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Rehiyon XI SANGAY NG LUNGSOD NG DABAW Lungsod ng Dabaw

FIRST QUARTER EXAMINATION ENGLISH II SY 2012– 2013 Name___________________________________ Year & Section: __________________ Score: __________ I. Listening. Skim through the questions below. Listen to your teacher as she reads the selection twice. Then, answer questions 1-6. Write the letter of your answer on the space provided for before the number. _______ 1. What is the setting of the story? a. lake b. aquarium c. pond d. river

_______ 2. Why did the animals, except for the fish, not care if the lake gets dry? a. They can live either on land or in water. b. They have stored a lot of water during the rainy days. c. They do not need water to survive. d. They have found a new lake to live. _______ 3. What kind of narrative was read? a. anecdote b. myth _______ 4. What is the best title for the selection? a. The Fish and the Rain b. The Best Place to Live c. Meeting of Animals d. Waiting for the Rain _______ 5. What is the theme of the story? a. Heaven bless the many for the few. b. Ask and you shall receive. c. Water is life. d. Prayer is powerful. _______ 6. What is the purpose of the author in writing the story? a. to persuade b. to inform c. to entertain II. Reading. A. Read carefully the story and answer the questions that follow. The Two Brothers Egyptian Tale Once there were two brothers. When their parents died, Anpu was already married, so he took his little brother with him and treated him like his own. When Bata grew to be a young man, he became an excellent worker. He did the plowing and harvested the corn. Because Anpu loved his brother very much, his wife became jealous of him and she wanted to destroy Bata. One day when Anpu returned home earlier than his brother, he was met by his wife who was crying bitterly. She showed him her arms and legs which were painted black and blue and accused Bata of having beaten her. She pretended to be in great pain. She pretended that she was very sick. Anpu became angry and sharpened his knife. He went to the field and sprung at his brother. “Why do you seek to kill me? Am I not your brother and your wife a mother to me? Now since you want to kill me, I shall go to the Valley of Acacia”. Anpu answered, “Why did you beat my wife and almost killed her?” Bata answered, “I had no such thing. Have I told you that I have always looked upon her as my mother?” So Anpu went home and found his wife washing the paint off her body. Filled with anger, he killed his wife and cast her to the dogs. Then he sat down, poured ashes on his head and mourned for his younger brother. Source: Bridges to Understanding II, E. Angouan & A. Gil _______ 7. Who is the antagonist in the story? a. Anpu b. Anpu’s wife c. Bata d. Valley of Acacia c. legend d. fable

d. to inspire

_______ 8. What character trait can we infer from the wife of Anpu?

_ . caring and loving wife a b. beautiful and faithful wife

c. patient and honest wife d. jealous and bad wife

_______ 9. What is the main problem / conflict in the story? a. Anpu got angry with his brother, Bata. _ b. Anpu’s wife was jealous and tried to ruin Bata. c. Bata doesn’t know how to reach the Valley of Acacia. d. Anpu and Bata’s parents died at an early age. _______ 10. What is the climax of the story? a. Anpu’s wife pretended that she was beaten by Bata. b. Anpu got angry, sharpened his knife and tried to kill Bata. c. Anpu’s wife washed the paint off her body. d. Bata went to the Valley of Acacia. _______11. What character trait be inferred in the lines: “When their parents died, Anpu was already married, so he took his little brother with him and treated him like his own.” a. Anpus is a responsible brother. c. Anpu is humble. b. Anpu is an irresponsible bother. d. Anpu is patient. _______12. How did Anpu’s wife pretend that she was beaten by Bata? a. She painted her eyes black and blue. b. She bruised her arms and legs. c. She painted her arms and legs black and blue. d. She hit her arms and legs with a hard object. _______13. What point of view was the story told? a. first person b. innocent eye _______14. What does the word “mourn” mean? a. to express joy and happiness b. to express sorrow c. omniscient c. to express concern d. to express sympathy d. stream of consciousness

_______15. Which sentence gives the introduction/exposition of the story? a. Anpu and Bata were brothers. c. Anpu’s wife became jealous of Bata. b. Anpu tried to kill Bata. d. Bata left and went to the Valley of Acacia The Lion’s Share (Fable from India) One day an ass and a fox entered into an agreement with the lion that they would assist each other while hunting for food. It was decided that the ass would keep an eye out for animals to prey on, the fox would growl and frightened the animal, and the lion would then finish the animal off in one swoop. In the evening, the lion ordered the ass to allot three partners, his due portion in the treaty. So, the fox divided the spoil into three equal shares. The lion stared at the shares for a minute. “Oh! So you think each one of us deserves an equal share compared with my efforts to kill the prey,” he said and jumped on the ass and killed it. Then he told the terrified fox to make the division. The fox left to himself the smallest possible share and the rest he gave to the lion. Witnessing the fate of the poor ass, the fox made up his mind never to take a lion as partner in any future venture.

