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+44 (0) 777 570 6555 Griffon Studios A205, Winstanley Rd., Clapham, London. SW11 2DL

Imperial College Business School

MSc Strategic Marketing Languages: English, Filipino, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese

Experienced multilingual candidate in premium product retailing, sourcing, including production and freight arrangements from Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and China, Germany and The Netherlands. Established retailing arrangements and created a brand identity which lead items to be sold in 5-star hotels and casinos. Worked as junior consultant for Nokias global digital marketing and the Open Platform Marketing & Branding Proposal in liaison with project directors from IBM, The Met Office and Imperial College London.

Work Experience 2012 Product Promotions Consultancy Project Nokia UK Ltd.

Liaised with global digital marketing senior manager in devising digital campaign concepts that would drive online traffic to physical retail channel footfall; analyzed from market reports gathered, consumer buying processes studied, undercover interactions with key retail partners and interviews with industry experts conducted.


Product Developer & Distributor Alfredulla Corp.

July-September (Summer Period)

Organized the overseas production of premium products such as Swiss-made quartz watches and Swarovski-coated figurines, achieving combined B2B and B2C orders of more than 6000 pieces to date; distributing the products further by arranging retailing agreements with top-tier hotels, casinos and World Trade Centre boutiques.


Buying & Merchandising Assistant Gift City Corp.

July-September (Summer Period) + December-January (Christmas Period)

Co-established multiple overseas wholesale arrangements with CEO on business trips to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Manila; extensively practicing the organization of international freight solutions, negotiate purchasing and procuring conditions and acting as translator.


Branding & Packaging Intern Gift City Corp.

Developed and implemented new product packaging designs and materials to use in order to help drive sales better, achieving a notable 6-fold increase in retail volume for the Japanese jewelry item category.

July-September (Summer Period) + December-January (Christmas Period)

Supported companys retailing growth by wholly creating a new brand identity that today, features its own small range of merchandise, and is extensively found within product packagings, promotional materials and retail stores interior design.

Education 2011 2012 Imperial College Business School (UK) MSc Strategic Marketing

*Distinction in various projects inc. Marketing & Innovation, Relationship Marketing, Digital & Interactive Marketing. *Expected strong 2.1 average (Sept. 30, 2012 - completion date)

2008 2011

Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

BSc Management with Marketing

*Graduated with High Upper-Second Honours (2.1). *Distinction in Marketing Dissertation Effects of Endorsed-Product Labels (Air Jordans, David Beckham Cologne).

Projects & Accomplishments Open Platform (IBM, The Met Office, Imperial College London)
Liaised with project directors in proposing an IMC campaign and branding identity that covers key consumer channels to enhance the compatibility of combining meteorological data and user-developed algorithms.

Personal Achievements
Interviewed Mar<n Whitmarsh (CEO, Team Principal & Chief Opera<ons Ocer) of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One Team about the organiza<onal impact of social media on the teams opera<ons.
*As part of an exclusive pool of 20 interviewers from a na<onwide (UK) compe<<on

Red Bull Racing Marketing Internship Finalist (Formula One)

Top 10 finalist (1 in 23,000 applicants) for the position where only top 15% (115,000) of overall applicants were considered, learning constructively how to adapt oneself better to the organizational environment.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy UK Marketing Challenge Mentor

Mentored a team in winning a marketing competition by proposing an innovative change for MBDA UKs services, identified through an analysis of company resources where further value may be extracted.

Lost 75 lbs. (34 kgs., 5.34 stones) in only 8 months through a determined tness programme (despite nursing a torn ligament [ACL] sports injury midway through the ordeal). Running a London half-marathon in late October 2012 Played for Royal Holloway University of London Basketball Team. Completed a 6.4km run for Arsenal FCs Be a Gunner, Be a Runner fund-raising event.
*including many other events as a passionate runner/athlete

Radio Show Hosting of The Happy Men on 103.2 FM UK

Co-hosted a 6-month radio show broadcast, enhancing communications skills through hosting diverse radio audiences diplomatically and entertainingly.

High School Varsity Sports Outfit Supplier (as a student before 18).
Made 3,000 profit from 14-17 yrs. old as a high school student. Achievement was made by seeking insights on how varsity outfits were supplied to the school, and then leveraging knowledge and execution of kit manufacturing learned from teenage hobby of sports jersey collecting.

Previous Positions Held Publicity Coordinator Student Ambassador Radio Show Host Student-Staff Committee Representative

Imperial College Graduate Students Association

RHUL Radio Station 103.2 FM (UK)

Royal Holloway University of London

Sports Journalist & Reporter

RHUL University Broadsheet Publication

Royal Holloway School of Management

Additional Information Very procient in both Mac and Windows OS, inc. MS Oce (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), iWork & iOS plaCorms, Final Cut Pro X Central Saint MarIns, University of the Arts London short course graduate in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Visa-less entry to 144 countries.

Languages English (Na<ve) Filipino (Na<ve) Mandarin Cantonese Taiwanese

IELTS Score: 8.5/9.0 (Expert User Ocial CategorisaIon)

*Perfect 9.0 in Speaking, Listening, 8.5 Reading, 7.5 Wri<ng

Strong mastery of various social media pla6orm usage : Facebook, TwiUer, Wordpress, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube etc.


+44 (0) 777 570 6555