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Our goal is to focus on soil health, nutrition, sustainability and efficiency. Emphasis is on constant improvement in the health for people, land, plants and animals. We want to provide a product that increases the yield of any crop in any climate, while maintaining high quality and high nutritional values. The product would sharply reduce insect infestations and diseases, so plants would thrive healthily with all of the nutrients they need. Plants’ immune systems and soil will also become strong and healthy, as insects and disease avoid the strongest, healthiest plants. Animals and people consuming the plants would get the most nutritious food possible. People will stop overeating because their bodies will not crave essential minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, or lipids. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and the autoimmune diseases will become things of the past. Children will grow up able to develop to their full genetic potential; their intelligence and strength will no longer be limited by malnutrition or toxic chemicals. Fewer acres of cropland will be required to feed more people and animals. The emphasis will shift from harvested tonnage to harvested nutrition for the world.
By: Paul W. Hait, CEO/ Chairman US Rare Earth Minerals, Inc.

The ancient Mayan calendar predicts the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012 due to the alignment of the planets. If you research why the Mayan Civilization disappeared, it is easy to see how they might have believed that the world was going to come to an end. They were exposed to a severe and prolonged drought, combined with too high of a population density in a relatively small geographic area. They continuously overharvested without returning to their agricultural soils the minerals so vitally needed to sustain the health of their civilization. As a result, their local food became more and more toxic. Drought conditions and mineral depleted soils, caused by over farming, caused a slowing down of plant germination and its resultant normal development to its harvest point. This slow germination and water shortage stressed growth, led to late harvests with their crops thus developing highly toxic aflatoxin caused by slow maturing maize, etc. These toxins were being consumed by the Mayans more and more as their soils became more and more depleted of essential health giving


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minerals. Slowly but surely, their population was either starving from lack of essential minerals in their food, getting sick due to lack of essential minerals or being poisoned by aflatoxin. It is a documented fact that as civilizations increase in density, they place more and more stress on their regional crop soils that support them. When they get hit with the world’s periodic drought cycles and overused mineral deficient soils, food shortages become a reality. These early civilizations did not have the technical knowledge or transportation systems that we have today to compensate for regional droughts and resultant food shortages. They would ultimately die off from what is now known to have occurred to the Mayans by aflatoxic food. Another example was the severe drought that Texas experienced in 2011. If the population had been landlocked, as the Mayans were, and they were unable to bring in enough food to support the population, as it was able to do from other parts of the USA, then the Texans could have been severely stressed from a health and food shortage point of view. {NOTE: It is interesting to note that there was a build up of aflatoxin in Texas’s drought stressed grain and animal production in 2011.} Even today in the Yucatan around Merida, where the Mayan Calendar was discovered, the soils are still so depleted of essential crop minerals that they will barely sustain healthy regional crops. Healthier populations are created by the unstressed use of land and the local agrarian population has the freedom to move their crops from year to year to new and productive soils. For thousands of years, in the New England area of the United States, the native Indians (Oneida, Iroquois, Mohawks, etc.) would practice what was called THREE SISTERS AGRICULTURE. They would move their crops every year to new soil mounds and then plant three symbiotic vegetables in those mounds of rich fertile dirt filled with a full spectrum of nutrient releasing Microorganisms. Corn was planted on the top of the mound, beans were then planted around the corn and squash was planted on the bottom. The corn stalk would provide a pole for the beans to climb up. The roots of the beans would release nitrogen to the roots of the corn, which are a great consumer of nitrogen. The squash would help to shade the ground from drying out and would also retard the weeds trying to suck nitrogen and moisture from the maturing corn and beans. The beans that grew up the stalk would also act like a natural insecticide to protect the cob from crop damaging pests. Here in the United States, from the 1600’s to the early 1900’s, the natural organic techniques farmers practiced to “plow back” farm residue minerals and their natural microorganism fertilizing techniques, maintained nutrient rich agricultural soils. Any farm crop “post harvest” compost, crop rotation, land fallow techniques, crop rotation with legumes, animal manure spreading, or liquid run off depositing from dairies were used to NATURALLY rejuvenate