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1. The fan rotational speed of a dual axial compressor forward fan engine is some as

a. Low pressure compressor b. Forward turbine wheel c. High pressure compressor

2. In a gas turbine engine combustion occurs at constant a. Volume b. Pressure c. Density

3. Highest gas pressure in turbojet engine is a. At outlet of tailpipe section b. At entrance of turbine section c. At entrance of burner section

4. In dual axial flow or twin spool compressor system first stage turbine drives the a. N1 and N2 compressor b. N2 compressor c. N1 compressor

5. Free turbine a. Is independent of gas generator turbine and attached to compressor shaft b. Attached to gas generator turbine and independent of compressor shaft c. Attached to gas generator turbine and compressor shaft
d. Independent of both gas generator turbine and compressor shaft.

6. An exhaust cone placed aft of the turbine in a jet engine will cause the pressure in the first part of exhaust duct to a. Increase and velocity to decrease b. Increase and velocity to increase c. Decrease and velocity to increase

7. Which statement is true regarding a/c engine propulsion? a. An engine driven propeller impart a relatively small amount of acceleration to large mass of air b. Turbojet and turbofan engine impart a relatively large amount of acceleration to small mass of air c. In modern turbofan engine, nearly 50% of the exhaust gas energy is extracted by turbine to drive the propeller and compressor with the rest providing exhaust thrust d. Both A and B

8. Where do stress rupture cracks usually appear on turbine blades a. Access the blade root, parallel to fir tree b. Along the leading edge, parallel to the edge c. Across the leading or trailing edge at a right angle to the edge length

9. Which turbine engine compressor offers the greatest advantage for both starting flexibility and improved high altitude performance a. Dual stage, centrifugal flow b. Split spool, axial flow c. Single spool, axial flow

10. In a turbine engine with dual spool compressor, the low speed compressor

a. Always turn at the same speed as the high speed compressor b. Is connected directly to high speed compressor

c. Seeks its own best operating speed


What is the proper starting sequence a. Ignition, starter, fuel b. Starter, ignition, fuel c. Starter, fuel, ignition


What should be done initially if a turbine engine catches fire when starting a. Turn off fuel and continuous cranking with starter b. Continuous engine start rotation and discharge a fire extinguisher into intake

c. Continuous starting attempt in order to blow out the fire


Swirl type fuel nozzle provide a. Provide rapid burning b. Handle large quantity of fuel c. Handle large quantity of air
d. All the above

14. What type igniter plug is used in the low tension ignition system of an aircraft

turbofan engine a. Low voltage, high amperage glow plug b. Self ionizing or shunted gap type plug c. Recessed surface gap plug

15. Which of the following can cause fan blade shingling in a turbofan engine

i. Engine over speed ii. Engine over temperature iii. Large, rapid throttle movements iv. FOD

a. 1,2 b. 1,2,3,4 c. 1,4

16. Which of the following is used to monitor the mechanical integrity of the turbines

as well as to check the engine operating condition of turbine engine. a. Engine oil pressure b. Exhaust gas temperature
c. Engine pressure ratio

17. Which of the following fire detection system uses heat in the normal testing of

the system a. Thermocouple and Lindberg system
b. Kiddee and Fenwal system c. Thermocouple and Fenewal system


What is the purpose of last chance oil filter a. To prevent damage to the oil spray nozzle b. To filter the oil immediately before it enter the main bearing c. To assure a clean supply of oil to the lubrication system

19. The purpose of relief valve installed in the tank venting system of a turbine

engine oil tank is to a. Prevent oil pump cavitations by maintaining a constant pressure on the oil pump inlet b. Maintain internal tank air pressure at the ambient atmospheric level regardless of altitude or rate of change in altitude
c. Maintain positive internal pressure in oil tank after shutdown to prevent oil

pump cavitations on the engine


Why do turbine engine ignition system require high energy a. To ignite the fuel under condition of high altitude and high temperature

b. Because the applied voltage is much greater c. To ignite fuel under condition of high altitude and low temperature

21. The active clearance control (ACC) portion of an ECC aids turbine engine efficiency by a. Adjusting stator vane position according to operating condition and power requirement b. Ensuring turbine blade to engine case clearance are kept to minimum by controlling case temperature
c. Automatically adjusting engine speed to maintain a desired temperature

