OFFICE OF COUNCILMEMBER MICHAEL A. BROWN Chairman, Committee on Economic Development and Housing Council Chair Pro Tempore

MEDIA ADVISORY For immediate release: August 24, 2012 For more information contact 202-724-8190

Councilmember Michael A. Brown to Welcome Students Back to School on Monday and Encourages Fathers to Escort their Children.
On Monday, August 27, 2012, At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown, Chair of the Committee on Economic Development and Housing, will welcome students, parents, teachers and faculty on the first day of school in the District of Columbia at his Ward 4 Alma mater, Shepherd Elementary, 7800 14th Street, NW from 7:30 AM until 8:00 AM. He will join Principal Jamie Miles and share with students his memories of attending Shepherd. Following, Councilmember Brown will join students at JC Nalle Community School, 219 50th St. SE from 8:15 AM until 8:45 AM. JC Nalle offers extended instructional, mental health and social supports to elementary school students in Ward 7 to help them achieve academic excellence. The school’s successful public/private partnership is to be commended and will soon be replicated as a result of the passage of Councilmember Brown’s District of Columbia Community Schools Incentive Amendment Act of 2010. Additionally, Councilmember Michael A. Brown joins the D.C. Fatherhood Coalition in support of “The Million Father March – Washington, DC” “Men Taking Children to School on the First Day!
The 100 Fathers Incorporated will coordinate a city-wide grassroots effort on Monday, August 27, 2012 to encourage all Fathers to take their children to school. This effort is part of a National Initiative started in Chicago by the Black Star Project (www. that engages over 700 cities and thousands of fathers nation-wide. The Million Fathers March – Washington, DC will kick-off with a Press Conference at Noyes Elementary School (10th & Franklin Street, NE/Ward 5) at 7:30 AM with a brief statement from Council Member Kenyan McDuffie, Frank Malone (President of 100 Fathers Incorporated), School Board Members, Fatherhood Leaders and Community Organizers.


Councilmember Michael A. Brown’s Legislative Record on Education 1. Authored, passed, and funded legislation that will create five pilot community schools that will co-locate naturally allied programs such as health care or adult education in local schools during non-school hours (nights,

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW ~ Suite 406 ~ Washington, DC 20004 202-724-8105 phone ~ 202-724-8071 fax

weekends, and summers) to provide holistic wrap-around services to students, their families and their community residents. (District of Columbia Community Schools Incentive Amendment Act of 2010) 2. Established a task force to review the District’s current Career and Technical Education (CTE) options and develop a strategic plan for reforming and aligning our CTE programs in our public schools, charter schools, and the Community College to better align with growing industries and academic best practices. This plan will be the first step towards creating a larger and more effective CTE system that will provide an alternative path for our youth to become prepared for success in today’s workforce. (Career and Technical Education Plan Establishment Act of 2012) 3. Mandated the creation of a policy, which must meet specific standards, aimed at addressing bullying and cyberbullying at each DC funded school and youth program. (initially introduced as the Bullying Prevention Act of 2010 and reintroduced and passed as the Bullying and Intimidation Prevention Act of 2011) 4. Introduced legislation which would require all public and public charter schools to develop annual education enrichment plans that provide at least one field trip per year for all students. (Educational Enrichment Act of 2010) 5. Introduced legislation which would require the Mayor to conduct an independent analysis of all of DC’s Public and Public Charter Schools’ current compliance with the athletic and academic support requirements set forth in the Federal Title IX statute and require the development of a five year strategic plan that will begin to bring DC schools more in line with the letter and intent of Title IX. (Title IX Athletic Compliance Act of 2009) a. There is abundant research that shows that involvement in well run school-based athletic programs provide students with a structure and support system that leads not only to higher graduation rates and higher college acceptance and scholarship rates, but also decreases school truancy and drop outs rates, as well as teen drug use, and teen pregnancy.

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW ~ Suite 406 ~ Washington, DC 20004 202-724-8105 phone ~ 202-724-8071 fax

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