Assignment # 2

Digital Image Processing
Assignment # 2
Uploading Date: 30-March-2012 Due Date: 5-April-2012 Marks: 40 Late Submission Penalty: Not accepted, please don’t request to accept late submissions (Will be strictly Observed this time) Submission Method: Hard copy, (handwritten or typed) on A4 page.
Question 1: Consider the 2x2 image shown below. Draw the new image if the original image is zoomed 1.5 times along both rows and columns (i.e. to size 3x3) using: [Marks: 4+4] (a) Nearest Neighborhood (b) Bilinear Interpolation
2 6 4 8

Question 2: Consider the 3x3 image shown below. Draw the new image if the original image is zoomed 2 times along both rows and columns (i.e. to size 6x6) using: [Marks: 3.5+3.5] (a) Pixel Replication (b) Nearest Neighborhood
2 4 2 4 6 4 6 8 6

Question 3: An image has a total of 8 gray levels ranging from 0 to 7. (a) Find a square root transformation function for this image and draw it. Both x and y axes range from 0 to 7. First scale gray level range 0 – 7 to range 0 – 1, then take square root of each scaled gray level to find transformed gray level in range 0 – 1 and finally up-scale to range 0 – 7. (b) Apply the above transformation to the following image and show the new image. [Marks: 5+5]
0 1 7 0 3 7 0 5 7

Question 4: Consider the image shown below. The image originally had 16 gray levels but only 4 gray levels in middle of the entire colors range were used. Use contrast stretching (slide 32 of chapter 3) to improve contrast of this image to the entire range of 16 gray levels (0 – 15) [Marks: 5]
6 10 8 12

Question 5: Write a code in Matlab to perform the Zooming In/Out using 1. Pixel Replication 2. Nearest Neighbor Interpolation On the cameraman.jpg image provided along the assignment [Marks: 5+5]

Ms. Bushra Sikander

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