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Instructions for filling the sheet: 1. The Student Profile Sheet (SPS) will help the Admission Consultant and Editor understand you better as an applicant. Hence, it is necessary that you spent quality time in answering all the questions as accurately as possible. 2. For the sections Standardized Test Scores and English Proficiency Test Scores, please give details of all tests that you have taken with individual section scores and total (or composite) scores. If you havent taken these tests, indicate the date that you plan to take the tests and give a projection of the scores that you hope to achieve. The projection must be based on any practice tests that you have taken. Also, indicate whether the scores received are actual or projected. 3. In the section Academic Qualifications, give details of marks scored from class 10 onwards. For college marks, enter details of marks obtained each year / semester, as applicable. 4. In the section Work / Research / Internship Experience, enter details of any work / research / internship experience that you might have. 5. In the section School Choice, we give you the opportunity to give us a list of schools that you plan to apply to. Our team will profile these schools for you based on the information given in this SPS. If you choose to leave this field blank, please note that requests for profiling of any schools at a later stage will attract additional service charges. 6. In the section School Choice, you need to fill in the number of universities that you plan to apply to. We will not be able to create a shortlist for you, unless you fill the number of universities that you plan to apply to. 7. You need to give a landline number, a mobile number and an email address for communication. 8. You need to send in your application essays, SOPS, LORs etc at least three weeks in advance of your university deadline. Please adhere to this timeline in order to avoid last minute delays..
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Student Profile Sheet

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SARAVANAN RAMALINGA M sarankvr@g 009715292 09320

+91909 591531 5

+ 9 1 9 9 7 6 9 8 6 7 4 7


UAE add P.o BOx


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Standardized Test Scores Please fill in the details of relevant Standardized Test (GRE/GMAT) scores below. If you havent taken these tests, please fill in a projected date and projected score. Please ensure you mark whether the scores are actual or projected scores. Test Type Tes Math Verb Tota AW Select t al l A appropri Dat ately e 23 04 201 148 138 286 2 Actual Projected 2 DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y English Proficiency Test Scores Please fill in the details of relevant English Proficiency Test (TOEFL/IELTS) scores below. If you havent taken these tests, please fill in a projected date and score and select the check boxes accordingly. Speakin Total Listeni Readi Writi Test Type Tes Select g ng ng ng t approp Dat riately e 22 04 201 18 15 20 19 72 Actual Projected 2 DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y DD MM YYY Actual Projected Y Academic Qualifications Please list all academic qualifications obtained chronologically, from class 10 onwards. Please note that you must give details of each year of college DO NOT enter only the aggregate marks for all the years spent at college. Class Year of Degree Branch Institution University/Board Grade

30803, Floor 22 Green emirates building, tower-A, Abudhabi

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Passing 10 2003 12 2005

(%) St.Joseph hr sec school Sri mahabharathi hr sec school Sona college of tech Government college of engineering Tamil nadu - state board Tamil nadu - state board Anna university 88 88







Civil enginnerin g Structural Engineerin g


Anna university



Did you have any arrears (aka back-papers back-logs supplementary YES papers, etc) during the course of your undergraduate or postgraduate study? If YES, please give the details Work / Research / Internship Experience: Please list all work / research / internship experiences that you have had: Years Organization Designation Major Responsibilities may 2009 individual clients & Design Design of building contract company engineer s (part time) june LARSEN & Design Design of 2011 TOUBRO, Abudhabi Enginner Buildings/Structures From From From From From From From From Program Choice: Program applying for PhD (BA/BS, MA/MS, MBA, PhD etc) Preferred Civil/Structural Enginnering Major/Concentration Which intake would you spring - as soon as possible prefer to apply? may 2011

Total Years 2

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(Fall/Spring) Please mention the year School Choice: Are there any geographical Florida preferences that you would like us to look into while your shortlist is prepared? Are there any particular University of schools that you are florida interested in applying to? Please indicate below the number of universities that you plan to apply to. Country

USA Additional Details: Please answer the following questions. The answer to these questions will help us to know you better. 1. Have you worked on any projects YES NO If you answered YES to question 1, please answer the questions below: 1.1 What was the duration of the project? 1 1.2 Was the project part of the academic curriculum at the YES NO institution where you graduated from? 1.3 Is the project related to your intended field of study? YES NO 1.4 Was the project an individual effort or was it a team effort? 1.5 Did your project receive any regional, national or international YES NO recognition? YES 2. Have you participated in any national or international symposiums, workshops, seminars, paper presentations, etc? If you answered YES to question 2, please give details below: 1. Paper Brick (Utilization of Waste Material as Construction Material) 2. IMPROVEMENT IN CBR OF VARIOUS SOILS USING FLYASH AND QUARRY DUST 3. Foundation design of Transmission Line 4. Experimental, FEM, & Theoretical Study on behaviour of cold formed Steel (Column, Beam) 5. TWO STOREY EARTH-QUAKE RESISTANCE MASONRY BUILDING 6. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESMENT USING GIS FOR SALEM CHALK

