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BEAM CONNECT TO COLUMN WEBZoom in to the graphical view and change the viewing direction so that you can see the detailed geometry of each connectio n point in turn, looking for any examples where an attached section has been trimmed to the wrong length. If you find any, correct them as follows. Select Connect>Trim to Pline>Pick (force). When prompted to 'Identify section end to be trimmed', pick one of the ends which you want to correct (as shown shad ed in the preceding diagram). You will then be prompted to 'Identify pline to be trimmed to'; change the view if necessary and pick the pline which correspond s to the required section end point TOS/BOS for a flange connection, as shown see also Structural Catalogue Guide). Note sitioned on a pline and how the status bar ected at any given moment. Press Escape to (typically NAR/NAL for a web connection or by the black dots in the preceding diagram, how the pointer shape changes when it is po helps you by identifying which pline is sel action the change.

2.1 HOW TO USE AUTO COLOUR; >Settings/graphics/colour/auto colour rules... >Element rules/create new(copy from default)/include ex. description=AAPabl o panel rule >Under data display rules, select created element rule and click cut >Modify colour & translucency as desired/insert before/ok >Save/Apply/Ok >Settings/graphics/load/apply/ok columns beams panel bracing = = = = magenta green grey yellow

2.2 >SELECT ZONE/MODIFY/ATTRIBUTES GLOBAL/PURPOSE > PRIM = CYAN > SEC = MAGENTA > TER = GREEN >On element rules, create new name = primary auto colour types = zone rule = PURPOSE OF ZONE EQ 'PRIM' desc = >save/apply/ok >load/apply/ok >rem all/add site