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Costa Rica Experience Travel Guide

Costa Rica is an amazing destination for experience seeking travelers. With enough PTO earned at my corporate show , I had an opportunity to experience the country's beauty as well as surf sports firsthand. Discover from my mistakes as well as consider my suggestions. Purchase your travel manual and hit the actual road! SAN JOSE Most international flights get to San Jose Internationalairport (Juan Santamaria) SJO. Take care of any instant currency as well as foodrequirements inside of the airport because there are no amenities outdoors. The airportis situated 20 minutes north of downtown San Jose. Most vacationers take theplentiful minivans as well as taxis pulling up to the actual curb of the smallish airport exit on arrival with regard to $20 every. No need ! There is a nearby city coach outside ofthe airport that will take you downtown for less than $1. The coach stop is actually located lower the leave ramp about the airports aspect of the road , about 100 yardsin the airport leave. You might be riding next to chickens and 80-year-oldabuelas, however this isn’t that why you are adventure traveling in panama and nicaragua , ? Ifound the coach ride to be rather fast , with minimal stops, lots of highwayatmosphere , and a pretty limited amount of space. NOt bad. BUS TRAVEL in COSTA RICA. Thus began my love affair along with publicnearby Costa Rica chartering. Overall, open public buses run semi-frequently between majorlocations , depart promptly , are not over-crowded, are very inexpensive , and haveno bathrooms. As long as you prepare by using the facilities from bus stations and stock up on snacks and drinking water before departure , you should have sleek trips. Heedingthe suggestion of a friend who trained English there , I didn’t plan to spend any time within the “armpit” San Jose. I'd be back at the conclusion of my tripanyways , so I billed on in the main coach station in San Jose to the west Coast: Jaco (Ha-Ko, gringo’s!) JACO The bus ride was about two 1/2 hours and a handful of changethrough San Jose to Jaco. Jaco offers exploded as a surf spot , simply because it's the closest off-shore destination towards the residents of San Jose and the main valley, where the majority of local people live. In hindsight, one of the few disappointments of my journey was the problem in finding nearby ticos in order to minglealong with. The gringo path in Costa Rica offers bean clear-cut, and it doesn’t seem todrift about into virgin mobile local places often. Possibly I should possess explored San Joseafter all. There are international brand resorts and junk food chains in Jaco. The major road / freeway runs a few blocks upward from the beach. BEACH &surf. The surf here were good enough to contain the Billabong world Surfing video games 2009. Unfortunately I showed up immediatly following and the place was trashed. I’m not sure how much solution the town is usually , though, because othertravelers reported similar experiences sometimes. Iwasn't compelled in order to surf nor stay in Jaco any longer compared to necessary. The actual beach is somewhat wide and it has ok sand withmore compact smooth rubble.

PARTY. Bars tend to be plentiful along the main road in town. NUmerous beautiful nearby women headed tothe actual black awned Beatle club , so normally I adopted in tow. Within , there weretoo many beautiful women. All by on their own. With almost no guys within the bar.Yes , this was the prostitute club. A shame too, since it seemed to be the only place in city with some good action. I recommend the slightly smaller pubs along the beach over the types on the main drag in Jaco. The actual ocean is really a muchnicer sight than the dirty road where sketchy looking local people offer mary janeas well as coke. DOMINICAL From Jaco, we headed south along the off-shore Coast,transferring in Quepos to Domical. Both thighs were below 4 hours each, for around 8 hours of total travel. NO reservations are essential and a handful of buses run daily. Dominical is a little town mainly inhabited by backpackers. The dirtstreet runs along the beach making the commercial corridor. There are a handful of hostels to choose from. WATERFALL &SWIMMING pit. About 10 minutes South of Dominical is really a descent-sized waterfall creating a swimming hole known as Pozo Azul. There is a rope swing big enough to get a back flip from ! I believethere are some tours which go here - which seems a bit odd to me since it is a more compact swimming pit. It is easy to get to by four wheel drive , which is necessary to cross the steam en route. Go to the town Escaleras in Dominicalito, about 5kilometers south of Playa Dominical. On the main highway mind towards the bella Vista hotel and then take the first street on your correct. Travel past a schoolas well as cross over a little stream. Continue on this street for about 300 meters till you reach a point where the road expands. Listen for the waterfall! you might drive past it if you're not cautious. BEACH &surf. The surf in Dominical arelarge. Best with regard to intermediate in order to advanced viewers. Mainly beach break along with rights as well as lefts which close away. The good news is that there are few viewers inDominical and you will most likely have your personal break to enjoy. I observed the otherviewers were usually foreign- western. Rainforest overhang runs along the beach, which is walk capable for about 15-20 minutes in either direction. The actual sandis actually brown as well as pebbly, but not uncomfortable in order to lie down in. PARTY. When i went within the off-season, open bars were limited to one per night. Follow the sound to the celebration. There aremainly smaller pubs playing music. The feel is laid-back surfer or backpackerand most people you will see out tend to be foreigners. This is not a typical pickup spot. You may also be content with easy evenings relaxing with a few local developed ,high quality mary jane which is not difficult to find in this city. Somewhere between your surfing as well as partyingwe met Jon, a larger, hype haired surf traveler through Miami. Jon had a four wheel drive andagreed to drive all of us to brother Antonio after i told him of my plans to journey north. MANUEL ANTONIO A stunning highway takes the lead from Quepos to brother Antonio nationwide Park (Parque Nacional brother Antonio). My trip to Costa had toconsist of at least one journey into the jungle , something i had hoped in order to experience because elementary school. Manuel Antonio sounded at least as