their farm soils to produce positive healthy to eat crop results. If they managed their soils carefully and did not over use their soils and rotated their crops their soils would maintain a healthy trace mineral and Nano-mineral base that would feed the essential nutrient releasing micro-organisms vitally needed in healthy soils. This age old farming practice was well known to be essential to produce flavorful, highly nutritious, as well as valuable high yield crops. In short, they knew they had to put back into their soil what they took out in order to grow healthy crops. As the USA and world’s population grew, they faced the realities of supporting the food supply demands of concentrated urban populations. It became more and more difficult to support those populations with small agrarian farms. As a result, large commercial farms started to spring up throughout the USA and worldwide that demanded more automation and higher crop yields to meet the populations’ demands. However, as early as 1930, there were signs that the farmlands of America and worldwide were being mined of essential trace and Nano-minerals due to over production demands. This led to the progressive natural die off of the GOOD nutrient-releasing microorganisms that fed upon those minerals. Historically, farmers have known that these Microorganisms are critically needed in the soil for all plants to develop to their full nutritious and disease resistant potential. However, the demand for food was so great that the “plow back” re-mineralization techniques of the past were being neglected. The supposed limitless mineral rich lands of the USA and other parts of the world were being mined the same way the Mayans did to their soils.


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Just as the US farm soils began to show signs of mineral depletion stress along came the supposed answer to save the farmers production drop offs, Synthetic Nitrogen fertilizers. Initially, these chemicals were developed during the Second World War for poisons and munitions. However, out of necessity, it was discovered that they were very effective in the growing of high tonnage agricultural crops. These fertilizers became known as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash Fertilizers or NPK fertilizers. Since the farmer was paid for tonnage at harvest, he found out that these fertilizers gave him that desired tonnage result. N was needed to grow the plants yield crop, P was needed to develop a strong root structure to support the crop and K gave the plant its healthy green color. However, it was still the “trace” and “Nano-minerals” in the soil that fed the micro-organisms that in turn released the vital nutrients in the soil that gave the plant its characteristic smell, flavor, nutrition, and natural resistance to bugs and diseases. Mining the minerals out of the soils thru over- production use of NPK Fertilizers year after year, without replacing these vitally important “trace” and “Nano-mineral” further aggravated the sorry state of the mineral deficient agricultural soils that is now facing mankind worldwide. NPK might have initially created tonnage, but it killed off the micro-organisms in the soil, increased the salt content of the soil, increased the use of agriculture water, increased the need for herbicides and insecticides and caused die offs in the oceans when the excess fertilizer residue flowed into the streams. Worst of all, this caused the resultant nutrition fall off of the crops coming from those soils that have led to all of the malnutrition and diseases society is facing today. All of these effects occurred because it was felt that all the farmer had to do was fertilize his land with only three basic NPK macro-minerals to get crop tonnage to take to market. In short, he became lost in the supposed economics of being paid for the tonnage of his harvested crops and not their safety and nutritional value. These NPK fertilizers, specifically N was a by-product in the processing of natural gas and coal. For the Chemical Industry it was a natural economic switch to go from the production of munitions to the highly profitable nitrogen fertilizers. However, the cost on the environment and mankind’s health in the production of global warming nitrous oxides and malnutrition/disease issues severely mitigates the tonnage advantages of the over use of NPK fertilizers. It is a well-known fact that NP&K are basic minerals essential for crop growth, but the amount that has been used, its negative effect on killing the microorganisms in the soils of the world is now considered one of the top health problems in the world today. From 1940 to today NPK fertilizers have been the mainstream fertilizers used in the Global Agriculture World. Natural mineral or organic fertilizers are still being used on small farms and in backyard home gardens in the US but their practical availability in volume to meet the needs of the large commercial farmers are not been available. The larger commercial farms throughout the world have been forced to use NPK fertilizers in greater and greater quantities to meet the food needs of the world’s growing 7 billion plus population. The negative environmental impact of the over use of these NPK fertilizers is now becoming well known. However, the farmers are at a loss as to how to cut back on their usage. The large and powerful fertilizer companies are spending billions of dollars developing new formulas in their research labs for GM (genetically modified