Asma Hameed Syeda Phool Zehra Zarnigar Altaf

Mam Aliya Ashraf

May.21,2012 BCS VI 2008-2012

1. Introduction:

Online shopping or Online retailing is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without an intermediary service. An online shop, eshop, e-store, Internet shop, webshop, webstore, online store, or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-andmortar retailer or shopping centre. Businesses often attempt to adopt online shopping techniques without understanding them and/or without a sound business model, producing webstores that support the organizations' culture and brand name without satisfying consumer's expectations. Usercentered design is critical. Understanding the customer's wants and needs and living up to promises gives the customer a reason to come back and meeting their expectations gives them a reason to stay. It is important that the website communicates to the customer that the company cares about them. Customer needs and expectations are not the same for all customers. Age, gender, experience, culture are all important factors. For example, Japanese cultural norms may lead users there to feel privacy is especially critical on shopping sites and emotional involvement is highly important on financial pensions sites. Users with more online experience focus more on the variables that directly influence the task, while novice users focus on understanding the information. To increase online purchases, businesses must expend significant time and money to define, design, develop, test, implement, and maintain the webstore. It is easier to lose a customer then to gain one and even "top-rated" sites will not succeed if the organization fails to practice common etiquette such as returning e-mails in a timely fashion, notifying customers of problems, being honest, and being good stewards of the customers' data. Because it is important to eliminate mistakes and be more appealing to online shoppers, many webshop designers study research on consumer expectations.

3.1. Problem Statement:

To introduce an z@p’s.com which is an online clothing and accessories shopping web application. Where all the shopping will be done electronically over the internet thus providing the customer a platform where they can communicate and find out the latest fashion and shop at their doorsteps.

3.2. Objectives:
1. To provide quick and effective coordination among buyer and seller all over the world 2. To provide cost reduction benefits to both buyer and seller. 3. It is time effective and has a user friendly interface.

3.3. Scope of Project:
As whole world is moving towards virtual store. E-commerce is prevailing in all industry sector so fashion industry is also taking benefit of this electronic revolution. The motive behind implementing this concept is to provide the effective transaction opportunities for buyer as well as seller. It is effective for seller in terms of cost, space and time. On the other hand the buyer has access to the latest fashion on solitary click. Customers are attracted to online shopping not only because of the high level of convenience, but also because of the broader selection, competitive pricing, and greater access to information. Business organizations seek to offer online shopping because it is much lower cost compared to bricks and mortar stores, offers access to a world wide market, increases customer value and builds sustainable capabilities

3.4. Main Features:


1. Provision of admin’s, user and seller online accounts. 2. Uploading of latest fashion trends. 3. Add to cart facility. 4. Feedback Forum.

3.5. Advantages of proposed system:
1. Provision of products on time at user doorstep. 2. Lessens the workload of staff 3. Provision of data security and confidentiality 4. It's easy to access consumer reviews for pretty much any product you can think of online, which makes for more informed purchases. 5. It is also best for discreet purchases like adult toys e.t.c

3.6. Technical Aspect:
In our e shop we will be providing the user with the galleries of the images of all our products. Our products will include clothes and other accessories. The user can search and view all the image select the product of his intrest. Make his own account and add the product using ADD TO CART option . The selected products will be stored in a data base of the user usingMy SQL . There is also a feedback forum for the user recommendation about the website and service. in which he can give his views and

4. Research approach
4.1. Operating Environment Operating System Tools Windows XP Professionals, Window7 professional PHP, MySQL , HTML, Javascript, CSS 4

Server 4.2. Hardware Required

WAMP Server

Minimum 5126MB RAM, P-1V or higher speed processor.


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