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David Shrank, founder and CEO of Empowerment Behavioral Therapeutic Services, is a licensed therapist and social worker.

David is creating and developing a mental health program which is geared towards providing group and individual counseling to students and adults who have been bullied and/or currently are being bullied as well as to provide support and resources to the familys of these individuals. David has worked with the youth of Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, NJ as well as the adults and correctional population of Trenton, NJ. He has been teaching martial arts since 2003 and currently is an instructor for the East Coast Academy Of Martial Arts under Sifu Michele Thompson. He has provided security to multiple establishments and organizations. David created Greater Trenton Behavioral Healthcares self-defense program along with John Monohan, President and CEO, and trained all staff at the agency. While growing up in school and most social environments, David suffered severe and constant verbal and physical bullying. This bullying was most intense from first grade until sixth grade but continued until eleventh grade. After eleventh grade, David began working on his trauma to better understand his mental/emotional pain from having been bullied. Through intense self-discovery, he has transformed himself into a highly confident individual who has been able to help many others psychologically, who have been severely bullied, to work past these issues and become confident and self-assured adults. David is also a person who stutters and has developed ways of addressing the disability of stuttering (although David feels its a gift) from a psychological perspective to reduce anxiety and increase selfesteem. In relation to bullying, David is currently writing a book to better understand the issue of bullying and change the way in which teachers, school administration, parents, therapists, and the legal system handles this social issue. The book also highlights ways for the victim of bullying to change his/her mentality and increase self-esteem thereby decreasing future bullying from occurring. The book also highlights ways to view all disabilities and deficits as strengths and to use strengths to combat the issue of bullying. David has been cited and published by Greg Wright (National Director of Social Relations for the National Association of Social Work) in online magazine. David is deeply committed to reducing and hopefully stopping the issue of bullying. He realizes that it requires the entire community and hopes to be a leader bringing the community together to combat this issue, thereby preventing future trauma as the result of bullying.

While addressing the therapeutic needs of the clients we serve, we also prove educational assistance. David is a public speaker for those seeking a motivational and empowering edge and has spoken at child and adult programs and support groups. As an agency, we also provide seminars for mental health professionals, teachers, and parents to increase their understanding of bullying and how to respond to this social issue. David is also a speaker to businesses seeking to increase the motivation of employees. We would love to book a date to come to your school, facility, or any place appropriate for a seminar. This seminar includes an informational speech, role play, and an open Q and A to answer all questions pertaining to bullying that have not yet been covered. Any and all questions are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

Specializations include: -Bullying in relation to both the victim and the bully as well as family support -Child and family therapy. -Trauma/PTSD (Including Veterans, Victims of abuse or neglect/rape) -Youth and adults with severe behavioral issues. -Drug and alcohol therapy (Dual Diagnosis Treatment). -Grief and loss -Stress -Panic/anxiety disorder -Interpersonal relationships -Multi-cultural issues -Mindfulness based therapy -Family systems -Training for mental health professionals to feel mentally and physically safe in all work related environments.