What is the business value of XML to the organizations described in the case?

How are they able to achieve such large returns on investment? XML has been one of the revolutionary finding and implication for the organizations described in the case. Use of XML has increased their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. XML has made it easier for them to make most tedious and complicated tasks more easy and understandable along with accurate calculations of important as well as difficult to calculate figures. It has helped in sharing and security along with better management of data’s and information’s. Due to use of XML in the most effective way as per the nature and demand of their organizational activities these organizations were able to achieve such large returns on investment. By using XML they made their performance very fast, easy and user friendly along with creating value of their work with differentiation and qualitative improvements, increasing overall productivity of organization, as a whole resulting the large return on investment. 2) What are other ways in which XML could be used by organizations to create value and share data? Look for examples involving for-profit organizations to gain a more complete perspective on the issue. Profit organizations are value oriented and those with various branch and sections needs to share data allover so that uniformity in action and control can be maintained throughout the organization. XML makes it easier for them to be more precise and distinctive about their performance. They could reach out to their costumers more easily and make positive impact in their mind regarding the costumer concern of the organization. They could also use it as a tool for advertisement making their activities systematic and in time. Profit organizations can also use it to make their products and services more competitive and easily locatable. Profit organizations can use XML to make it clear to the mass about the objectives and offerings of organization in order to increase the revenue and profit of the organization. They can use it as a promotional tool to highlight their concerns and actions and become recognized in their work environment. 3) What seem to be important elements in the success of projects relying on extensive use of XML across organizations and why? Research the concept of metadata to inform your answer. By using XML websites of organizations can be more focused and quickly located whenever a user types some keywords with XML effects. When people search for the products and services and they find it easily with very descriptive information’s they become more attracted towards the organization. It makes the user much satisfied and sure about his/her search and findings, as a result people increase their trust towards organization and enjoy the ROI. Metadata is the combination of information from two different agencies in order to find the common data elements in two different aspects. We can also say that metadata is the

it’s the aggregation of different groups of data’s. .sum total of two different verities of data.

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