seeds), new NPK formulations, new insecticides, new herbicides, and new synthetic soil supplements to try and mitigate the effects of the historical “Mineral Mining” and over production farming techniques associated with the over use of NPK fertilizers for the past 70 plus years. This brings me to the title of this paper, “GLOBAL RESTORATION AGRICULTURE”. When you are selling into the agriculture products category, it is easy to see the huge economic forces worldwide that are in competition with one another in the fertilizer industry. The organic fertilizer farmers are trying to tell the consumers that they should eat only organically grown foods so as to avoid the negative effects of the agra-chemicals and GMO’s that are being used to compensate for the over production and mineral depleted soils that are directly effecting the health of the world’s growing populations. All of this stems from the over use of NPK fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides in the world’s agricultural soils. Therefore, the ORGANIC FARMERS MANTRA is ”When food is truly produced in harmony with nature, the result is nothing short of remarkable.” On the other hand, the large fertilizer and chemical companies are telling the consumers they are eating the safest foods in the world when grown with the application of their synthetic and chemical products. They say that organically produced foods are going back to the inefficient farming past, are over priced, potentially contaminated with unsterile organic matter, smaller in size, and cannot sustain the world’s growing populations.


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Because these companies are so financially powerful they basically control, to their benefit, the laws and labeling requirements in ours and other Government Departments of Agriculture. Many of our nation’s colleges and University Agriculture schools are beholden to them as well thru the very lucrative research grants that are used by their professors and graduate students to test and support the Company’s claims on their products. Despite the fact that they are knowingly practicing a form of soil “Destructive Agriculture“ with their mineral depleting, Microorganism killing, and gene altering chemicals, they continue to pursue their lucrative global warming and soil destructive ways. Unfortunately, as is typical when huge sums of money and capital investments are involved, economic change comes slowly. This is particularly true in the agriculture world. Not long ago I drew an image of the world with the Mayan Calendar in it heading down towards the Earth at a 45-degree angle and hitting a horizontal line data point of December 21, 2012. I felt the falling Earth best described the way the destructive agriculture World was heading. Then I showed the World rebounding up at a 45degree angle with the words Global Restoration Agriculture written around it. In the middle of the rebounding World where I had previously replaced the Mayan Calendar I replaced it with an E for our 100% natural EXCELERITETM soil re-mineralizing product. By coincidence, my drawing fit into the Mayan Prophecy perfectly. I saw a World coming to the end of an era of “Destructive Agriculture” on December 21, 2012 and then rebounding into an era of Restoration Agriculture. Based upon the worldwide depletion of minerals in AG Soils, the wholesale killing of nutrient releasing micro-organisms in those soils, the world crop yield fall offs, and the resultant crop nutrition deterioration that the World farmers are experiencing, I wrote down 12 fundamental changes that need to be accelerated in the AG World in order for it to rebound in a direction of true Global Restoration Agriculture. I decided our company needed to go on the offensive with our amazing 100% organic EXCELERITETM product. No other synthetic or natural product in the agriculture world can address these 12 points so effectively as USREM’S EXCELERITETM. They are as follows: 1. Farmers must naturally accelerate a global increase in crop yields. 2. Farmers must naturally switch from a pure economic tonnage focus to an economic focus in both the crop nutrition and tonnage areas. 3. Farmers need to naturally accelerate the propagation of nutrient releasing microorganisms in their AG SOILS of the World. 4. Farmers need to naturally accelerate the rate of reduction of their usage of NPK fertilizers to a level that sufficiently grows their crops but does not hurt their soils microorganisms or the world’s coastal sea life at the outlets of rivers. 5. Farmers need to accelerate naturally the Global reduction in the use of gene altering and cancer producing herbicides and insecticides. 6. Famers need to accelerate naturally the re-mineralization of the world’s agriculture soils. 7. Farmers need to accelerate naturally the reduction of the build up of salinity in the World’s agricultural soils by reducing the excessive of NPK fertilizers. 8. Farmers need to reduce the wasteful use of water by increasing the micro organisms in their soils by re-mineralization and reduce the exclusive use of NPK fertilizers that harden the soils and thus force greater quantities of water to be used in penetrating to the roots of the plants. 9. Farmers need to accelerate natural ways to reduce their NPK fertilizing costs, thus increasing their profits by applying proven ways of re-mineralizing their depleted soils with Restoration Agriculture products like USREM’s EXCELERITETM and Absorbent Technologies water saving ZEBA.


