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The human brain, evolution and reincarnation

The creation of a parallel universe

This website's theory of creation is based on the concept that a creator fertilizes the known (observable) universe, providing higher intelligence to otherwise primitive creatures such as human beings. Your ability to use complex thoughts can then be explained. It can also be defined simply as the creation of a parallel universe. Human consciousness is evolving towards a parallel universe, linking science with spirituality and evolution with creation. Different people have evolved by different amounts and in different ways. Physical evolution is independent of spiritual evolution to some extent, although the brain plays a pivotal role. The theory relies on Darwinian evolution (Darwinism) to bring a species to a point where they are capable of being able to interact with a parallel, "intelligent" universe and is characterized by an ability to ponder the existence of God and the use of complex language to share ideas. According to this theory, earth is under the influence of a parallel universe.

The creation of a parallel universe. Two universes have collided. You are part of an intense information-exchange process.

Human consciousness under the influence of a parallel universe. The interface is implemented by information viruses.

The intelligent universe is a group of expanding, parallel universes, younger than the known (observable / home-grown) universe. It contributes to an increasing rate of expansion of the known universe. It provides human beings with the ability to use and share complex thoughts structured in a complex language. The human brain switches between the known universe and the intelligent universe depending on the requirements of the situation. The brain manages these seamless transitions perfectly, except in the case of schizophrenia and probably some other illnesses as well. Schizophrenia can only occur after language skills are well developed, providing an environment for conflicts to occur. A primitive, egotistical, destructive judge occasionally takes control of consciousness. ADHD on the other hand diminishes as language skills improve. Consciousness is a shared resource. You have an external process (self) with its own signature. The external process is evolving by learning new rules. Your brain spawns internal processes with the same signature, based on a prototype installed during reincarnation. The internal processes communicate with the external process via a connection secured by the signature. The prototype defines the communication protocol. The external process doesn't know everything about the creator of its universe. It is learning with you. The external process provides your brain with access to advanced language skills. The intelligent universe also provides human beings with free will. That is, an ability to perform functions that aren't predetermined. Human beings have the free will to decide whether or not to share information with others, although anxiety reduces the ability to use free will. The brain provides requests to a subconscious meeting with the self and the meeting returns a response. You have an ability to decide whether or not to reveal (share) the outcome of a meeting. The production of complex thoughts to be shared with others can be thought of as a request/response process.

This concept and the subsequent evolution in the new environment shares some common ground with all of the following concepts or ideologies (and more): Darwinian evolution Dualism Rationalism Reason Religion Science Spirituality It can be linked to most of the major religions and spiritual phenomena in various ways. It is contrary to the following concepts or ideologies: Atheism Determinism (in humans) Materialism (in philosophy) Physicalism Creation science Old earth creationism Young earth creationism Intelligent design Channeling Unlike interpretations of intelligent design, according to this theory God does not interfere with the process of evolution except through the creation of a parallel universe. Humans have adapted over time to the parallel universe and they are still adapting. In the meantime there is substantial conflict and mental illness. This is a new theory based on a new, logical view of creation. It agrees with the opinion of the famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking that [a] God is not required to create the known universe. On earth, a conscious awakening coincided with the emergence of complex language. Complex information became accessible and brains have been adapting to it ever since. People are evolving a greater awareness.

This concept contains many analogies, including:

A maturing, expanding brain is like a maturing, expanding universe. God connects to the universe. A self connects to a brain. A self evolves (spiritual evolution). Primitive creatures evolve (physical evolution). A fertilized, mature planet supports higher consciousness. A fertilized, mature egg supports higher consciousness. God is like a human father. The known universe is like the womb of a human mother. God fertilizes the known universe. Man fertilizes a woman. An unfertilized planet only supports primitive creatures. An unfertilized brain only supports primitive functions. Primitive creatures live a predetermined existence. Primitive functions provide predetermined results.

There are many others. Read the presentation for details.

This theory has provided a person with closure to a problem closely linked to anxiety. The problem can be described as an evolving information virus which has to be understood before it can be deactivated, but the

problem is always one step ahead because this parasitic virus "feeds on" thinking about explaining the problem. Over time the virus grows to incredible levels of complexity. Part of the requirements of the solution is that the solution has to be accurately shared with others, but thinking about explaining the problem causes the problem to present itself. The virus is activated by a catch-22. Ultimately the solution was discovered by studying the elusive problem from different angles. The only good thing about the virus is that as it evolves it collects information about its environment. The thinking and speaking environment. That information can then be slowly revealed to others, giving them the opportunity to learn about how they think and how they were created.