22. During test, metal chip detector particles placed in nitric acid, gives bright green color the particle is a. CU or Bronze b. Tin c. Aluminum d. Magnesium


Mark the incorrect statement a. Propeller brake use to stop wind milling of feathered propeller and reduce time for propeller to come rest after engine shut down b. NTS system designed to prevent excessive propeller drag c. TSS device which will provide manual feathering when armed during take off d. Safety coupling is a safety device baking up the NTS system

24. Before shutdown of the engine it is essential to run the engine at ideal for few

minutes, this is mainly to a. Avoid fire hazard b. Stabilize all parameter c. As in (b) and measure parameters d. Avoid thermal stresses

25. The pitch movement of the propeller blade controlled a hydraulic servo piston, the increase of oil pressure in the servo makes the propeller blade angle to a. Low pitch position b. High pitch propeller c. Run a low RPM d. High pitch with high RPM

26. Turbofan engine uses TGT, N2 signal as a feedback to regulate the fuel flow

through amplifier for which type of type of N2 sensor used is a. Tacho – generator b. Synchro type c. Capacitance type d. Variable reluctance used probe


When pt2 probe is blocked due to ice formation then EPR gauge will a. Over read b. Under read c. Read zero d. Read maximum on dial


Engine flame out lean a. Is due to high fuel pressure, at low engine speed, in high altitude flight b. Is due to low fuel pressure, at low engine speed in high altitude flight c. Is due to low fuel pressure at high engine speed in high altitude flight

29. Hot spot on a tale cone of a turbine engine are possible indication of malfunction

fuel nozzle or a. Faulty combustion chamber

b. Faulty igniter plug c. Improperly positioned tail cone

30. What must be after the fuel control unit has been replaced on a turbine engine

a. Re trim the engine b. Recalibrated the fuel nozzle c. Fuel flow check d. Both A and B

31. Which of the following is the turbine ultimate limiting factor of turbine engine operation a. Compressor inlet temperature b. Turbine inlet temperature c. Burner can pressure

32. After major overhaul, jet engine was tested in the test cell which of the following

test is done at the beginning and end of the test a. Vibration survey b. Hot air leak test c. Engine power setting d. Compressor work line


Mark the correct statement in respect of starter generator a. Starter generator has two separate armature b. Starter generator has two field winding series field winding is used for high starting torque and shunt field winding for generator c. Starter generator has three connection ( A + shunt field connection, B + armature connection, c + series field connection) d. All the above


Compressor damage may cause

a. Engine vibrates at high RPM b. Engine rpm hung up during starting c. High oil pressure d. Both A and B

35. When the airplane is in rest the thrust produce is

a. Gross thrust b. Net thrust c. Ram drag d. Total thrust


The efficiency which is prime factor in gas turbine engine is a. Propulsive efficiency b. Thermal efficiency c. Volumetric efficiency d. All the above


Curling in turbine blade tip a. Not allowed b. Allowed
c. Allowed provided no sharp bend on tip

d. Not allowed provided no sharp bend on tip

38. Alpha range of the propeller a/c operation

a. Is the non governing range from reverse position to the “flight ideal” position b. Is the governing range or flight range from “flight idle” to “take off” position c. Is the governing range from “take off” to “flight ideal” position d. Is the non governing range “flight ideal” to “take off” position

39. Engine has high rpm, EGT and fuel flow when set to expected ERP, the probable cause is a. EPR indicator faulty b. EGT out of adjustment c. Fuel control may be defective


To operate VSV and IGV the hydraulic pressure requirement is fuel by a. Hydraulic system b. Pneumatic system c. Fuel system

41. Variable reluctance speed probe is used to measure

a. EPR b. RPM c. EGT d. Vibration


In axial flow compressor to maintain constant velocity a. Reduce annulus area gradually from front to rear b. Rotor & stator are arranged axially and maintaining constant velocity to rear c. Length of blade increase towards rear for maintain velocity constant

43. Thrust at inlet duct is

a. Directly proportional to stagnation density b. Indirectly proportional to stagnation density c. Not proportional to stagnation density


Maximum energy loss in case of turboprop

a. Propeller loss b. Turbine loss c. Compressor loss d. None

45. Master chip detector is positioned

a. Combined scavenge line, downstream of scavenge filter b. Combined scavenge line, upstream of scavenge filter c. Combined pressure line, downstream of pressure filter d. Combined pressure line, upstream of pressure filter