good asothers if not better and was convenient to my travel path , which shaped upalong the Pacific coast. Hotels as well as hostels run along the main road through ManuelAntonio town lower a mountain to the beach. HIKE. ParqueNacional brother Antonio life up to the actual hype. Yes , I paid gringo prices tokey in and met travelers through my hometown waiting in collection , but tranquility andopen trails humiliated ahead. Get lost in the park for at least a day. There areprivate and not so private seashores to discover, as well as amazing hunt points. White-face monkeys, sloth’s, giant lizards, and a numerous bird life abound. BEACH & surf. Las olas, the surf are calmer in brother Antonio, suitable for beginners. The actual beach is very nicealong with white sand along with few pebbles. The water is really a beautiful azul, more glassythan uneven. You can walk a good range along the beach up to the actual parkentry or play beach volleyball. PARTY. The variety of night life options can be found in brother Antonio including sports pubs ,clubs along with a casino. The hostel worker shuttled the busload of travelers for an open-air dancing club great on saturday nights. Beverages and handles are expensive as the town encounters heavier tourist traffic. Fresh seafood at a myriad ofrestaurants is amazing. Overall, brother Antonio was one of the highlights of my trip. Through Manuel Antonio, I bussed to Quepos and on in order to Puntarenas where Icaught a beautiful as well as inexpensive ferry ride in order to Paquera to Mal Pais / Playa SantaTeresa. MAL PAIS / santa TERESA With its remoteness, lack of people as well as abundant shoreline ,Santa Teresa feels like a getaway in heaven. Especially when the actual rainstormshit. There are a wealth of small resorts , hostels as well as restaurants along with international taste. No junk food. There’s a good vibe going on here which hopefully will not be ruined. BEACH & SURF. The actual surf is excellent with intermediate difficulty. The actual beach line is ruggedalong with rock outcroppings (point breaks ) and cove after cove is waiting to bediscovered. The sand is nice and the rainforest overhang is omnipresent. PARTY. There are just one handful of bar/clubs in santa Teresa. Even though town had a more relaxed hippy vibe heading , I was thrilled to learn of an all night celestial satellite party from one of the outside cabin hut clubs looking over the beach. What should have been the entire town showed up and partied into the morning. It was the blast. I must have partied a little bit too much , because we missed the actual infrequent coach out of town. Period was ticking on my 2-week vaca clock, and i wasprepared to change things up so I chose to rent a car and headed up to the most popular panama and nicaragua , surf location , Tamarindo. TAMARINDO Tamarindo offers obviously already been touched through the American traveler’s hand. Price is high(with regard to Central America). NUmerous hotels and some hostels can be found in this large town. BEACH & surf. Although overblown, the beach in Tamarindo is stunning. It is broad andlong with a

variety of surf conditions. Waves tend to be crowded. Tamarindo is thestarting point with regard to trips in order to famous saltwater breaks ghouls Rock as well as Ollie’s stage. PARTY. Families ,hardcore viewers , backpackers, vacationers , and everyone’s mother visit Tamarino. You will likely have to out-shout large groups of SoCal viewers inthe actual bars as well as clubs. There are many restaurants clubs and pubs within a walkable town. The actual nightlife is actually jumping in Tamarindo. Just don’t expect to meet the Costa Rican. LA FORTUNA / ARENAL Cradled in the main valley closest theamazing Arenal Volcano and river is los angeles Fortuna city. Plenty of resorts andhostels are available in this particular quant city laid out on a street grid surroundingthe park as well as church. Past the volcano, outdoor experience is the pull to los angeles Fortuna. HORSEBACK RIDE as well as ZIP collection. After buying the plentiful tour companies in town, we decided on one of the higher elevated , longer zip-line tours along with horsebackride. White-water rafting and all terrain vehicle tours can also be found , as well as a journey to the amazing La Fortuna waterfall. The actual zip-line visit was amazing ! It wasexciting to travel through the jungle like a goof. VOLCANO viewing. Volcan Arenal is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Excursions willshuttle service you to perfect lookout points , but with the rented car you merely need directions. Though it was raining when I was there, i was able to capture aglimpse of a few lava streams flowing down the actual mountain. Awe-inspiring. Naturalwarm springs circulation into city. Access to all of them is available from pricey resorts andspas , and through friendly local people willing to share their town’s treasure. PARTY. LaFortuna is a reduced , smaller city good for families. I found what was probablythe only party in town at a good-sized karaoke as well as dance club 10 minutes in the road. There are a number of goodnearby restaurants though , and two junk food restaurants. The Caribbean coast of panama and nicaragua , , with its relaxed rastafeel , clear drinking water and perfect beaches attracted me significantly , but we focused on off-shore Coast surf-spots and couldn't miss jungle and volcano. Alas, my 18 times inheaven had go out. I managed to get back to San Jose through La Fortuna in three hours, preventing at nearly every fork within the windy street for directions and snacks. Overall,panama and nicaragua , is an amazing place to go to. The jungle , mountains as well as beachestend to be beautiful. The animal experiences as well as surf spots are among the worlds greatest.Opportunity for experience lies around every part. Enjoy your own travels. what to do in Dominical