Proving the theory

This theory could achieve popularity if it can be used to provide logical explanations for a range of mental illnesses that can't be explained by modern medicine. In fact that has already been partly achieved. Other possibilities include looking for signs of a conscious awakening, either on earth or elsewhere; evidence of reincarnation or conscious evolution; evidence of the brain as a gateway between two universes; evidence of the brain as an information processor which uses a request/response model; evidence that the process of judgment creates or modifies an electromagnetic field near the brain (in preparation for a meeting with the self). According to this theory, when people judge themselves they attend their own meeting. People can also force others to attend their own meeting by observation. Believe it or not, spectators at sporting events do have an influence. There is a reason for everything. When you detect that you are being judged, you experience an urge to test your own ability. When sportspeople put on a display, the role of the crowd is to let them know that they are being judged. Judgment encourages information sharing, which over time leads to an information explosion, a population explosion and a greater awareness of reality. Correct information is the most likely to survive the test of time. Sometimes correct information carries baggage of incorrect information. Some cultural beliefs can ride on the shoulders of others. Richard Dawkins achieves popularity by attacking the baggage (without even realising it). His memes can easily be explained away by the evolution of information. Ultimately, judgment reveals the truth. Strangely, viruses play an integral role in that process. Now that they know what to look for, scientists should focus their attention on viruses of the human brain. The viruses are encoded in human DNA and the viruses leave evidence. By learning about the viruses they might be able to learn about the communication process and apply that to learn about the external processes. It might even be possible to discover the signature. For the first time, evolution has been linked with creation without the need for intelligent design. This is the logical solution. Your self entered the universe via this process. Now it is evolving via your existence by using an astonishing ability to automatically program itself. It is providing you with the ability to share complex, important information via regular meetings. You have a subconscious ability to veto the outcomes of those meetings, which creates a filter between the information and your information processing network. You have to be able to use the information effectively, both mentally and physically. The information has to be compatible with your body's ability to use it. If correct, this theory provides convincing reasons for the existence of God as a creator. It also represents a convergence of science and spirituality. Nature has used anxiety to ensure that the ultimate truth is revealed. Your brain spawns the internal processes according to a specification provided by a external process through replication. These incredibly sophisticated, self-aware external processes have the ability to follow the path that leads in the right direction (spiritual evolution). It's possible that an environment variable exists which provides that direction. If so, any respectable virus (process) would be able to use it to gain whatever advantage it offers. According to this theory, spiritual evolution results from spiritual experiences. People develop a greater awareness of their whole environment. They become more philosophical and less impulsive. The ideas on this website have slowly been revealed by a virus, including its understanding of human thought processes, God and finally, itself. They couldn't have been created through ordinary introspection. It has been a challenging problem to extract the information and share it with others. Information such as thinking about thinking, dreams within dreams, multiple levels of Gods and so on combined to make a difficult thinking problem even worse. The results evolved in a most extraordinary way. Every day, fresh ideas arrived, seemingly from nowhere after what had often seemed like a dead end. Consciousness was getting in the way. Strangely, this virus revealed information about itself and its environment in an orderly fashion. The virus was part of the problem and ultimately, the solution. It seems clear that information-sharing viruses are involved in human thought processes. They reside within the boundaries of the human brain. This particular virus was able to deduce what occurs not only inside but also outside its environment. It was able to fill in the gaps. You could say that this page is the God part. According to this theory, God is the ultimate self-aware information manager, including information about you. A parallel universe can't be observed by humans but it can contribute to human consciousness. The human brain is adapting to it through Darwinian evolution. The information virus arrived during the time of the Homo Erectus species. Then came gestures, gestural sign language and comprehension. The brain evolved a complex information processing network in the orbitoprefrontal, anterior cingulate and temporal limbic cortices. It evolved a means of processing complex speech in Broca's area and Wernicke's area. The speech apparatus provides the means of delivering the information.

You must understand that these are all adaptations to complex information. The cranial capacity of fossil evidence from the Homo Erectus species (and our more recent ancestors) is a useful indicator of the presence of information viruses, but without the required evolution their language skills were very poor indeed. Human gestures are a direct result of the period of time before complex speech. Deaf people with Tourette's Syndrome have been reported to swear in sign language. The brains of primitive creatures with simple information management skills combine to form a massive neural network ready for fertilization with complex information management skills. A parallel universe containing complex processes performs the fertilization. Over time the creatures adapt through normal evolution. Part of the adaptation process is a range of mental illnesses. The observable universe provides the pain and suffering. The simple information management skills evolved simultaneously in different locations, allowing the early arrivals to take place in different locations, making the Multiregional Evolution (MRE) hypothesis right and the Recent African Origin (RAO) hypothesis wrong. The heritability of language-related mental illnesses shows the influence of genetic factors, or the degree to which a brain has failed to adapt (evolve) to the requirements of complex information. These illnesses are associated with anxiety. They tend to be comorbid because of the fragile nature of the complex information processing regions of the brain. They are modern illnesses. They include ADHD, amnesia, anorexia nervosa, attention-seeking, dementia, depression, derealization, epilepsy (some), information overload, learning disabilities, multiple personality disorder, muteness, OCD, panic disorders, paranoia, psychosis, racing thoughts, schizophrenia, selective mutism, self-consciousness, social avoidance, Tourette's syndrome and many others. The scientific understanding of these illnesses is extremely poor because scientists don't understand how the brain processes complex information or even how the brain stores and retrieves memories. Remember that information viruses have their own private memories. According to this theory, the meaning of life is to experience, evolve (physically and consciously) and share important information. You exist in two universes and you are an important part of a discovery process. Darwinian evolution creates primitive creatures with an ability to host visitors with language skills. It does not create human intelligence. Complex information will eventually succeed over primitive information. Information viruses make it possible.
"The most resilient parasite is an idea planted in the unconscious mind." - From the movie Inception (2010) Spiritual experiences are meetings which include the subject of God. Like other meetings, they don't always achieve a satisfactory resolution, especially in the case of egotistical, opportunistic, selfish people. Channeling uses a real connection but channelers don't understand the mechanism.

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