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Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

Beginners Painting Class (international) Infosheet

by Roman Lappat aka Jarhead The workshops basic aim is an introduction to options for a fast high-quality painting of gaming-miniatures in connection with knowlegde of art-history and its application. Furthermore to improve your own perspective and feeling for colours and harmony in theory and exercise. The class is for beginners, advanced painters and experts as it gives an Introduction in my way of working and thinking in theory and practical work and describtions. Everyone takes what he likes due his own experience of painting. Roman will make sure that every participant will be guided and taken by the hand to get precise feedback and solutions for his actual level of experience. Roman has finished a lot of gaming- and display miniatures over the last few years, with the basic idea to have them look good on the table, but of course some them breached the frontier between basic (for gaming) and high-quality painting for contests where he has been highly awarded during the last years. While painting this mass of minatures and being confronted with their variety he earned a lot of experience which he now wants to share with you. Romans apprenticeship in becoming a teacher helps making this class a well structured, maximum learn effect orientated event. Furthermore there will be a an individual mentoring for each participant accordingly to his level of proficiency: beginner, advanced learner, professional as described above.

Here you find a gallery with some of Romans painted minatures: You will find further information about me, current projects, tutorials, apes and bananas here: You will also find some reviews about previous paintingclasses only in Germany so far:


Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

Overview: 1. Date and locality 2. Contents of the class 3. List of material 4. Information for housing and victuals 5. Minors and disclaimer
6. Registration and money 7. List of participants


Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

1. Date and locality

1.1 When? From Friday evening 31 of August to Sunday 2 of September 2012 1.2 Where? Fig78team local : 1 alle des missionnaires, 78330 Fontenay le Fleury Googlemap link There is a public transportation train just in front of the place :

From Versailles, railroad station VERSAILLES CHANTIER you have to take any train Direction MANTES LA JOLIE or PLAISIR GRIGNON. It takes 10 min, and you will arrive just in front of the painting place ;) (the picture below is exactly what you will see ;)

Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

You can use the train company website to look at the itinerary for the trip

1.3 How much? Contribution towards expenses consists of the mentoring and working time during the painting class, the preparations for it, eventually the rent for the room, and the expenses for material, arrival and stay. Contribution towards expenses for each participant is: 135,00

1.4 How many participants? The class will only be held with 16 paying participants for this class. Roman held smaller classes and bigger ones, the class is structured to leave no man or woman behind no matter the number of participants.

2. Contents of the class

Some informations about the topics we will tackle in theory and exercise during the weekend. The miniature will be a Deamonette of Slaneesh by Games Workshop in 28 mm its perfect for practicing the learned techniques and the time we have available. Some say they dont like them but believe that Roman made the experience that this figure is perfect for the happy painting he is teaching. The timeline of the class can change a little bit, according to wishes for a break by the participants or to didactical concerns. Breaks are included in the timeline, but we will discuss the exact times at the beginning of the paintingclass. Friday: Start: 17:30 (is optional but should not be much later than 20:00) please be on time Building up, organisation, basic information about the class, building bases, composition, preparing the miniature, references to art, contrasts, light and shadow, access to theory of colour End: about 23:00 ~ 23:30

Saturday: Start: 09:30 Intensive theory of colour, priming, inspiration, painting-techniques in theory and exercise, painting skin, True Metallic Metal, open painting with individual mentoring End: 22:00 ~ 23:00


Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

Sunday: Start: 09:30 Detail-work in theory and exercise, rust and erosion, gems, eyes, source lighting, blood, freehands, finishing the base, work with pigments, little tricks, feedback about the paintingclass, taking pictures, clean up End: 18:00 ~ 19:00 (optional)

As already mentioned breaks for meals and relaxation are included in this plan. The describtion above is just a small overview.

