dldn'L noLlce lL durlng Lhe wlnLers before l meL kelLh McCary?

Pow wlll l do Lhls? 1haL ls Lhe quesLlon.

Powever, all Craves dld was eaL Lhe hamburger, pay hls blll, geL back ln Lhe car, roll up Lhe carpeL, and
drlve off.

Powever, he sald he'd llke Lo see some of my composlLlons, and we made an appolnLmenL for Lhe
followlng week.

Powever, l have a redeemlng quallLy: l was glfLed wlLh a sunny dlsposlLlon.

Powever, [usL before Lhe performance, Lhe ope dled and everyLhlng was canceled.

Powever, many ln Lhe audlence were dozlng off, and some were Lalklng Lo Lhelr nelghbors.

l can'L come nexL Sunday because lL's 8osh Pashana, and l've arranged wlLh my moLher LhaL lf l sLay
home on 8osh Pashana, l'll be able Lo come on ?om klppur."

l do hope you can explode LhaL ldea."

l don'L know anyLhlng abouL her coaL, l dldn'L Lake lL."

l don'L know how many years lL's been, buL every now and Lhen, when l go ouL, l heslLaLe aL Lhe door,
wonderlng wheLher a clgareLLe's sLlll burnlng somewhere ln Lhe house.

l have lL wrlLLen down rlghL here ln my noLes."

l [usL don'L have any more Llme Lo wasLe Lalklng wlLh you. Cood-by."

l know you're very busy: l won'L Lake a mlnuLe of your Llme."

l love Lhls machlne much more Lhan l do your uncle WalLer."

l noLlced LhaL Lhe muslc LhaL came ouL accompanled Lhe swlmmers, Lhough Lhey dldn'L hear lL.

l sLopped, slnce he ls Lhe planlsL he ls, and l [usL saL Lhere, llsLenlng.

l Lhlnk lL's a good ldea. Why don'L you do lL?"

l Lhlnk Lhere's [usL Lhe rlghL amounL."

l was [usL geLLlng lnLeresLed."

l'm always flrsL ln Lhe parklng loL."

l'm sure you could sell lL Lo a sLar ln Pollywood," Lhe AbboL replled.

lf you don'L know, why do you ask?"

lf you Lhlnk l came Lo Lhe loony bln Lo learn Lo play brldge, you're crazy."

ln graLlLude, he bowed ceremonlously, spoke respecLfully, and Look hls leave.

ln splLe of Lhese obsLacles, we wenL on dolng whaL we were dolng for abouL flve more monLhs, Lwelve
hours a day, unLll Lhe work was flnlshed.

ln LhaL case l wlll devoLe my llfe Lo beaLlng my head agalnsL LhaL wall."

lsn'L lL sLrange LhaL havlng come all Lhe way from !apan l spend my Llme explalnlng Lo you LhaL whlch ls
noL Lo be explalned?"

lL remlnded me of Lhe work of Mondrlan."

lL Look me a year Lo flnlsh readlng lL.

lL Look me much longer, abouL LhlrLy-flve years ln facL, Lo learn LhaL orange [ulce was noL good for me

lL was a week or so laLer, whlle l was walklng ln Lhe woods looklng for mushrooms, LhaL lL all dawned on

lL's downsLalrs and Lhere are only Lwo of us for each floor and we keep runnlng back and forLh."

lL's noL fresh, buL lL's frulL."

!ohn, are you ready for Lhe second comlng of Lhe Lord?"

karlhelnz SLockhausen once Lold me - we were ln Copenhagen - l demand Lwo Lhlngs from a
composer: lnvenLlon and LhaL he asLonlsh me."

kwang-Lse polnLs ouL LhaL a beauLlful woman who glves pleasure Lo men serves only Lo frlghLen Lhe flsh
when she [umps ln Lhe waLer.

Llfe ls Lhe sum LoLal of all Lhe llLLle Lhlngs LhaL happen." Mr. nearlng smlled.

MuLe, MelsLer LckharL was excommunlcaLed.

My moLher wlll hear abouL Lhls."

My slgnaLure followed and LhaL was all Lhere was Lo lL.

nexL day when l vlslLed her, she was slLLlng on Lhe floor, palnLlng wlLh dlfflculLy, for she was holdlng Lhe
brush beLween Lwo Loes of her lefL fooL.

no dlfference, only Lhe feeL are a llLLle blL off Lhe ground."

no sooner had he kllled Lhe horse Lhan, lo and behold, lL Lurned lnLo a prlnce, who, excepL for Lhe
acqulescence of Lhe hero, would have had Lo remaln a mlserable shaggy nag.

no, l'll walL for you here."

nonsense: Lhere are as many hours ln a day as you puL lnLo lL."

noL aL all Lhe way one reads 8ach ln publlc, buL preclsely Lhe way one reads ln publlc !"#$%%$&#'$()*+),-,
by ChrlsLlan Wolff.

now LhaL everyLhlng's so easy, Lhere's so much Lo do." 1hen he wenL back Lo sleep.

now LhaL l'm enllghLened, l'm [usL as mlserable as ever."

now, !ohn, you know perfecLly well LhaL l've never en[oyed havlng a good Llme."

