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Brake Testing- mobile and quick
The deceleration measurement can be done easily and quickly using our battery-driven decelerometer without any set up time on the vehicle required. Optionally, pedal force, traction and pressure sensors (pneumatic/hydraulic) can be connected. All measurement values are recorded simultaneously with the deceleration measurement and can be graphcially printed on the integrated printer. All data can be transferred to a PC for future record keeping of measurements.

Decelerometer VZM 300

simple measurement procedure...

The decelerometer can simply be placed on the floor of the vehicle.

Accelerate the vehicle to a test speed of 20 - 40 km/h, disengage the clutch and brake the vehicle until it comes to a standstill. The measurement values appear instantaneously on the display and print out.

VZM 100. but additionally: AVZM ►Alpha-numeric keypad for input ►Display of vehicle speed and braking distance of vehicle data same as VZM 50. 30 measurements (connection to on-board power supply 12/24 V possible) ►Manual starting and stopping of measurement ►PTB approval 18.VZM 50 ►Time measurement and documention of vehicle deceleration ►8 measurement intervals are possible within the max. test time ►Piezo-electronic measurement value recording ►Integrated matrix printer for documentation of the measurement values ►Pedal force meter or pressure converter connection (pneumatic / hydraulic) ►Battery capacity for approx.05 90. but additionally: operation ►Digital display of measurement values ►Easy-to-use operational components ►Menu-controlled operator guidance ►Mean value calculation of the braking deceleration ►Calculation of trailer deceleration ►Storage for 6 measurements ►BSU projection (optional) ►RS-232 interface for connection to PC with delivery protocol for standard spreadsheet software. e.g.25 VZM 100 ►Fully automatic or manual the same as VZM 50. MS Excel ►PTB approval 18.25 .05 90.

Lotus ►PTB approval 18. VZM 100. AVZM. MS Excel. 50 measurements (connection to on-board power supply 12/24 V possible) ►Connection possibilities to PC via RS 232 or IrdA interface with delivery protocol for standard spreadsheet software e.02 ►Calculation of the mean full deceleration .g. but additionally: (Guideline 71/320/EWG) ►Pitch angle compensation: Measurement errors due to vehicle pitch behavior during deceleration automatically compensated for by the integrated gyro-sensor ►Connection of up to 5 sensors (pressure sensor pneumatic/hydraulic/pedal force/traction) ►Exact display of unit position via digital display ►Integrated matrix printer with fourfold speed of earlier models ►Deceleration up to 20 m/s2 ►Storage capacity for 14 measurement values with graphic ►Calculation of trailer deceleration without deactivation of tractor brakes ►Battery capacity for approx.VZM VZM 300 same as VZM 50.05 02.

.VZM Accessories ►RS 232 Interface with data transmission cable ►Pedal force meter ►Traction force sensor ►Pneumatic pressure converter ►Hydraulic pressure converter ►Power supply via plug-in power supply ►Adapter for 12 V power supply from onboard ►Adapter for 12 V power supply from onboard ►Mechanical trigger box ►Additional analog display ►Manual force meter power supply + manual trigger box power supply via cigarette lighter The SKM 1 closing force meter can also be operated with the VZM 100/300 in connection with the pneumatic pressure converter.

D-87490 Haldenwang (Allgäu) · Tel. Prague • Czech Republic MAHA LITA Bj.K.2 Ah 230 V / 9 V AC 12 V DC · E-Mail sales@maha. Wisbech • Great Britain MAHA Ireland Ltd. Petersburg • Russian Federation MAHA Nederland B. 1 kg 124 x 60 x 260 mm Production program: Testing Technology for Cars. 700 mA yes D1 2000BR0-GB03 · Subject to change without notice! The illustrations also show options which are not standard equipment approx. Dublin • Ireland MAHA Italy SRL Parma • Italy MAHA España Girona • Spain MAHA China Peking • China MAHA Korea Seoul • Korea MAHA Polska Gliwice • Poland MAHA Russia St. 1. 500 mA yes 7/14 6 V / 1.o.and Four-Post Lifts · Below Floor One and Two Cylinder Lifts · Computerized Vehicle Safety Testing Lane for Cars and Trucks · Headlight Testers · Diesel Engine Emissions Testers · 4/5 Motor Gas Tester for Otto Engines · Workshop Presses · Axle and Wheel Load Scales · Decelerometers · Brake Fluid Testers Additional Services: Workshop design and planning · Training seminars for users and service technicians MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. Tractors.2 Ah 230 V / 9 V AC 12 V DC max. KG.1 kg 120 x 65 x 245 mm approx.1 kg 120 x 65 x 245 mm yes approx. Hoyen 20. 1. Vilnius • Lithuania MAHA France Distrib. Motorcycles. 6 permanent 6 V / 1. 500 mA yes 6 V / MAHA USA Pinckard AL • USA MAHA U. +49 (0)8374-585-0 · Fax +49 (0)8374-585-497 Internet: http://www.maha.VZM Technical Data Measurement range final value Brake deceleration Measurement range final value Pedal force Measurement range final value Pressure sensor pneumatic Pressure sensor hydraulic Measurement range final value for Traction sensor Automatically scaled Measurement range Measurement range manually switchable Measurement value storage Power supply via battery Plug-in power supply Connection to on-board voltage Power consumption Automatic switch-off Calculation mean full deceleration (Guideline 71/320/EWG) Weight with battery Dimensions = W x H x L VZM 50 10 m/s2 VZM 100 10 m/s2 AVZM 10 m/s2 (100 %) VZM 300 20 m/s2 1 kN 1 kN 1 kN 1 kN 10 bar 300 bar 10 bar 300 bar 10 bar (145 psi) - 20 bar 300 bar - - - 20 kN 5/10 m/s2 5/10 m/s2 5/10 m/s2 (50%/100%) 1/2/3/4/10/20/30/50 2/5 m/s2 or 5/10m/s2 6 V / 1.1 kg 120 x 65 x 245 mm approx. Vianen • The Netherlands MAHA South Africa. Ltd.2 Ah 230 V / 9 V AC 12 V DC max. Strasbourg • France .8 Ah 230 V / 15V AC 12/24 V DC max. Northcliff • Republik of South Africa MAHA Consulting s.r. Vans. 500 mA yes 2/5 m/s2 or 5/10m/s2 1 temporary.V. Trucks. Fork-lifts and Aircraft · Roller-Brake Testers · Platform Brake Testers · Shock Absorber Testers · Side Slip Testers · Play Detectors · Roller Dynamometer for Performance and Function Testing · Air Conditioning Service Equipment · Speedometer and Tachograph Testers · Inspection and Wheel Alignment Scissor Lifts · Two. 1.

Decelerometers VZM 50 / VZM 100 AVZM 100 / VZM 300 Quality control and certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for Measurement of Acceleration and Braking Forces ►Lightweight. independent power supply ►Pitch angle compensation ►Menu-controlled operator guidance ►PC connection possible ►Alpha-numeric keypad ►Documentation on integrated printer . handy.