Major parts for cooling requirement a. HP/IP structure b. Rotor structure c. Bearing support structure


The point where friction loss is equal to ambient is known as a. Ram recovery point b. Ram loss point c. Duct efficiency ratio d. Total recovery point at compressor inlet

48. Propulsive efficiency is

a. Work wasted by exhaust / work completed b. Work completed / work wasted by exhaust c. Work wasted + work completed / work completed d. Work completed / work wasted + work completed


Propulsive efficiency is maximum when

a. Aircraft speed is equal to exhaust velocity b. Aircraft speed is equal to inlet velocity c. Aircraft speed is more than exhaust velocity d. Exhaust velocity is more than aircraft speed

50. The igniter plug which is slightly protrude inside combustion chamber for efficient spark is a. Constrained gap type b. Annular type c. Self ionizing type


Mark the correct statement Vibration a. Voltage b. Current c. Current d. Current EGT current emf DC pulse emf FF frequency DC pulse emf current Speed DC pulse frequency current DC pulse

52. During inspection turbine engine component exposed to high temperature may

only be marked with such material as allowed by manufacture. These materials generally include i. Layout dye iii Wax or grease pencil v Graphite lead pencil a. 1,2 & 4 b. 1,3 & 4 c. 2,4 & 5
d. 1,3 & 5

ii. Commercial felt tip marker iv. Chalk

53. Which of the following are include in a typical turbine engine ignition system

i. Two igniter plug

ii. Two transformer iii. Two low tension igniter lead iv. One exciter v. Two high tension igniter lead a. 1,2 & 3 b. 1,2 & 4 c. 1,2 & 5 d. 2,3 & 5

54. How is aircraft electrical power for propeller deicer system transferred from the engine to the propeller hub assembly a. By slip rings and segment plates b. By slip rings and brushes c. By flexible electrical connectors


The primary purpose of a cuff on a propeller is to a. Distribute anti-icing fluid b. Strength the propeller c. Increase the flow of cooling air to the engine nacelle


Propeller blade tracking is the process of determining a. Plane of rotation of the propeller with respect to aircraft longitudinal axis b. That the blade angle are within the specified tolerance of each other c. The position of the tips of the propeller blade relative to each other


Anti siphoning in oil system is achieved by a. Vent in oil tank b. Highest pressure in the line vented to the oil tank c. NRV in flow line


Which is the non-design factor which affect the thrust\ a. Weight of fuel flow b. Turbine inlet temperature c. Speed of the aircraft d. Size of nozzle area

59. Variable guide vane operating characteristic depends on

a. CIP and engine speed b. CIT and engine speed c. CIT & CIP d. CIT, CIP &CDP


Turbine engine based on a. Boyle’s law
b. Charles law

c. Otto cycle

61. Turbofan engine flat rated to sea level standard day plus 16oCthen a. Increase in temperature beyond 32oC thrust decrease b. Increase in temperature beyond 31oC thrust decreases c. Increase in temperature beyond 32oC thrust increases d. Increases in temperature beyond 31oC thrust increases


Sulphur in fuel is kept to minimum as a. It is difficult to remove completely
b. It is compound cause corrosion

c. It mix with water to form sulphuric acid and with oxygen forms sulphuric dioxide d. All the above


A continuous loop fire detector is what type of detector a. Spot detector b. Overheat detector c. Rate of temperature rise detector


There are two type of thrust reverse of thrust reverse a. Clamshell and bucket type b. Cascade and bucket type c. Aerodynamic blockage and mechanical blockage

65. Which term is used to describe a permanent and cumulative deformation of the turbine blade of a turbojet engine a. Stretch b. Distortion c. Creep d. Crack


During trimming excessive wind in tailpipe direction can cause a. False high EPR b. As in (a) cause low trim c. False low EPR d. As in (c) cause high trim


An engine trim curve is used for trimming an engine in the fluid a. Up trim an engine to compensate for inlet duct loss and air bleed loss
b. To compensate for any thrust deterioration which might result

from accumulate deposited of dirt or scale on the compressor blade
c. Both (a) and (b)

d. Down trim engine to bring EGT within limits


Mark the correct statement a. Combustion flame out occurs at high air velocity b. Lean die out occurs due to slow air velocity at low altitude c. Slow air velocity cause flame out at high altitude and as in (a) d. All the above