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10. Farmers need to accelerate naturally the increase in true vegetable and fruit smell and taste by EXCELERITETM re-mineralization of their soils. 11. Farmers need to accelerate the increase in Brix in fruits and vegetables to allow for longer shelf life on the way to and in the market and at home. 12. Most importantly, the farmer needs to educate himself and others as to how important it is to the overall health of the World’s populations to move towards healthier organic farming techniques by applying products like EXCELERITETM to the mineral and micro-organism depleted soils of the world. For the past 70 years, these minerals were known as montmorillonite, recently branded as EXCELERITETM for Global Restoration Agriculture and other beneficial worldwide uses. EXCELERITETM has been used to restore the mineral balance and microorganism content of depleted soils worldwide. Now, more than ever, the agricultural soils of the world need to be restored to their original productive health and this cannot be done by just adding NPK fertilizers alone. For reasons still not well understood, EXCELERITETM has proven over and over again to be one of, if not the best, RESTORATION AGRICULTURE (RA) products on the market today. EXCELERITETM comes from one of the most unique “PERFECT STORM” geologic mineral formations in the World located in S. Eastern Nevada. Our minerals were formed from prehistoric ocean depositions, 300,000,000 year old Nevada Asteroid impact debris, volcanic ash deposition from the eruptions of three separate volcanoes, 650,000,000 million year old Green Algae Stromatolite erosion, highly mineralized regional mountain soil run off, ancient lacustrine lake organic sediment deposits, and continuous to this day, highly mineralized geothermal spring deposits. I’m not aware of another place in the world where you can collect for flora, fauna, and human consumption that includes almost all of the minerals on the Periodic chart in such a unique and PH balanced way. Another important part of our whole RESTORATION AGRICULTURE PROGRAM is to be able to monitor the progress of the farmers land restoration. One of our early members of our newly formed RESTORATION AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION is i-Linc Technologies, Inc. and their FarmLinc™ program. These are the precision agriculture people. Once the farmer has decided to pursue a RESTORATION AGRICULTURE initiative using EXCELERITETM then we want to calibrate where he is starting from with his depleted soils. The FarmLinc initial soil-sampling program does just that. Assuming the commercial farmer is interested in building back the productive value of his soils, then the FarmLinc Program was developed to provide RA E-committed farmers the necessary information via a secure access software portal on an Internet based server giving a central access point for all of the data and information collected from the farmers fields including: weather sensors, soil moisture at root level, local temperature, building soil micro-organism count, controlled NPK concentrations, soil salinity, relative humidity, rain gauge measurements, irrigation flow, and irrigation control. I know I speak for farmers worldwide who are already using EXCELERITETM that once you have applied EXCELERITETM to your fields you will realize that you have taken your “first giant step for the preservation of your agricultural land and a giant health enhancing leap for all mankind.”


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