Ch," he sald, ln LhaL case Lhere's no problem aL all."

Cn ?ap lsland phosphorescenL fungl are used as halr ornamenLs for moonllghL dances.

Cnce on Lhe boaL comlng over, and once ln Lhe hoLel here ln !uneau."

Cne moves aL any Llme from one Lo anoLher of Lhese poslLlons changlng Lhereby Lhe reference of Lhe
polnLs Lo Lhe parallel llnes.

Cne of Lhe glrls sald, LlsLen."

Cne Lhlng ls cerLaln: oom oom ls sLerlle.

Crlglnally a dlrLy gray, lL had become black, and, as she Lold me, lL was dlvlne, lmprovlng Lhe flavor of
whaLever lL Louched.

eck says LhaL lf Lhlngs are dolng well ln gardens, one can expecL, ln Lhe woods, flelds, and wasLe places,
Lo flnd wlld planLs dolng equally well.

erhaps Lhey were good 8uddhlsLs."

eLer Suckllng had been born eLer erfecL.

uL her down. l dld Lwo hours ago."

8amakrlshna sald LhaL Lhe chlld had noL slnned, he had slmply correcLed an error, he had been born by

8emember Lhe early ChrlsLlan CnosLlc sLaLemenL, 'SpllL Lhe sLlck and Lhere ls !esus!' "

8lchard Llppold sLlll does noL see eye Lo eye wlLh me on Lhe sub[ecL of chance operaLlons.

She sald she'd seen a small palnLlng worLh a cerLaln amounL, measured lL, measured hers (whlch was
much larger), mulLlplled, and LhaL was LhaL.

ShorLly, xenla and l were alone.

Somewhere ln vlrglnla, l losL my haL.

Son !ohn, your moLher ls always rlghL, even when she's wrong."

Soon, you'll flnd, you remember lL."

SLandlng ln llne, Max !acob sald, glves one Lhe opporLunlLy Lo pracLlce paLlence.

Suzukl sald, ln every sense."

1haL dlfflculLy wlll dlsappear."

1haL evenlng Lhe posslblllLy of llghLlng a clgareLLe on an elecLrlc sLove was menLloned, an acLlon wlLh
whlch l am fully famlllar.

1haL ls none of your buslness."

1haL ls, one may choose Lhe klnd of polnL he wlshes. 1here ls no eraser.

1haL LhaL was all rlghL as far as l was concerned.

1haL volce was Cod's volce."

1haL we have no ears Lo hear Lhe muslc Lhe spores shoL off from basldla make obllges us Lo busy
ourselves mlcrophonlcally.

1haL'll be a rellef."

1haL's Lhe only way we've found ln buslness Lo keep ourselves lnLeresLed."

1haL's whaL l call self-expresslon."

1haL's why l love phllosophy: no one wlns."

1he aurora borealls, whlch nelLher of Lhem had ever seen before, was playlng ln Lhe norLhern sky.

1he 8uddha dled a naLural deaLh."

1he cup sLlll belongs Lo Lhe school.

1he uevll ls on LarLh and dolng hls work beauLlfully!"

1he drlver sald he'd had an operaLlon some years before and LhaL whlle hls flesh was dead and numb,
before Lhe wound healed, he was able Lo predlcL weaLher changes by Lhe paln he felL ln Lhe scar, LhaL
when Lhe flesh losL lLs numbness and was, so Lo speak, back Lo normal, he could no longer know ln
advance anyLhlng abouL changes ln weaLher.

1he expresslon on hls face was absoluLely beaLlflc.

1he garden, lL Lurned ouL, belonged Lo Lhe man who collecLed hls garbage.

1he housekeeper sald LhaL each year Lhe wall-washer, no maLLer who he was, was so accused, always by
Lhe same lady.

1he lmporLanL Lhlng Lo do ls Lo develop forelgn Lrade."

1he low one was your blood ln clrculaLlon."

1he man answered, l [usL sLand."

1he older monk replled, !usL a dlp. no why."

1he pasL does noL lnfluence me. l lnfluence lL."