3. List of material
3.1 Material provided for each participant workshop miniature: Deamonette of Slannesh by GW massive material for basing sandpaper wire woodensocket (plinth) priming material for everyone UHU-glue Paper for practising Green Stuff, Magic Sculpt, Milliput for filling gaps Handout and list of material (via eMail after the paintingclass)

3.2 Material provided by everbody himself

Milliput Standard Yellow Your WetPalette or a plastic box where you can build your wetpalette with Calliper Handdrill Cutter, knife, scalpel Watercolour paint set (the one from your school-time) Small water canisters (2 if possible) Super-glue Desklamp (daylight would be perfect) Pencils for making notes Notepad Small pillow for the chair if needed

Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

Multiple socket Pattafix (UHU) for transport your miniature Brushes: o We recommend brushes from (please note: its a lot easier to work with high quality brushes) Windsor & Newton (series 7 long), sizes 1 Da Vinci (real Ussuri Rotmarder), sizes 0, 2, 4 Games Workshop: Standard, Detail and Fine Brushes Rapahel 8404, size 1 ~ 2 alternativ for beginners: Link! o At least1 real old brush o 1 brush for dry-brushing o 1 big brush for big work

Colours: o We recommend colours from Games Workshop (Citadel), but you dont have to buy them all ;-) you can combine your palette with colours from other companies. Just bring the colours, you are painting with. In case you can borrow some of Romans colours. But please note: do NOT bring Vallejo Game Colour with you (we had big problems at the last painting classes because of their mixture combined with the techniques exlained). Vallejo Model Colour is not a problem.


Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

4. Information for housing and victuals

4.1 Housing Everybody has to take care by himself for this point. We would recommend to coordinate with other participants. Often it is possible to stay with other painters from the area. Hotel near Fontenay le fleury Please ask if you need help. Hotel in Versailles Train station VERSAILLES CHANTIER will allow you to take the train to come. Other can be either in Saint Cyr lcole, or Fontenay le fleury directly. 2 or 3 people form our team will come by car and can eventually pick you at your hotel only if it is in the recommended area above (Versailles, Saint Cyr lcole and Fontenay le fleury) Please find at the end the email list for the participants, so you can also ask of some can find you a place to spleep. 4.2 Victuals We will not provide anything in this case. Please take care about this by yourself. Its not a problem to bring your own food/drinks or to organize something at the beginning of the painting class (everybody has to pay himself). So please take care to have enough food with you on Friday. Saturday we will hunt food together during the class and the planned breaks. If we order something to eat or go out for a drink at the evening, please take care to have enough money with you. We wont eat expensive most of the time.


Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

6. Minors and disclaimer

6.1 Minors Minors are only allowed to take part in the painting class if they have a declaration of agreement by their parents. The minor participant has to bring the agreement with him to the painting class or has to send it via mail (not email!) to Roman. If you need the address please contact Roman via email (

6.2 Disclaimer We are not to hold accountable for any damage that is done to persons or stuff. Its selfevident to have a good style and behavior during the painting-class.

7. Registration and money

7.1 Registration Just give a quick note that you want to take part. To be a full participant you have to transfer the participation fee in time 7.2 Money The participation fee is 135 per participant. There will be a seperate list for moving up. If one of the participants does not transfer the money in time his place will be available for the first guy in the moving-up-list. 7.3 Bank details PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payment has to be done until the 15th of July. After this date the people on the waiting list will be informed to get hold of the open places in case somebody did not pay and confirm his participation yet. When you pay there are two options listed below. Please make sure to subject your payment with the number of your place on the class list you all should have recieved by now, your name and a "P" for Paris, for example: 0. Roman Lappat P Payment can be done via Paypal to this paypal adress:


Painting Class Information Roman jarhead Lappat

or via bank transfer to: Roman Lappat Stadtsparkasse Augsburg IBAN DE057205000002507106 62 BIC AUGSDE77XXX

7.4 Additional information If somebody has already transfered the participation fee and is not able to take part in shortterm he will get his money back but less a cancelation fee. Instead he will get a packet with his part of the provided material (basing material, workshop-miniature, handout). But all this will take some time after the painting class.

8. List of Participants
See attached excel sheet.

Student 1. ROBERT Dsir 2. christian hardy 3. second place booked by christian 4. Olivier HERBIET 5. David Fiz 6. Mab 7. Nath 8. Francois lozach 9. francois Pillot 10. Fred le pors 11. Valerie Brure 12. Roger Verdaguer i Serrat 13. Thomas PARSONS 14. David List 15. Paul McKay 16. Laurent John Keys Maxime Pollet Laura Barrere David Slade Denniz Hedin Salo

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