BEST PRACTICES & EFFECTIVE SCHOOLS The following teaching and learning innovations have been found to lead to improved

school performance.

Teaching for Understanding. This effort encompasses activities oriented toward higher-order thinking skills. These skills are evidenced by problem solving and creating instead of simply reproducing knowledge, greater use of interdisciplinary curriculums and cooperative learning, and assessment on samples of work that illustrate understanding and application rather than memorization and reproduction. Use of Technology. Technology use is reflected by the ability to use the tools of the future workplace—in particular, a greater emphasis on the use of technology as a tool for learning and producing. It includes such computer tasks as math calculations, writing, and searching the Internet for background information. Educating All Students. Reforms in this direction include individualized instruction, nongraded classrooms, and mainstreaming of students with special needs. Integrated Services. Efforts in this area encompass internal integration through team teaching, that is, teams of teachers taking responsibility for a larger portion of the learning of a defined group of students. External integration is evidenced by the development of links to the community for educational purposes along with links

to other relevant community services, such as agencies providing social and medical services. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Integrated Curriculum My Hero: Teacher Heroes Inspiring! Honor What We Know - Voices from National Teacher's Forum Small Learning Communities Safe Schools! The Digital Learning Commons -- Resource rich site of research on best practices 7. Effective Schools 8. Effective Schooling Practices: A Research Synthesis 9. Correlates of Effective Schools 10. In-Sites into Educational Reform -- Numerous interesting links 11. Pathways to Reform: Start With Values -- Differing philosophies can lead to a wide range of valid practices. 12. Turnaround Schools -- A number of stories about how schools and districts surmounted hurdles and overcame failures 13. Special Topic / Transforming High Schools -- A study of 10 high schools finds that some schools just go through the motions, whereas other schools listen to teachers, parents, and students and make sure stakeholders understand the purpose of reforms. 14. Web Wonders / Schools as Learning Communities -Useful tips and Links! 15. Research for Better Schools -- Extremely useful site 16. Schools of Hope 17. Yreka High School School Accountability Report Card 18. Habits of Mind 19. Developing Creative/Critical Habits of Mind 20. Small Schools By Choice 21. CoNect Schools: Benchmarks 22. Defensive Routines and Organizational Learning -Searching for the way out of "political" decision making and leadership 23. Engaged Learning 24. Parent & Family Engagement

25. Personalizing High School 26. School Equity and Access 27. Character Education 28. Essential Questions In Teaching and Learning 29. Cooperative/Collaborative {Small Group} Learning 30. In-Sites for Brain-Compatible Learning 31. Inclusion 32. Service Learning 33. Educating for Resiliency 34. Conflict Resolution 35. Positive Discipline 36. California Standards for the Teaching Profession 37. Teaching for Understanding 38. Raising Scores, Raising Expectations -- Helps for Standardized Test Issues 39. Homework Help 40. Critical Issue: Rethinking Learning for Students at Risk 41. Association for Effective Schools 42. Inquiry-Based Learning 43. In-Sites for Problem Based Learning 44. Adolescent Development 45. Reaching Younger Workers Who Think Differently -Fascinating look at workplace need to adapt to the digital generation. For "managers" read "educators" and imagine the implications 46. Democracy and Learning 47. BIG STORY ["PARADIGM"] SHIFT 48. Literature Circles 49. Teaching Today -- Tips, Lesson Plans and More 50. Rethinking Schools: Resources 51. The Knowledge Loom: A database of best practice resources

The TEACHER DEVELOPMENT NETWORK We are available for consulting and other services.

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