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Research Project Report On


Submitted in partial fulfillment of Degree of Master of Business Administration Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra

Under The Guidance of: Submitted by:MS. KOMAL GUPTA MANJEET KAUR Faculty of Management MBA

SESSION 2009 – 2011 Galaxy Global Group of Institutions Dinarpur (Ambala)

(KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY. I think it is quite satisfactory and it should be accepted for evaluation. Project Guide: Komal Gupta . KURUKSHETRA) CERTIFICATE This is to certified that Miss Manjeet Kaur has successfully completed the project work titled ‘Influence of Integrated Communication on Customer of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance’ for degree of MBA from KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY KURUKSHETRA The Work speaks about the sincere efforts of the candidate.

This report has not been submitted in any university or institute for its evaluation. MANJEET KAUR MBA (2010-2011) . It is not copied and is result of my own efforts. KURUKSHETRA hereby state that the report titled “ INFLUENCE OF INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION ON CUSTOMER OF ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE” is the original work done by me.DECLARATION I MANJEET KAUR student of GALAXY GLOBAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS DINARPUR (Ambala) which affiliated to KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY.

. The work would not have been possible to come to the present shape without the able guidance.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The present work is an effort to throw some light on Influence of Integrated communication on customer at ‘ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE’. I convey my heartful affection to all those people who helped and supported me during the course. With deep sense of gratitude I acknowledge the encouragement and guidance provided bymy project guide Miss Komal Gupta and other staff members. for completion of my Project Report. supervision and help to me by number of people.

the exposure of real life situation existing in corporate world is very much needed. . The subject of my report is a study on " INFLUENCE OF INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION ON CUSTOMER OF ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE". .PREFACE For management career. it is important to develop managerial skills. In order to achieve positive and concrete results. along with theoretical concepts. In the end I would like to express our deepest gratitude to entire faculty members who have been guiding force behind this project and encouraged me for successful completion of my project report.

channels. Suggestions are made on each and every one of these aspects. It then sets out to describe the target audience for the product range and finally suggests a host of market and activities that will help ICICI Prudential to Achieve to target. promotion. how they choose. the actual marketing programs are described in detail. the objectives behind this plan and the core strategy are stated. advertising. This includes aspects such as pricing. After starting the objectives and reasoning behind them. It aims first. It also dwells briefly on the history of the company and its current position and its activities. . Customers to be eventually targeted are described and compared with competitors’ customer targets. We have also tried to ascertain why customers buy these products. sales. and the company website. improvements and innovations are recommended. The project moves on to the crux of the matter – the integrated communication to be followed by ICICI Prudential. namely smart kid educational plan. Various criteria and factors have been taken into consideration while segmenting the market.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This study plan has been written keeping in mind the ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE. The plan then goes on to the customer analysis section. at analyzing the insurance industry and finding a place in it for ICICI Prudential. The plan begins with a brief overview of the product category being dealt with. Firstly. The customer base is identified and various segments are pointed out. and what factors matter most when making their decisions.

TABLE OF CONTENT 1) INTRODUCTION 2) RESEARCH METHODOLOGY a) Research objectives b) Research design c) Data sources d) Questionnaire design formulation e) Data processing methodology f) Sample design 3) COMPANY PROFILE a) Swot Analysis b) Sustainability and Objective c) Limitations of the study d) Award & Recognition 4) DATA ANALYSIS .