Course Name Scope and Objectives Prerequisite LCD Required Prescribed Books Reference books/Sites Additional Readings


Domain Study – II (Manufacturing) This aims at familiarizing students with vertical domains where IT is employed. The syllabus gives an understanding of business parameters; functions & information flow including key success factors. Two Domains of 10 lectures each will be covered ending with a guest lecture for each. Basic understanding of IT Applications Yes/No ( Yes ) Domain Specific - Typical Domains Covered: Manufacturing, Logistics N G Nair, Production and Operations Management, TMH L G Jhamb, Production and Operations Management, SDCL David Simchi-Levi, Philip Kaminsky, Edith Simchi-Levi, Designing and Managing the Supply Chain, Second Edition, TMH Video Cases, Pre-reading/Self-study cases and Academic Cases as and when discussed in the class. Assignments/Presentations/Case Studies Introduction to Indian Manufacturing (1 Session) Manufacturing Basics, (McLarenF1 Video and B-Loony Case), Classification and Selection of Manufacturing (3 Sessions) Manufacturing Process, Examples from Boeing 777 and Harley Davidson (Benetton Factory Video Case and discussion) (4 Sessions)

Topics Details Business & IndustryBusiness Objectives Overview Major Strategies Key Challenges Functions Basic Functions Main Objectives & Roles Their Interrelations Controlling & Monitoring Information Processes & Transactions Major Processes Input & Output Supplier & Customer of each process Issues involved in theses processes

External Enterprise Typical Customers Typical Suppliers Other Agencies involved with the Business Typical Systems for interacting with them

Introduction to Kaizen, Kanban, TPS, Lean, JIT, TPM & TQM Introduction to SCM, Process and pillars of SCM Pharma Supply Chain Video IBM Integrated Supply Chain Video Manufacturing Supply ChainFord Case Example and Discussion on Ford Video (5 sessions) Typical reports Role of IT in Manufacturing MIS Critical Information within an enterprise Examples from major Manufacturing Critical Information from external Solutions Vendors enterprise Trends in Information Technology in the manufacturing and logistics domain (4 Sessions) Quality & Quality & Industry Standards applicable to Introduction to Quality Standards in Standards the domain Manufacturing (1 Session ) Typical Companies Broad Study of a typical company or a Software vendors for Manufacturing and

in/Domains/Enterprise/ http://www. Use It or Lose It: Learning on the Manufacturing Line: By C.patni.html www.epx http://www. Managing Supply Chain Technology: By John Dwyer The above case studies form an integral part of your course and evaluation http://www.mspx www. eBusiness in the Manufacturing Sector: By Andrew Johnson 5. When is it Smart to Sell the Factory and Outsource? By Bill Snyder Evaluation Policy Internal Evaluation : 60 Marks External Evaluation : 40 Marks Supply Chain Assignment (2 session) The following are the self-reading Case Studies which the students will thoroughly read and to substantiate their understanding the chosen domains of Manufacturing and .com/cambridge.asp http://www.html www. The New Face of Manufacturing: By Leo Wright Lanier Benkard 3.cambridgesolutionsltd.html http://www. The following are some of the addresses from which topics related to IT in manufacturing Domain would be How Flexible is Your Manufacturing? By Steve Krar and Arthur Gill 2.

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