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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Usha & Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management Copernicus Lane, Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi

– 110001 Summer Training (ST) Guidelines for PGDM (Class of 2011) Students As a part of your PGDM program, students are required to undergo summer training in a corporate sector. The significance of the summer training can be appreciated from the fact that it is an opportunity for the students to put into practice the knowledge gained during the entire first year. (Frequently companies, during campus interview, ask questions regarding their summer internship). In this regard please take note of the following: 1) The summer training project demands that the student writing, data analysis apart from functional skills. is proficient in report

2) It is an absolute must that the student is disciplined and well behaved during the entire period of the summer training. The Institute will take any misconduct whatsoever seriously.

3) The student must keep the institute informed about his/her progress on
fortnightly basis by sending an email to the Placement coordinator on and CRO on and always mark a copy of every mail to Faculty Mentor on his/her email address or the vice-versa.

4) The student must save BULMIM office numbers (011-230 73852) and faculty
mentor’s cellphone number in his/her cellphone so that calls from the Institute can be identified and immediately attended to.

5) The student must maintain an individual daily dairy wherein he/she is

required to write daily observations related to ST in his/her hand writing. The pages of the diary must be numbered. Your name, title of the project and name of the Co must be written on the cover of the diary.

6) The student is required to furnish the following information within ten days of
the joining: Name of the industry mentor with email address and cell phone number, date of commencement and completion of the training, title of the project, and name of the company with complete postal address, landline# and website.

7) In most of the cases the topic for the ST project is given by the industry
mentor but in some cases he/she may ask for the topic from the student, in that case you should be mentally prepared and ready with some topics after consulting your faculty mentor.

8) If in case the project allocated by the company is the team project, you may

work on that project and submit the report with the company but for the academic requirement you shall be submitting the individual summer training project report.

9) No two project reports with the same title will be accepted by the Institute. Page 1 of 2

18) The student must submit the original documents like daily diary. 15) At the end of the training. 11) The project title shall not be changed during the summer internship without informing the coordinator. 16) The student is required to prepare 3 hard copies and 1 soft copy of summer training project report (one each for the PGDM office. industry mentors and students after the completion of the summer training. the students must obtain a “certificate of training” from his Industry Mentor which should clearly state the duration of the training (in any case the duration must not be more than 8 weeks). While evaluating the project the judges will go through the project report and original documents. the feedback of the guide etc. Industry mentor. annual report. office bearers in HR) etc. the use of primary data and should form the hypothesis and then test the same. filled up questionnaire and interview details separately with the project. We wish you best of luck. the project title. 20) The student must revise the basic and the fundamentals of the core subject. Faculty mentor and the placement 12) The student must ensure that their Industry Mentor is fully satisfied by the quality of his/her efforts. of the corporate to enable the Institute to pursue final placement in the very same organization in which the student is undergoing summer training. for the Institute’s Library. This certificate of training will be enclosed in the Final Project Report. Mention details of your project in four lines on CD with black permanent pen marker as given below: PGDM 11-13 / ST Project Report ASHISH GOVIL (your name) Market Research for Escalators in Northern Region (Title of the Project) OBC (Name of the Co in Short) 17) The report format will be provided to the student. The student must remember that you are the ambassador of the Institute and therefore must be professional in your work and behavior.10) Student must ensure. and for himself/herself) and a soft copy of the report on CD for the Institute’s Library. Page 2 of 2 . The student may get in touch with the faculty mentor for any input required. 19) The student will be required to make power point presentation of summer training project in the Institute before the group of faculty members. The report must be hard bound in black leather and with white ink demarcations. 13) The student will be visited in summer training organization by the faculty mentor and he/she is required to facilitate the meeting of faculty mentor with the industry mentor. 14) The student must procure the brochure. 21) The total summer training period must be of 8 weeks and must not exceed 8 weeks. as far as possible. visiting card (of industry mentor.