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Grower and Shipper FRANK GALLO 1130 Oxford Street Delano, California

And to whom it May Concern: Gentlemen: For your information, we used your product Panaca on ten acres of seedless Grapes at the rate of 1,000 pounds to the acre. This was applied just before girding time. We noticed immediately the moisture content of the ground was increased approximately twice as much as where we had not applied your product. This in itself is a great boon to us with water conditions the way they are in the San Joaquin Valley. We have noticed, now that we are picking those seedless grapes, that the fruit cane that we leave after pruning for the next season crop is about one half again as big as where we haven’t applied your product. Also that our foliage has been much better with a much healthier color. However, we cannot, at this time tell you anything about the sugar content of the grapes or the carrying quality, as we believe that next years crop will give us this answer. But you can rest assured that we have a very fine quality grape on our Panaca treated vines this year. We plan to apply Panaca on the rest of the ranch this year about six weeks before budding time, as we have already experimented with Panaca after budding and we believe it would be much better to apply same about six weeks before budding. Also for your information, we treated two Alicante vines that the government men told us was pierces Disease. We applied twenty pounds of Panaca per vine around the trunk about eight to ten inches deep and watered immediately approximately two weeks after this application, we had new growth on these vines and they are still growing. The government men are keeping a close watch on these vines. We are very well satisfied with the results. In fact, we told a neighbor of ours about this treatment, a Mr. R. Neff, who has the ranch adjoining ours, and he procured a sack and took same to his vineyard a Dinuba, California and treated some vines there for Pierce Disease. He reported back to us that he had treated White Malaga and Emperor vines with Panaca the same as we had and that the results were very fine and that he was going to treat all of the rest of his vines and that he would inform his neighbors.

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Also, for your information, we have tried Panaca on 15 checks of alfalfa, which composes approximately 10 acres. We applied Panaca at the rate of 1,000 lbs per acre with a lime spreader broadcasting system. The Panaca was applied on the worse ground we have. It had quite a few hardpan spots, which caused considerable wilting. However after applying Panaca, my wilt has decreased approximately 80 percent. My alfalfa is green down to the ground, and is of fine big leaf and texture. Also my moisture is considerably better than before we applied Panaca. I’m sure that if we had renovated the alfalfa before applying Panaca, we would have had remarkable results. However there is no mistaking that Panaca has helped this particular piece of alfalfa 100 percent. Hoping this testimonial letter is to some benefit to you.

I remain, Yours truly,

Frank Gallo (signed)

FG:bp Subscribed and sworn to before me This 26th day of August, 1948 ELIZABETH K. LINDSEY (signed) NOTORY PUBLIC in and for said County and State (Seal- State of California: County of Kern)