69. Features of “controlled diffusion airfoil” in gas turbine engine

a. Sharp leading edge and trailing edge b. Used only in compressor c. Permit higher mach number without loss in efficiency d. All the above


EPR indicator is a direct indication of a. Engine thrust being produced b. Pressure ration between the front and aft end of compressor c. Ratio of engine rpm to compressor pressure

71. A fuel or oil fire is defined as

a. Class A fire b. Class B fire c. Class C fire d. Class D fire

72. Some turbojet engine is equipped with two spool or split spool compressor. When there engine are operated at high altitude a. Low pressure rotor will increase in speed as the compressor load decreases in the lower density air
b. Low pressure compressor seeks its own best operating speed

c. Throttle must be related to prevent over speeding of the high pressure rotor due to lower density air

d. Both (A) and (B) are correct

73. A turboprop engine produces 250lb of jet thrust with rating of 100SHP and 0.6 ESHP, then fuel flow is a. 750 b. 600 c. 660 d. 860


Bearing load can control by a. Oil dampened film b. Using bearing c. Position the sealing element around the compressor and turbine


Starting sequence of gas turbine engine i. APU power ii. Power lever idle position

iii. Connect electrical power iv. Switch on fuel pump v. Start switch on a. 1,2,3,4,5 b. 1,3,4,2,5 c. 3,1,2,4,5


How is the fire extinguisher agent distributed in the engine section
a. By spray nozzle & fluid

b. By nitrogen pressure & slinger rings c. By spray nozzle & perforated turbine

77. Over speeding of engine is controlled by

a. Dedicated over speed protection b. Switch from cockpit c. From PRSOV


In FCOC a. Fuel pressure is higher than oil pressure b. Oil pressure is kept high to avoid mixing of fuel into oil c. Both of them are at equal pressure


Typical accessories for gas turbine engine are a. Oil pump, fuel pump, alternator b. Oil pump, fuel pump, alternator, breather, starter c. Alternator, invertors, FCU, starter d. Motor, generator, oil pump, FCU


Rotators a. Hand cranking of the engine during testing


PRSOV a. Often known as HPSOV (high pressure shut off valve) located downstream of the fuel metering valve to maintain a minimum HP pressure rise at low flow


Oil temperature gauge is installed a. Oil inlet line b. Oil outlet line
c. Oil cooler


Advantage of turbine engine over piston engine a. In jet engine the whole amount of air consume is used for combustion

b. Piston engine is more expensive than jet engine c. Jet engine power produced is continuous instead of intermittent d. All the above


Internal air system is used for a. Cooling, scaling and controlling bearing load


Snubbers in fan blades a. For damping the vibration b. Support the blade against bearing force c. All the above


Accessory gearbox is housed near IP stage a. To reduce the length of beveled gear shaft


Cooling is required for a. HP turbine, NGV, seal b. HP compressor, HP turbine
c. LP turbine, NGV, LP compressor


The function of breather sub system is to a. Remove air from the bearing compartment b. Separate the breather air from the oil c. Vent the air overboard d. All the above


One function of nozzle diaphragm in turbine engine is to a. Decease the velocity of exhaust gas b. Center the fuel spray in combustion chamber

c. Direct the flow of gases to strike the turbine blades at the desired angle


APU shutdown automatically a. Low oil pressure b. Over speed c. High oil temperature d. All the above


Hot streaking in turbine engine is due to a. Partially clogged fuel nozzle b. Misalignment combustion liner c. Uneven burner can cooling d. Excessive fuel flow


During dry motoring which should be “on” position a. Fuel boost pump b. Fuel shut off valve c. Ignition switch d. Generator

93. If the turbine engine is unable to reach take off EPR before its EGT limits is reached, this is an indication that the a. Fuel control must be replaced b. EGT controlled is out of adjustment c. Compressor may be contaminated or damaged

94. The condition usually occurs during very fast engine acceleration which an over

rich mixture is present causing combustion pressure increase until compressor stagnates a. Flame out (lean)

b. Flame out (rich) c. Combustor instability d. Both (A) and (B)


MTCS regarding water injection in combustion chamber a. Injection of water into combustion chamber increases the mass flow through out engine b. Pressure and temp drop across turbine so that pressure in tailpipe increase c. It increases combustion chamber life
d. All the above

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