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Dr. Jaydip Sarkar and Anindya Bhattacharya, jt. Editors of the book.

Dr Sarkar is Assistant Professor of English at University B.T. & Evening College, North Bengal University. He has published widely and edited six volumes of critical essays including The Postcolonial Woman Question (with Professor G.N. Ray) from Books Way, Kolkata, Anindya Bhattacharya is Assistant Professor of English at University B.T. & Evening College, North Bengal University. He has published widely and presented several papers at conferences in India and the West. Two edited volumes, Turn of the Century Indian Writing in English: Emergent Themes and Subjectivities, 1990-2010 and Conflicting Mythologies: Culture, Tradition and Modernity in Indian Writing in English are forthcoming from Imprint, New Delhi.

Tagore’s Critique of Power in Red Oleanders Politics of Power in Tagore’s The Land of Cards Crusader against Hegemonies: A Brief Study of Badal Sircar’s Work Existential Politics in Evam Indrajit Gender Issues in Evam Indrajit Interrogating Gender Stereotypes in the Plays of Vijay Tendulkar Power Politics in Silence!

Rajadipta Roy

Dr. Arnab Baul

Assistant Professor at Sukanta Mahavidyalaya, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Roy is widely published as a critic of Bengali literature and culture. Assistant Professor at Surya Sen College, Siliguri, West Bengal.

Dr Pinaki Roy

Anjan Dasgupta Subhi Tresa Sebastian

Dr. Roy teaches at the Post-graduate department of Malda College, West Bengal. He has several books from Sarup, New Delhi and Books Way, Kolkata. A Fulbright Fellow from 2003-05, Dasgupta teaches at Gour College, Malda, West Bengal.

Arpita Dasgupta Dr Lutfar Rahaman

Dasgupta is Assistant Professor at Malbajar College, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Dr Rahaman is Associate Professor at Katowa College, Burdwan, West Bengal, has two books to his credit from Books Way, Kolkata. Ph. D. scholar, Burdwan University.

Gender relations in Tara & Kamala

Mousim Mondal

Motherhood in Silence! Ecofeminism in Silence! Caste and Gender in Kanyadan Kanyadan and the politics of castism Resistance to Violence: Karnad’s Journey… Gender and Power politics in Ghasiram Kotwal Dalit Discourse in Hayavadana

Sourav Kr Nag Arindam Ghosh Dr Nitai Saha Susan Lobo Dr Virvikram Roy G. Khobragade Dr Kaustav Chakraborty

Assistant Teacher and Educationist Ph.D Scholar at Viswabharati University. Dr Saha teaches at Munsi Prem Chand College, and has six books to his credit, all from Books Way, Kolkata. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor at Kalyan College, Maharashtra. Dr. Chakraborty teaches at Southfield (formerly Loretto) College, and is the editor of the Prentice Hall India edition of Critical Approaches to Indian English Drama Assistant Professor at Kurseong College, Darjeeling, he regularly contributes to various journals and anthologies. Associate Professor at Surya Sen College, Siliguri, Prof Saha is a well-known literary personality in North Bengal. Dr Chowdhury is working as an Associate Professor at Balurghat Girls’ College, West Bengal. Assistant Professor at Pakuahat College, Malda, West Bengal, Basu is a very promising scholar in the field. Mukherjee is Assistant Professor at Dinhata College, West Bengal, and he has many articles in various anthologies made for Students. Ex HOD of English, NBU, Prof Ray has written MANY books and ARTICLES. Works in South Calcutta Girls College. Ms Ghosh Has done her M.Phil Dissertation on Dattani Working as an Assistant Professor at Maynaguri College, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, Prof Ghosh is an eminent film and theatre critic in North Bengal. Working as Assistant Professor at Sarsuna College, Bankura, West Bengal. JT. EDITOR

Hayavadana: Politics of Incomplete Flowers: Studying politics Gender, Myth, Sexuality in Nagamandala Search for Womanhood/personhood in Nagamandala Critiquing History, Myth and Discourse… Tughlaq Power politics in Tughlaq

Prayer Elmo Raj Joydeep Bhattacharya Sutapa Saha Dr Madhusudhan Chowdhury Raja Basu Joy Mukherjee

Fire and the Rain: Politics of Postcoloniality Marginalia Fights Back…. (General Introduction on Dattani Gender and Space in On a Muggy Night in Mumbai Race Gender Disability in Bravely FOUGHT the Queen

Dr G. N. Ray Tapasree Ghosh

Paramita Ghosh

Swati Roy Chowdhury

Gender Issues in the Contemporary Women

Anindya Bhattacharya Bolla Jyotsnaphanija

Dramatists The Personal is Political: Re-reading Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084 The Difference that Matters: Mahasweta Devi’s Bayen Woman, the Last Colony…. Reviewing the world of Manjula Padmanabhan. Conflicts in Gender and Politics of Parenting in Poilie Sengupta’s Mangalam Locating the Alternative Indian Masculinity in One Day in Ashadha

Dr. Jaydip Sarkar


Arunima Roy

Praggnaparamita Biswas Do Dr Kaustav Chakraborty

Roy is Assistant Professor at Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi. She has published papers in various journals and edited volumes and presented papers in conferences in India and abroad. Biswas is pursuing her Ph.D. on Indian Women Dramatists IN English from Benaras Hindu University. Do Dr Chakraborty teaches at Southfield (formerly Loretto) College, and is the editor of the PHI edition of Indian English Drama