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Philippine name Kalumpang

Complete botanical source From the kernels of Sterculia foetida ( fam. Sterculiaceae)

English name

Type of lipid yielded Fatty acids



Kasuy Balubag, Baluban

From the seeds of Anacardium Occidentale (Fam. Anacardiaceae)

Poor tree Wild almond Hazel sterculia Skunk tree Sterculia nut Java olives Cashew apple cashew

Constituents of the lipid yielded Sterculic acid (9,10methylene-9octadecenoic) Palmitic acid Oleic acid linolic acid (7.7%) palmitic acid (6.4%) stearic acid (11.24%) lignoceric acid(0.5%) sitosterin. Oleic acid and Linoleic acid (about 43% of each) Palmitic acid (9%) Stearic acid (4%)

Fixed oils


Liñga Linga

From the seed of one or more cultivated varieties of Sesamum indicum ( Fam. Pedaliaceae)

Sesame gingely-oil plant Teel

Fixed oils