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Oregon Regulations for Water & Nutrient Reuse

RAIN Building Codes: Plumbing Section All permits are plumbing permits.
Rainwater harvesting has been permitted for reuse in Oregon since 2008. Storage Treat to appropriate level Screen FirstFlush Diverter Permit: OPSC 08-02

KEY Permit Required: Code Name


Local Appeal

Health Department

has jurisdiction over potable water.

Code Barrier Treatment requirement Vacuum Toilet Variance 709.0 Gravity drainage not practical. OPSC: Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code

Fire Suppression

Mechanical Cooling

Washing Machine

Shower/ Bath


Dish Washer

Garbage Disposal

Washing Diapers

Flush Toilet

3 way diverter valve required graywater

blackwater Graywater has been permitted for reuse for toilet flushing since 2008. Permit: OPSC 08-03 Permit: OPSC 08-03 Treatment Storage Flush Toilet Car Wash or Commercial Laundry Urine Diverting Flush Toilet since 1978 Permit: NSF 41 Dry 918 770-0080 Toilet since 2011 Site built or non-NSF dry toilet

Under 12 of soil

Reach Code
Treatment Storage urine diverting dry toilet

<75% moisture <200 FC/g

Under 6 of soil

Urine Permit: Receiving Receiving Tank Tank 710.8 automatic pumpout required.

Land Application or Licensed Pumper

Dept. of Environmental Quality: Water Quality

Graywater has been permitted for external reuse since 2012. contract between neighbors Rule 11 A different household or business. Rule 11 in urban boundaries in rural areas site evaluation nitrogen concerns ConstructionInstallation Permit Alternative Treatment Technology O & M contract required liquids seasonal subsurface irrigation or drip irrigation or pond year round subsurface irrigation for greenhouse. or used if nitrogen concerns sprinkler or dust control to remove additional nitrogen Gravel Filter Sand Filter Sewer

<10 mg/L BOD


<10 mg/L BOD Tier 2 Permit 2402

if site allows ConstructionInstallation Permit Septic Tank

no land for discharge Holding Tank Permit O&M contract required + annual report ($30 fee)

Water Quality Certification

disinfection Onsite Permits

Holding Tank

Tier 1 Permit 2401

Tier 3 Permit 2402

wastewater treatment plant

solids Sewage Pumpers License pumped out



<2,000,000 55 C for 3 FC MPN/g days lime stabilization facility tested for 9 heavy 90% metals moisture

Wood Chip Filter

<2,000 FC MPN/g

year round subsurface irrigation for greenhouse.

Soil Infiltration Ground Water

pH 12 for 72 hours

treated to maintain water quality of receiving body.

Evapotranspiration Graywater Permits

Land Apply Biosolids 503 Rules

Land Infiltration

Water Body

Point Source Rules

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