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The 11th China Anping International Wire Mesh Fair Summary

The 11th China Anping International Wire Mesh Fair, sponsored by CCPIT, Hebei Peoples Government, China Light Industrial Association and China National Hardware Association and undertaken by CCPIT HeBei Sub-council, Hengshui Peoples Government and Anping Peoples Government, was successfully held in Hengshui municipal government conference center and Anping International Wire Mesh Exhibition Center from September 21,2011 to to September 23. This fair is an important trade exhibition, which is held in the context of global economy descending, risk increase, domestic economic turn mode and adjustable structure gradually deepening.

Main characteristics: One, Innovation throughout and the exhibition platform function is fully excavated. As the world's only professional wire mesh exhibition, Anping International Wire Mesh Fair, founded more than ten years, perfected the industrial system and boost industrial development. However, in the past, more emphasis on economic and trade activities, and the form lacks innovation. It makes the wire mesh platform is not fully exploited and the hometown of wire mesh influence did not get the full release. Since last year, especially this year, Anping county and the county government put Innovation exhibition concept and giving the exhibition more connotation as the important measures to improve the level of exhibition and expand Anping influence, which has obtained a better effect. For example, theatrical performances, the opening ceremony of the project signing and expert lectures was arranged in Hengshui City, which is conducive to the participation of the depth of the municipal government, and avoid the insufficient of services lagging behind, low level of reception capacity. The leaders of hengshui City and urban counties have more in-depth understanding of Anping. At the same time, holding the wire mesh fair together with the municipal government office enable us to open up the field of vision, increase of knowledge and exercise our team. High level of artistic groups and art performances makes the exhibition gathered popularity and expand the influence. The vice chairman Cheng siwei at the opening ceremony and delivering lectures makes the taste and influence of wire mesh fair leap in an important step.

Two, The improvement of Anping environment made the visibility and influence of Anping greatly improve. Since last year, Anping implement the strategy of urban construction breakthrough, industry park breakthrough, rejuvenating the city through road and producing city integration, and the investment environment has been greatly improved. The awareness and influence of Anping and wire mesh fair are greatly improved. The people's evaluation to Anping was a mixed reception, who had been to anping, approval wire mesh industry, negative the city construction. Guests to the meeting this year were shocked by Anping changes last year, mean while, it promote the development of the exhibition. Guests to the meeting this year were shocked by Anping changes, mean while, it promote the development of the exhibition. First of all, the participation enthusiasm of large

enterprises and companies is remain high. The number of registered exhibitors outside the county is more than 60, covering 14 provinces and municipalities. A large number of influential enterprises, such as Tianjin Huayuan, Jiangyin Jinlida, Zhejiang Weifa, Hubei Anlu general-purpose machinery, Shijiazhuang 3302 Factory, Dongguan tongcheng hardware, Tianjin Jianke, have become old exhibition customers. The international level of wire mesh fair has increased steadily. The number of exhibiting companies with a foreign background is significant increase. A large number of wholly foreign-owned company, joint ventures company and foreign-agent company registered for the exhibition, such as, Japan Ishikawa gold company, Zhejiang Jinhai Miki air conditioning mesh, Shanghai Bailette Plastics Corporation, the Shaoxing Fugang Tools Co., Ltd., Dongguan, Tomgcheng hardware companies. In addition, seven foreign enterprises in the United Kingdom, Japan, India and other countries registered for the exhibition. International buyers increased significantly, involving over 40 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, a foreign delegation up to 50 people. Especially, emerging market countries, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, pay more attention on the wire mesh fair. The problem of foreign buyers more and exhibitors less is gradually improving.