_______ 16. What is the setting of the story? a. zoo b. jungle _______ 17. Describe the ass in the story? a. The ass was fair. b. The ass was stubborn.

c. city c. The ass was wise. d. The ass was greedy. c. omniscient

d. circus

_______ 18. What point of view was the story told? a. first person b. second person

d. stream of consciousness

_______ 19. What does the word “prey” mean in the story? a. robber b. seller c. victim

d. hunter

_______ 20. What character trait was revealed when the lion said, “Oh! So you think each one of us deserves an equal share compared with my efforts to kill the prey.” a. unjust b. undecided c. confused d. tyrant _______ 21. What word in the text is the synonym of “treaty”? a. spoil b. swoop c. prey _______ 22. What lesson did the fox learn? a. Sharing should always be equal. b. Working with the lion is fun. d. agreement

c. Never to trust the lion again. d. Never to trust animals.

_______23. Why did the fox give the biggest share to the lion? a. He was afraid that the lion will not make him King of the Jungle. b. He was afraid that the lion will kill him. c. He was afraid that the lion will starve to death. d. He was afraid that the lion will not let him join in future hunting. _______24. What does the phrase “keep an eye” mean? a. hold tightly b. watch closely c. admire deeplyd. touch gently

B. Read the passages below and answer the questions. Write your answer on the space provided for before the number. “Yes, I made an important medical discovery. But I couldn’t have done it without my team,” said Dr. Reyes. _______25. What character trait is revealed? a. honest b. humble

c. proud

d. patient

Baucis and Philemon lived in a little hovel with roof made of reed and straw. _______26. What element of a short story is described? a. plot b. theme

c. setting

d. point of view

Once there lived a father, a mother, and a little girl in a small house in one of the villages in Japan. They lived happily and peacefully in their home. _______27. What part of the plot is revealed? a. introduction/exposition

b. rising action

c. climax

d. denouement

Mayet thought about giving up, but she changed her mind and worked through the puzzle once again. _______28. What character trait of Mayet is revealed? a. confident b. patient

c. resourceful

d. diligent

She was obviously a Greek with skin white and cheeks like blushing roses, and Charaxos caught his breath – for he had never seen anyone so lovely. _______29. What element of a short story is described? a. plot b. point of view

c. characterization

d. setting

C. Trace the development of the plot by sequencing the events in the story. Write number 1-5 on the space provided before the number. (30-34) The Well-bred and Ill-Bred _____ a. The man said, "The world goes as the wind blows!" _____ b. A man once stood up at a market-place in the East and said, "I have been ordered by the king to collect all the well-born and well-bred and bring them before him, since he wishes to reward them." _____ c. Then he suddenly turned round and said, "The king has just sent me word that he means to help

only those that have been ill-born and ill-bred to make up for their misfortunes." _____ d. Everybody that heard him joined him, and he went towards the palace, surrounded by the whole town. _____ d. The crowd lingered behind for a while, and then one after another joined the man as ill-born and ill-bred to merit the king's gifts.
Source: The Baldwin Project: Indian Fables


Grammar. A. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate transition words to complete the paragraph. Choose your answer from the list inside the box. Write your answer on the blank space provided for.

consequently because also then indeed however

as a result since

Because many people today cannot pay big cash amounts, they prefer to buy on instalment plan. 35. ________, companies selling goods on instalment plan, also ask for a down payment. 36. __________, the rest of cost called balance is paid in one year or more until fully paid by the creditor. 37. _________, some instalments are paid quarterly or depending on what has been agreed by both parties. 38. __________, both can benefits on the contract. B. Directions: Write on the bank the correct form of the verb to complete the paragraph. Yesterday morning at 8:33, someone ________ 39 (rob) the State Bank downtown. The thief ________ (enter) the bank and 40. ______________(state) that he 41.____________(want) all their money. The thief smiled but 42. ____________ (look) very tired. The tellers seemed worried. The thief received the money he requested, asked to be excused, then stormed out quickly as the door revolved. He 43.______________ (dash) down the street and screeched away in a damaged car that rattled, 44. _______________(squeak) and smoked. It 45. ______________ (appear) that he really needed the money. The police soon arrived. They 46. _____________ (barrel) and chased down the street. They 47._________________ (search) and questioned bystanders, but the thief vanished. The police 48. ______________ (fail) to catch him. Investigators 49._______________ (abandon) the case and 50. _______________ (neglect) to do anything else. The money was never recovered and the thief was never identified.

Teacher’s Copy


To the Teacher: Pls. allow the students to skim through the questions for a minute or two. Then read the selection before the students in a manner of telling a story.

The water in a lake was fast drying up. The fish were all alarmed. A meeting of the animals in the lake was held. The crocodile, as the most powerful among them, took the chair. Each animal such as the tortoise, the crab, and the crocodile, made long speeches, and concluded by saying, "Therefore it is, I do not care whether it is land or water. It is the same to me; I can live in either." But the poor fish, who could not live out of water for one moment, thought it their duty, however, to pray; so they did. Very soon the sky was overcast, the clouds poured, and the lake was full. All the animals rejoiced at it. The fish, with heartfelt pride and pleasure, observed, "Heaven blesseth the many for the few!

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