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India in review optimizing performance

Wrtsil O&M firmly established in India

by Sanjay Aggarwal, Head of O&M Sales, Wrtsil India Ltd.
Ambuja Cement (Rajasthan) 1x18V32LN (6.3 MW) BSL Bhilwara 1x12V32LN (4.2 MW) HEG Rishabhdev 1x12V32LN (4.2 MW) RSWM Banswara 2x12V32LN (8.5 MW)

Cement Steel / alloys Textile Process / engineering Utilities Fertilizers / chemicals

Aarti Steels 1x18V32LN (6.1 MW)

Hindustan National Glass 1x18V32LN (6.3 MW)

Star Paper Mills 2x12V32LN (8.2 MW)

UPSIDC 2x16V32LN (11.0 MW)

RSWM Mandapam 1x8R32LN (2.2 MW) Hindustan Zinc-Zawar Mines 1x18V32LN (6.0 MW) BSL Mandapam 1x9R32LN (3.1 MW) Reliance Chemotex 1x9R32LN (3.0 MW)

Ester Industries 1x12V32LN (4.0 MW)

Maral Overseas 1x12V32LN + 1x8R32LN (6.4 MW)

Ankur Udyog 1x12V32LN (4.1 MW)

Gloster Jute 1x9R32LN (3.0 MW) Hindustan Zinc-Debari 4 x18V32 (29.6 MW)) RSWM Gulabpura 2x12V32LN (8.4 MW) Sterling Gelatin 2x8R32LN (5.6 MW) Asarwa Mills 1x12V32LN (4.1 MW) Gurajat Ambuja Cement 4x12V46 + 2x18V32 + 1xMMBL (61.2 MW) Sterlite Optical 1x18V32LN (5.9 MW) Technocraft 1x12V32LN (4.2 MW) NRC 4x18V32 (24,0 MW) Mukand 2x12V46 (22.1 MW) Century Enka 1x18V32LN (6 MW) Indo Rama Synthetics 3x12V32 + 3x16V46 (52.6 MW) West Coast Paper 1x12V32 + 1x12V32LN (8.0 MW) WIDIA 1x6R32LN (2.0 MW) ITPL 3x9R32 + 1xMAK (12.4 MW) TVS Motor Company 3x6L26 (4.5 MW) Toyota Kirloskar 3x6R32LN + 1xPielstick (7.7 MW) Cheslind Textiles 1x12V32LN (4.0 MW) Premier Fine Yarn 1x18V32LN (6.2 MW) Ambuja Cement Eastern 1x18V32LN + 1x12V32LN (10.6 MW)

Hind Lever Chemicals 2x12V32LN + 3xCummins (11.4 MW) South Asian Petrochem 3x12V32LN (12.8MW) Hukumchand Jute 2x18V32LN (12.5 MW) Vennar Ceramics 1x16V25SG (2.2 MW) Ennore Foundries 1x12V32 (4.0 MW) SRF 2x18V32LN (12.6 MW) Tamilnadu Petro Products 3x18V32LN (18.8 MW) Praxair 2x8R32LN (5.6 MW) St. Gobain 1x16V32LN + 1x12V200 (7.3 MW) Premier Mills 1x18V32 (7.3 MW) TVS Motor (Hosur) 2x9L26 + 1x9R32LN (7.5 MW) Lakshmi Auto 1x9R32LN (3.0 MW) Karaikal Chlorates 1x12V34SG (4.0 MW) Sree Karpagambal Mills 1x8R32LN (2.8 MW) Sterlite Industries 3x18V32LN + 1x18V32LN (25.1 MW) +3x18V32 (23.1 MW) OPG Energy 3x18V34SG (18.0 MW) Thiagarajar Mills 1x9R32LN (3.1 MW)

Loyal Textile 1x12V332LN (4.1 MW)

Wrtsil has O&M agreements covering 52 power plants (109 engines) totalling 551 MW.


Energy News Issue 20

1 January 1998 is a significant date for Wrtsil in India. The new year began on a high note the signing of the companys first Operations & Maintenance (O&M) agreement. The customer was Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd (GACL) and the facility was their 56 MW (4 x Wrtsil 12V46, 2 x Wrtsil 18V32) power plant at Kodinar, Gujarat. The event marked the beginning of a new growth chapter for Wrtsil India and the companys first step towards offering a complete Power Plant Solution to its customers.

Wrtsil has come a long way in the six years since then, creating added value for shareholders and customers by applying competent management, skilled resources and a structured, systematic and environmentally friendly approach to plant operations.
1000 O&M megawatts

1 June 2003 marked yet another chapter when Wrtsil signed an O&M agreement with Indo Rama Synthetics Limited for their 52.6 MW power plant. This was an important landmark as the power plant was
Energy News Issue 20

already six years old when the O&M agreement was signed and it demonstrates Indo Ramas confidence in Wrtsils abilities to commit and deliver on a long-term basis. In August 2003, Wrtsil India celebrated delivery of the 100th engine under O&M contract, while exactly six months later, in February 2004, it was time to record another turning point Wrtsil India now had 500 MW covered by O&M contracts. Today Wrtsil India manages 52 power plants 110 engines totalling 561.5 MW and by the end of 2004 an additional 60 megawatts will come on stream. The next obvious target is 1000 MW. With a compounded average growth rate for O&M in excess of 20% per year, Wrtsil India has left its footprints all over this vast country, averaging one O&M mobilization every 1.5 months. Wrtsil India O&M, directly and through associates or subcontractors, today employs more than 500 people and manages assets worth over 10 billion Indian rupees (200 million euros).
Getting more from Wrtsil

Over the years, Wrtsil India O&M has successfully developed customized solutions

for both small and large power plants. At one end of the spectrum, Wrtsil operates and maintains a 2.2 MW power plant at RSWM, Mandapam, and at the other end the 61.2 MW power plant at Gujarat Ambuja Cements, Kodinar. Recently, Wrtsil signed a 10-year O&M agreement with Kannapiran Mills for a 1.5 MW power plant. Through this process of customizing, Wrtsil manages the diverse needs of customers operating across a wide range of industry, justifying its reputation of a Total Solution Provider. O&M as a concept has been evolving rapidly around the world, its boundaries expanding to cover an ever greater range of responsibilities, and India has been no different. Indian customers increasingly expect more from Wrtsil and see in Wrtsil a partner they can trust. As of August 2004, Wrtsil India O&M has just concluded an O&M deal in principle for the operation and maintenance of a 15 MW coal-based steam turbine generator now being commissioned. Once again this demonstrates the confidence placed by customers in our ability to meet the promises we make on a long-term basis. n