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create table temp as select * from student_info; select * from temp; truncate table temp; select * from temp;

rename student_info to stud_info; drop table temp; create table lab_data(item_code char(5),item_name varchar2(20),quantity number(3 ),make varchar2(10)); alter table lab_data add(status char(15)); create table branch_details(branch_code char(3),branch_name varchar2(10),locatio n char(6),fees number(7,2)); alter table branch_details modify(branch_name varchar2(20)); create table book_details(book_id number(5),title varchar2(20),author varchar2(2 0),publication varchar2(20)); alter table book_details add(quantity number(4)); alter table book_details modify(quantity number(5)); create table account(account_id number(5),balance number(6,2)); rename account to bank_account; desc bank_account; drop table bank_account;