1he pen was Learlng Lhe paper Lo shreds and splaLLerlng lnk all over Lhe wlndow and on Lhe
adverLlsemenL, whlch, neverLheless, remalned leglble.

1he pro[ecL was noL even menLloned, LhaL day or any succeedlng day.

1hen one more of us wlll geL a chance Lo sell whaL he has, and so on."

1here are so many LaLln names rolllng around ln my head LhaL someLlmes Lhe wrong one comes ouL."

1here cerLalnly ls. lL makes good sense."

1here were only Lhree or four days when we had Lo sLay ln bed all day Lo keep warm."

1here'll be sweeL-smelllng flowers, brlghLly colored blrds, people swlmmlng ln Lhe surf, and (l'll beL you
a nlckel) a ralnbow aL some polnL durlng Lhe day ln Lhe sky.

1here, LhaL'll glve you someLhlng Lo cry abouL."

1hey boLh goL up and lefL Lhe hall.

1hey fly lnLo one's head llke blrds. ls LhaL whaL uad meanL?

1hey were [usL Lhe same afLer as before," he sald, excepL Lhey were a llLLle more cranky."

1hey're noL free: Lhey're flghLlng over blLs of food."

1hls ls how l keep you enLerLalned."

1o make me feel beLLer, he offered a free rooL beer. l sald, no, Lhank you."

1owards Lhe end of Lhe second day, Lhe sLudenL was enllghLened.

unpacklng her parcels, she dlscovered Lhe dlme ln Lhe boLLom of Lhe shopplng bag.

vlrgll 1homson sald, ?ou see whaL l mean?"

We are," she sald, buL we agree wlLh you compleLely."

We're golng Lo save you for 8oblnson Crusoe."

Well, l have a hole ln my sock, and, lf you llke, l'll Lake my shoes off."

Well, l speclallze ln Lhe [elly fungl, l [usL glve Lhe fleshy fungl a whlrl."

Well, l LhoughL l heard some hlsslng."

Well, Lhls ls Lhe bus Lo SLockporL. Are you geLLlng on or noL?"

Well, we can always go and buy some real ones."

WhaL are you readlng LhaL for? 1haL's flnlshed."

WhaL do you mean? l've always been a success."

WhaL ls Lhe prlnclple underlylng all of Lhe soluLlons?"

When l arrlved wlLh Lhe frylng pans ln Lhe candle-llL dlnlng room, everyone was eaLlng desserL.

When l saw hlm afLer he goL back, he sald he'd had bolled peanuLs agaln and LhaL Lhey LasLed very much
llke hog peanuLs.

When she served dlnner, Lhey all bursL lnLo Lears.

When she Lold me Lhls l was surprlsed, because l LhoughL she was commlLLed ln Lhe flrsL place, and
because l myself feel more commlLLed Lhe more dlverse and mulLlplled my lnLeresLs and acLlons

When Srl 8amakrlshna was asked why, lf Cod ls good, ls Lhere evll ln Lhe world, he replled, 1o Lhlcken
Lhe ploL."

Whenever you wanL Lo geL aL LhaL box of splces you have, leL me know. l'll help you."

Where ls Lhe 'should'?"

Why are you so sad, sLream? 8aby?

Would you Lell hlm, please, how much l loved lL?"

xenla Lold me once LhaL when she was a chlld ln Alaska, she and her frlends had a club and Lhere was
only one rule: no sllllness.

?es, l found Lhem sLuffed around everywhere."

?es," he sald, llke Lhey say ln Lhe suLras: '1hls ls noL ldle Lalk, buL Lhe hlghesL of LruLhs'."

?oshlda Lold me Lhere was one Lhlng Lhe auLhor falled Lo polnL ouL, LhaL ls, Lhere llves ln !apan aL Lhe
presenL Llme a hlghly esLeemed archer who has never yeL been able Lo hlL Lhe bull's eye even ln broad

?ou are so far away from Lhe cenLers of LradlLlon."

?ou come all Lhls way and Lhen when you geL here Lhere's noLhlng Lo see."

?ou don'L expecL me, do you, Lo come all LhaL way for Lwo llLLle mushrooms?"

?ou have only one moLher and faLher."

?ou know lL's very hard Lo come ouL of a wreck wlLh undamaged headllghLs."

?ou should have sald, 'Lhe Lle l was wearlng yesLerday'."

?ou're ln Lhe wrong professlon."

?ou're noL fussy abouL muslc elLher."

?ou've made a mlsLake and l am able Lo correcL lL, buL whaL l'd llke Lo know ls: Pow many oLhers have
you also lnvlLed?"

?our room's ready. Come rlghL over."