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Australia sent advisors since 1962
Troop number built up as Viet Cong insurgencies increased

Battle of Long Tan 1966, won

Australians were experienced fighting the Viet Cong in jungle
1971 50,000 Australian had fought in Vietnam, largely conscripts

Shocked with reception, soldiers were angry Agent Orange, causes cancer

Australia closer relation with East Asia

Firmly part of Pacific region, 60% export go to Asian market Unlikely Aus was ever threat of communism Closer relations with China, South Korea and Jap Refugees Symbol: Red, hammer and sickle
1945, cooperation ended split into capitalism and communism

Over 2 million became refugees, fear of persecution under communism

Crowded into boats, overcrowded & unsanitary camps

How did Australia help in Vietnam



1979 first arrived in Darwin

520 died, 2000 injured

Over 17 million gallons of herbicides used, soldiers poisoned

Many veterans had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Impact

Re settlement program to clear refugee camps
1917 Vladmir established communist state, USSR and communist inter

1979 Orderly Departure Program stop boat ppl Everyone is equal and no one profits from others
A system of society in which property Is owned by the community 1920s, believers tried to influence the Trade Unions and the ALP

Fear of Domino Theory

Requests from US and government to help Why go in Vietnam War
South weakened by internal division, Diem needed external help

58,000 american soldiers died

How did Australia help in Vietnam Why go in Vietnam War

Australia alliance ANZUS and SEATO
US sent financial advisor to Diem, help equip Republic Viet Army

Vietnam, divided along 17th parallel Hi Chi Minh communist, Ngo Dinh Diem anti communist
Australians fearful of Communism Party (propaganda) 30 years of war & depression, AUS wanted stability and security

Vietnam War



1949 Election

Korean War

1948 China becomes communism 27th July 1953, truce. 359 Aus died, 1068 wounded. Soldiers from 15 UN nation incl. Australia USSR & USA each wanted unity and control of country

Yalta Conference, Germany & Berlin split into 4, USA, USSR, Britain & France

Took advantage of communism fear, promoted as alternative Innocent till proven guilty infringed on people’s rights
ITPG law passed in October, appeal to high court found unconstitutional

Liberal pledged to ban Communist Party

SEATO Gave AUS reassurance, no longer isolated British colony Gave government more money for economy, less money for defence

SEATO Signalled major interest of Australia in foreign affairs

SEATO, AUS, NZ, US, France, Pakistan, Philli, Thai & UK Australia, New Zealand and US

Troops thought they were fighting for safety of AUS Korean War


1949 Election

ANZUS 1951 And SEATO 1954 Resulted from fear of communism expansion

North Korea invaded South Korea on 25th June 1953
UN helped, drove Korean to china border, china drive UN back

ITPG 1954 referendum by Menzies failed

1955 ALP split, weakened ALP, liberal for 18 years

Come to others’ defence in event of an attack

AUS want enhance security in region

Korea divided on 38th parallel