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You must have a different RMGS member sign by the statement that applies to
her. The young maiden should be able to read the sentence as, “I………. “ She
should then tell you the details regarding the statement.
Turn in your paper when you are done. Then help others find those who can
complete the statements.

Have only two brothers ___________________________________
Received all sacraments from St. Stephen’s ______________________________
Am the oldest child in my family ______________________________
Have sister or brother in college ______________________________
Had Fr. McNeely over for my home for dinner__________________________
Prayed today ______________________________
Kissed my mom today ______________________________
Was named after the Blessed Virgin Mary ______________________________
Received Confirmation last year ______________________________
Am the youngest child in my family ______________________________
Have another sister in RMGS ______________________________
Have a sister in Sodality ______________________________
Have a brother in Altar Guild ______________________________