Three, Chasing the trend and the high-tech products increased significantly. First, we have many efficient new equipment. This year, the equipment displayed generally have the features of intelligent, production efficiency and precision degree high, and more integrated innovation. In order to research and catch up with Switzerland Sueright reinforcing mesh welding machine, Jiaoyang welding equipment factory invest over 600 million yuan to introduce a prototype. After a year's practice, a number of technologies have been overcome. The NC loom Shijiazhuang 3302 factory displayed is generation product of shuttleless arrows loom, which has extremely broad market. The productivity of water delivery diameter plastic loom Qingdao Kaiyue produces increased over five times than conventional equipment. The heavy expanded metal machine, which is produced by Anping Jinggong Wire Mesh Machine Factory, achieved a computer automatically feed and improved the precision of the product. These devices represent the direction of wire mesh industry, and it is bound to play an important role in the transformation of the wire mesh industries upgrade. Second, many High-tech products. In this fair, there are many products in radiation, energy saving and environmental protection, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles and other national strategic emerging industries. The share of airbag researched by Yingkaimo and Jietong has increased significantly. Contrast dense wire mesh produced by Shengfa is widely used in the spacecraft, high-speed rail production. Anping Siguer developed a safety net used with infrared, radio, video, voice system supporting, which can replace the traditional walls. Third, Many supporting products. With the growth of Anping Wire Mesh industrial clusters, a number of other related products outside the county have come to Anping looking for business opportunities. British Bailette Plastics Corporation is a manufacturer specializing in high-grade powder coating. As Europe's largest manufacturer, its products' life is three times longer than conventional coatings. Two Taiwan-funded enterprises display pneumatic tools and fittings, which is the assembly equipment of stone cage net and mesh reinforcement. The cost of reinforced Fourth, there are many energy-saving environmentally friendly products. Such as gas stoves, dip

furnace, annealing furnace, stainless steel, composite column, plastic angle, etc. Four, switch roles. Enterprise turn to do both products and standard and system from producing only. As raw materials,Wire mesh is primary products, and it need other products supporting in order to realize its value. Because this property, wire mesh is at the low end of the industrial chain and value chain for a long-term. The Zhejiang Weifa is the largest enterprises of the country specializing in the production of construction steel mesh, and in recent years, they have close collaboration with Tsinghua University, Nankai University, developed a new high-rise building system. This standard has been to assess the argument, is to declare the building housing ministry to promote the project, once approved, the profitability of the business will greatly improve. Anping Jing Si weaving factory, cooperation with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design three specialized in domestic sports and cultural venues, joint with heavy-duty aluminum decorative mesh production enterprises, researched and developed aluminum decorative wire mesh manufacturing and installation standards. The largest domestic gabion cage manufacturer Jiangyin Jinlida maintain close collaboration with many domestic hydraulic engineering research institutions, is determined as the sentinel providers by a number of design units, increasing the stakes in the project tender. Five, The transaction is active and fruitful. The exhibitors generally reflect that this exhibition buyers is increased significantly compared with the past. According to incomplete statistics, during the exhibition, sales intention is achieved more than 2700, the value of 2.3 billion yuan. During the exhibition, Beijing huyang international intellectual property law firm held a forum on the strategic status of our trademarks, famous trademarks, well-known trademark declaration practices, etc. It organized four new product launches, to publish new equipment, new products, new materials, new technology. Organizational important foreign exhibitors and business association leaders to visit the new industrial park, seminars, luncheon, showing the development new achievements of Anping wire mesh industry , exchange industry information, which increased the opportunities for cooperation. After comprehensive comparison, Japan Ishikawa Gold Corporation plans joint venture the filter and perforated metal mesh manufacturers with Anping Jin Delong and Anping Huarun company.

Six, Relevant industry participants enthusiasm is high. Aggregation of many large enterprises in the industry, which make related services companies saw an opportunity. Also make the production enterprises find the ideal partner. According to statistics, in this exhibition, the number of related enterprises is more than twenty, such as online media, electronic trading, software, freight forwarding, insurance, intellectual property and brand operations. Network enterprise brings together 13 influential companies, such as China Internet Information Center, Chinese manufacturing, Global Metal, HC, Dongli, etc. The Wuxi credit line Technology Co., Ltd. is the first raw material spot trading platform and the largest domestic stainless

steel industry service provider. Its participants provided a new raw material supply channels for Stainless steel enterprises, can also provide valuable experience to the wire mesh exchange building in the county.