Number of Universities you Plan to apply to. 30

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HILLS 7. EFFECT OF GGBFS ON THE BEHAVIOUR OF SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE 8. DESIGN OF INDOOR TENNIS STADIUM WITH POST TENSIONED GIRDERS 9. ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF REINFORCED CONCRETE BRIDGE 10. Planning And Design Of Residential Building Using Green Building concepts 11. LOW COST GREEN BRICK BY UTILIZATION OF POND ASH 12. WIND LOADS ON TALL STRUCTURES 13. A STUDY ON THE APPLICATION OF SILICA FUME USING SYNTHETIC FIBRE REINORCED CONCRETE 14. EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON THE STRENGTH OF CEMENT MORTAR WITH VARIOUS MINERAL ADMIXTURES 15. SIGNIFICANCE OF STEEL & COPPER SLAG, IN ENHANCING THE PROPERTIES OF SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE 16. Intelligent Transport System(ITS) 17. Nano Technology 18. Poster on Advance web GIS for Infrastructure 19. Case Study on Parking 20. GROUNDWATER POTENTIAL ZONE IN SALEM USING REMOTE SENSING AND GIS 21. Design and drawing of RC Structures 22. Case study on zero energy buildings 23. Chimney 24. Rcc Detailing and case studies on rcc buildings 25. COMPARISON BETWEEN AISC LRFD 360-05 & IS 800-1984 26. COMPARISON BETWEEN IS-456 & ACI 318 27. High Performance Concrete 28. Self compacting concrete 29. Pre-stressed Flat slabs 30. HIGH DENSITY CONCRETE USING COPPER SLAG AS A PARTIAL REPLACEMENT OF FINE AGGREGATE - AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY 31. EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON THE STRENGTH OF CEMENT MORTAR WITH VARIOUS MINERAL ADMIXTURES 32. Prefabricated Structures 33. Transmission Towers 34. Deconstruction of buildings 35. Finite Element Analysis using Ansys 36. Building information Modeling (BIM) using Graphisoft Archicad 37. Guyed Transmission Towers 38. Renovation Of Old Buildings


Have you represented your school or college in any extra-curricular activities, including sports, at a regional, national or international level? If you answered YES to question 3, please give details below: 1. Got 1st Place in POETRY WRITING at BHARATHIDASAN MEMORIAL TRUST at DISTRICT LEVEL 2. Represented as 20,000 metre Athlete For Sona College Of Technology 3. 7 times donated blood for emergency needs 4. Got RUNNERS-UP in SHUTTLE BADMITTON conducted at BHARATHIYAR SPORTS DAY MEET at DISTRICT LEVEL


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5. YRC Member Conducted Road Rally Show against Child Labour 6. Got RUNNERS-UP in Badmitton at College Level 7. Got OVERALL INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP with Rs 27,000 scholarship at College Of Engineering(CEG)guindy, Chennai 8. Got Best co-curricular activities award for 4years best performance in Engineering from Sona College Of Technolgy(SCT), salem 9. Got 1st Place In Real Time Problem Solving Solutions at National Institute Of Technology(NIT), Trichy 10. Got 1st Place in puzzle solving & creative thinking at PSG College Of Technology(PSG), coimbatore 11. Got 1st place in Geoache using GPS instrument at (CEG), guindy, chennai 12. Attended workshop on GPS at Remote Sensing department(IRS), chennai 13. Got 2nd place in Civil Technical debate at (Ceg), guindy, chennai 14. Got 2nd place in visual instinct at (Ceg), guindy, chennai 15. Presented Paper On Intelligent Transport System(ITS) at College Of Engineering And Jaya Engineering College, chennai 16. Got 1st Place in Surveying using theodolite at (Ceg), guindy 17. Presented Paper On Nano Technology at SRI SAIRAM Engineering College, chennai 18. Presented poster on Advance web GIS for Infrastructure at PSG, Coimbatore 19. Got 2nd place in surveying using theodolite at (psg), Coimbatore 20. Presented a paper on Experimental study on behaviour of cold formed Isection with trapezoidal corrugated web at national conference EXCEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE



If you have any additional credentials or achievements that you think is worth mentioning, please give the details below: please refer my attached resume If you feel there is additional information that we must be aware of, please explain them here (e.g., unexplained gaps in work experience, breaks in study, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, significant weaknesses in your application, etc).