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INTRODUCTION WIRELESS ROUTER (WIFI ROUTER) What is router? A router is a device that acts as a medium for interconnecting several PCs.the router will choose the best path within the network and send data . Some Wi-Fi antennas . in a only LAN ( WLAN) or in a mixed wired/wireless network.There are two types of router wireless router and nonwireless router. may be mounted externally while others are embedded inside the device`s hardware enclosure. It is commonly used to provide access to the internet or to some other computer network. laptops and phones. picking up incoming signals or radiating outgoing Wi-Fi signals. It function in a wired LAN ( local area network ). particularly on routers . Wi-Fi wireless networking works by sending radio transmissions on specific frequencies are built into Wi-Fi enable equipment like routers.The most familiar type of routers are home and small router. can wirelessfunctions of wirenect sevbroadoffice 2 . Antennas are also key components of these radio communication systems .If a PC named compA wants to send data to compB. WIRELESS ROUTER (WIFI ROUTER) A wireless router is a device that performs the router but also includes the functions of a less access point and a network switch.This is one main advantage of using a router to coneral PCs since other devices like hubs simply accept data from a PC and cast it to all machine. It does not need a cabled connection.

This method is easy to use but sometimes it can cause problems in terms of privacy and security.In terms of can protect our computers from harmful files. 3 .when people move their files to their thumbdrive.This can be solved by using wifi router because wifi router has a password protected software in it and people can transfer and share files between their computers anonymously.there is so much simple problems that are faced by our society related to IT world such as sharing files between one computer to another and transfering files between computers.These problems sound simple to solved but people didn’t realized on how to solved it and how easy to solve it but they solved it in a hard way by using a thumbdrive to share and transfer files between computer.Thus.In terms of privacy.the wifi router will scanned the files before moving to another computer.PROBLEM STATEMENT Nowadays.usually the files that they moved contain virus or malware but when using a wifi router.they didn’t have to worry about virus or malware because when transfer and share files between computers.other people can see their personal files in their thumbdrive because usually thumbdrive didn’t have a password protected software in it.

Thus. Besides that.recommendation would be needed to fit any possible problem and also the future plan to upgrade the gadget.In this way.The conclusion of the assignment as it enables the society 4 .The findings of the assignment also explain on how it is being an effect to the society and how we can solved it with our selected gadget.It also help our society to improve their skills to the latest it world.with this assignment we can identify the most common problem faced by our can closer the society to the advance technology.OBJECTIVE The objective of this assignment is to explain how the structure wifi router works in an effective manner to the society.

which allow them to achieve higher performance.New standards are using MIMO technology nowadays.11n.802. The wireless access points acts as the hub or central transit points for all data flowing between the wireless network and wired network.11a.11g and bluetooth.These destinations vary from a small number of wired and any number of wireless computers.802.a wired LAN switch and a router with connections to a cable or DSL service.11b. 5 .TECHNOLOGY REVIEW A wireless router is a computer networking device that combines a wireless access point (base station).the wireless access point or base station that is connected to this router buffers and forwards data packets across an internetwork towards their destinations. Wireless router also help to achieve: * File Sharing between computers * Internet connection sharing between computers * Printer Sharing * Connecting the game console or other home entertainment equipment to the Internet *Convenience of easier maintenance as your network grows.There are as many types of wireless networks as there are wireless standards : draft 802.When the router connects to the internet.802.

using any ordinary phone device 6 .network switch and wireless access point.ADVANTAGES • • • • Wireless router are equipped with modem. Some of the wireless routers are equipped with a built-in firewall to ward of intruders. Can be connected to or from anywhere in your immediate environment or house. The broadband router wireless VOIP technology is a technology that enables you to connect to the internet.

Another feature that we can enhance this wifi router is by putting “video mode”that not only makes it easier to set up wireless for this type of video streaming but also uses video-centric algorithms that reduces video jitter and frame loss during streaming. e-mail or downloads.4GHz.However. Some modern wireless routers come with the most popular applications already set up.Firstly. the router recognizes the type of Internet traffic and prioritizes it.This can be solved by putting dual band functionality in the it is ideal to support web surfing.The most used frequency is 2.e-mail and chat.FUTURE PLAN PLAN TO UPGRADE THE GADGET We have many plan to upgrade the wifi router for the future. 7 .This prioritization allows the dedication of more bandwidth to HD movies for flawless viewing.having another band to select from (the 5GHz band)enables better video streaming. Once the priority is set in the router.another feature that can be integrated in future wifi router is Quality of Service (QoS). automatically.This feature allows prioritization of devices to deliver maximum internet bandwidth and performance. auto-assigning priority to activities such as voice calls versus web interruption free internet experience.Dual band functionality provides twice the wifi bandwidth.Fewer devices connecting to this band avoids wireless congestion and renders video streaming without lags. the consumer two completely separate wireless networks at home.

CONCLUSION In a nutshell. In many cases.many home and companies are using wifi router because of its ease of use to be connected to the internet compared to wired network.It can protect the consumer personal computer from harmful things such as malware and etc. the amount of Internet-connected devices in the home outnumber the people in the household.wifi router provide many feature to the consumers compared to wired network. 8 .Many universities such as Uniten also provide wifi networking using wifi router in their campus to their students and staffs. many researchers are answering the call by innovating new wireless solutions and home router features that facilitate the connected entertainment experience people expect. consumers are already seeing the growing trend of everything being connected to the Internet.Wifi router also provide top grade security such as firewall. In today’s modern life. This means more and more is demanded from home wireless networks and Internet connections.Now. Thankfully.

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