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3: April. 2009 Learning Outcomes: 1. Compile Marketing Audits 2. Examine the main barriers to Marketing Planning 3. Formulate a Marketing Plan for a product or service 4. Examine ethical issues in Marketing Coursework Assignment for Spring Term (2009) For this assignment, learners can ideally consider an organization of their choice or pick and choose a few organizations to carry out the tasks required. It is essential that the organizations or businesses chosen provide opportunity for the learner to examine and cover the task areas adequately. Therefore, it is recommended that the learner provide a brief summary on the profile and activities of the chosen organization and examine the concept of Marketing Planning. You should examine the theory as well as practical application with examples in an organizational setting. 1. Examine the Marketing environment, both internal and external and carry out a Marketing Audit for the organization chosen. 2. Examine the main barriers to Marketing Planning and the ways of overcoming those barriers you have identified. First explain what is meant by barriers with examples. 3. Formulate a Marketing Plan for a chosen product or service of the organization by analysing the SWOT factors and setting marketing objectives and developing Marketing Strategies based on the Marketing Mix variables. You should carry out such analyses as PLC, BCG and PEST etc. 4. Explain what is meant by ethics in Marketing and examine the ethical issues in Marketing that you may need to consider when developing a Marketing Plan. Word Count: 3000 Submission Date: End of Term

2  Provide as range of barriers to Marketing Planning with relevance to the chosen organization. distributing and communicating a product or service. Marketing Plan.  Determine and evaluate Marketing Budgets for Marketing Mix Decisions. Identify and assess techniques for  Consider developing segmentation.  Evaluate more than one barrier and assess the significance.CITY OF LONDON COLLEGE EDEXCEL BTEC HND (Level 5) IN MANAGEMENT. 3  Explain the need  Do SWOT to be innovative in analysis and the market or prepare a services.  Apply organizational and environmental auditing techniques in a given situation  Identify the main barriers to Marketing Planning  Suggest how organizations may over come barriers to Marketing Planning Merit Distinction  Assess the role of  Evaluate how a the Marketing thorough Plan in relation to Marketing Audit the organization’s can help develop business mission a successful and philosophy. FINANCE AND BIT Unit 19: Marketing Planning ASSESSMENT CRITERIA FOR GRADING AND FEEDBACK Task 1 Pass ( Tick as appropriate)  Appraise the processes and techniques used for auditing the Marketing Environments. . for pricing. products Targeting and Positioning  Make within the recommendations Marketing Plan. .  Evaluate the barriers in the chosen organization and compare them with that of a competitor. Marketing Plan with Marketing  Mix objectives.

Evaluate the legal and regulatory implications of ethics on Marketing Mix for you organization. .4  Investigate two different organization’s responses to ethical marketing  Identify a range of ethical issues in Marketing  Consider how to address the ethical issues.