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We are glad you have decided to choose our Cargo Tracking Software for your shipment Track and

trace requirements. Our software is an easy to use highly sophisticated tool by which your customers and your agents all across the globe will be able to track the passage of a tiny parcel or huge consignment of freight as soon as it has been collected and is on its way to its journey's end. This utility lets customers to be able to obtain a precise estimated delivery time of their Cargo, in addition to confirming it has been signed for upon delivery by the person at the other end.

I Code offers a sophisticated Cargo tracking software that enables individual shipments to be tracked from the time the order is placed until the order is received by the consignee. Whether it is for sea or air cargo tracking, Cargo Tracking from I Code is suitable for any international logistics operations and has an easy to use interface. I Code specializes in bringing the best aspects of information technology to the Logistics industry with a unique range of software applications with cargo tracking System.

The module easily integrates with CargoNet the Principal software for Freight forwarding & CHA Community from I Code Technologies Pvt Ltd. The software gives your Customers a unique ability to monitor the status of orders and shipments quickly and easily with a simple website in real-time.

Cargo Tracking offers the best way to monitor shipment tracking to your Customers. If your customers can look up the status of their cargo then they bother you less and feel they are being kept informed. Automatic email notification which can be integrated into the system brings this one step further and makes your life more comfortable.

Cargo Tracking has been exclusively developed to provide an efficient Freight Tracking system that can be used by all CargoNet users, from the smallest to the largest company.

All cargo/shipments information is secure. Access to information is strictly by Logon Username and Password only.

No Freight Forwarder can see another Freight Forwarders shipments. No Customer can see another customer's shipments. Your Customers can look up their cargo in a variety of ways. They can use their references, the Forwarders reference, House and Master Air Waybill numbers, Bill of Lading numbers, Container numbers, or the date ranges.

Salient Features

Cargo Tracking is a key part of a global sourcing strategy for Freight forwarding companies and their Customers around the world. This system allows for tracking, and tracing the status of shipments right from the shipper's warehouse till it reaches the consignee. Besides supporting many utilities your customers will be frequently using. Some of the Features included are

• Real Time Cargo Tracking • Domain Driven Design • Customized Shipment Tracking for Import and Export segments both Air and Sea • Tracking based on Single OR Multiple Criteria like shipper, Consignee, Shipment Dates and more.. • Easy Integration with CargoNet • Supports unlimited number of shipment tracking processes • Elimination of paperwork and tedious procedures • Accurate and on time information to your Customers from anywhere around the Globe. • Enhanced security features restricting customer access to their own information and data via secure login • Enriched features which enable your customers to view and download documents and reports which saves a lot of your time in sorting out their queries and sending mails, fax etc

Core Benefits

Cargo Tracking enhances productivity, efficiency and reduces time frame in knowing the status of your customer's individual shipments on a single click thus reducing your burden to a large extent in the supply chain management process.

• Enhanced Profitability • Shipment Tracking with Dynamic Alerts

• Multi Branch and Multi modal shipment Integration • Tracking login can reside right on the home page of the website and multiple Shipments may be searched simultaneously. • Inbound and Outbound visibility enables your customers significantly improve upon their inventory planning and control • Helps in reducing Operational costs and time involved, Improves supply chain visibility

How Cargo Tracking works for you?

A Simple Flow chart depicting possible Shipment tracking points

Cargo Tracking system on your fingertips

Cargo Tracking works in a very simple, yet sophisticated manner. The Customer interface is very simple to navigate and input necessary criteria for Trace and Track. Your customer can track his shipment based on Shipper/Consignee name, Shipment mode, and AWB/BL nos or just between any two dates or a combination of any of these criterion.

The system enables your customers in keeping track of their shipments accurately at every stage till it is delivered at the consignee's warehouse.

Web Centric Cargo Tracking & Interactive console

Major Modules :-

I. Common Shipment Status Update : Console for updating common information on shipment.

II. Common Document Update (Operation /Finance) : Console for upload financial & Operational Documents-Exclusively Customer console where the documents will be displayed on the particular Customer login only.

III. Overseas Agent Modules : Current Shipments Status, Pre-Alert, Air Cargo Manifest, Sea Cargo Manifest, Freight Bills, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Statement of Accounts will be displayed in their Login.

IV. Consignee Modules : Shipment Details & Status, Pre-Alert All nomination shipment information & related documents can be accessed by the consignee.

V. Shipper Modules : Jobs status, Shipment status, POD'S, Invoice Details, Receipt Details, Outstanding, Statement of accounts will be displayed as per the Shipper Login Privilege.

Common Access Module :-

Cargo Tracking Based Module where the basic shipment information will be made available for the open public so that anybody can access the transit & booking information by passing House Number, Master Number, Job Number.

Shipment Status & POD Update : • From the start of accepting job the status information till the shipment arrives at the destination including the POD, All the information can be updated on time to time basis along with related information.

Cargo Tracking Main Features

1. Obtain Cargo Status using the Container No.

2. Obtain Cargo Status using the Bill of Lading Number or Booking Number

3. By Using the Vessel Name : the Departure and arrival date and time can be shown

4. By Entering Bill of Lading Number or Booking Number : Information like Place of Receipt, Final Destination, and Estimated Arrival Date and the Final Destination, Vessel/Voyage, including port of loading, ETD, Port of Discharge and ETA

5. Status Tracking : a. Shipped from origin, en route to Discharge Port b. Arrived at Discharge Port c. Arrived at Final Destination d. Arrived at Final Dest, but not returned Empty e. Returned Empty f. It can be integrated to your corporate website to present a professional look and feel.

6. Integration with your web site :

It seamlessly integrated to your corporate website to present a professional look and feel.

7. Data Availability Tracking information is instantly available to all parties as soon as the data is updated. The real-time information is accessible 24/7 by all business partners.

8. Cost Effective You can create your own cargo tracking system without the need for expensive hardware installation or software download. With our services you will get a sophisticated freight system for only a fraction of the cost.

9. Ease of Use With a User-friendly interface, simple to navigate and quick to master.

10. Unwavering Security Information is stored on our network servers, protected behind enterprise class firewalls. Unauthorized access to your data is virtually impossible.

11. How does It work a. We will provide you an URL and assigns your Administrator username and password. After login, you can input the status information by entering the data directly into a web page b. As an administrator, you can assign username and password for your Shippers or consignees or Agents