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Manifesto 2014 LS Elections

To be submitted to Sri Anna Hazare

(1) Tax free country for 5 years
For decades, it has been a heartache to see depreciation of Rupee, a currency which we use daily. It was thoughtful when fellow Indian citizens left own country for better education, job or living standards. By tax free nation on certain sectors, I aim to welcome them to own country and appreciate Indian Rupee.

(2) Reduction of Fuel Prices
With appreciation of Rupee, I aim to increase import of fuel by 10-15% from current scenario, thus maintaining the overall global liquidity, and reduction of Fuel prices to India. High import of fuel will result in increase of Pollution, for which we need better carbon credit mechanism.

(3) Expressway for NDS
I aim create National Decision System, in which I wish to include Governors, Professors and Scientists from "unbiased" reputed institutions, who would play key role to approve any decision, anonymously authenticated. Thus, decision approval would shift from Political Parties to consensus, for projects involving high income based transactions, to reduce loss by improving accountability.

(4) Improved PDS for 5 years
With creation of NDS, I aim to allocate prosecution power to team members of NDS to ensure better functioning of PDS. Prosecutorial power to be withdrawn from remaining controllers related to PDS. NDS to have mandatory legal authority to appoint quality surveyors to gauge PDS, with or without complaints from public.

(5) Pollution Control Mechanism
I aim to reduce all types of pollution with mandatory awareness about carbon credit, by efficient Waste Management. Vehicle speed limits to be proportional to width of roads, max 60 kmph. Introduction of Solar-cum-CNG fitted Rickshaws for poor people upon free exchange of their old rickshaws.

(6) Rewards
I aim reward individuals those who have exceptionally contributed to growth of nation, by waiver of full bank loans of whatever amount, from government fund, post success in LS Elections 2014. To include, Political Leaders, Doctors, Engineers, Farmers, BSF personnels, Actuaries, Bankers, etc.

(7) Better Education System
With creation of NDS, I am to collect feedback from various schools, colleges and students about improving current education system. I also aim to establish multiple Libraries in every district of nation, with books donated from senior students, for a price to be paid in coupons, redeemable from Government. I also aim to network all these libraries.

(8) Better Health Services
With Actuaries and Doctors, I aim to collect data about minor illness in every place of nation. With higher role of Insurance, I plan to maintain a healthy nation. I also plan to liberalise formation of hospitals and medical check up centres on small to big scale, with ownership of Government.

(9) Source of Funds
I aim to manage source of funds for for smooth functioning of Government. There are plans for same, for which I request meeting you. With Regards, Sukumar Satyen