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1. A fixed spoiled (a) Located at the leading edge of the aerofoil (b) Makes the outboard of the wing stalling first (c) Keeps the aileron effective till the complete wing stalls (d) As in (a) & (c) 2. Spoiler panel on the wing (a) Works as speed brakes in flight (b) As in (a) & assist in rolling along with aileron (c) Used as ground speed brakes (d) All of above. 3. Breakers in a tire (15A-377) (a) Protect casing plies (b) Strengthen tread area (c) As in (a) & (b) (d) As in (c) also references the sidewall 4. Chafers in tire (15A-377) (a) Protect the carcass from damage during mounting and demounting (b) Insulate the carcass from brake heat (c) Provide a good seal against movement during dynamic operation (d) All of above 5. Materials are to be case hardened very effectively up to 0.040” by which of the following method? (a) Induction Hardening (b) Liquid carburizing (c) Pack carburizing (d) Shot peening 6. Material heated up to lower temp. of higher critical temp, that is called (T-45) (a) Eutectoid (b) Ferrite (c) Austenite (d) Hypo eutectoid 7. High speed steel content (a) Chrome-Vanadium (b) Chrome cobalt molybdenum (c) Tungsten chromium (d) Cobalt tungsten vanadium 8. After machining, welding, casting, or forming operation of steel part which heat treatment is carried out to remove internal stresses (9A-211) (a) Normalizing (b) Annealing (c) Hardening (d) Tempering 9. Composite such as Kevler, Carbon Graphite stored in bundles loosely without any twist are known as (a) Tow (b) Rovers (c) Yarn

(d) Piled yarn 10. Metal coated fibre glass is used with carbon material to (a) Provide strength (b) Prevent EMI interference & lightening strike 11. Phenolics are fire resistant even though they are not used in aircraft because of (a) Cannot be cured (b) Low adhesiveness (c) Brittleness (d) Strength less 12. Which of the following is lightest reinforcing fibre (a) Fibre glass (b) Aramid (c) Boron (d) Carbon/Graphite 13. Radome thickness depends upon (AL/7-6 pg-20) (a) Strength (b) Shape (c) Structural strength required & frequency of the singnals transmitted by the equipment it houses 14. Preload applied to a bolt during tightening should be (AL/7-8 pg-4) (a) More than the highest stress taken by the bolts (b) Equal to 1.5 times of yield to relieve from stress (c) Equal to yield point to assure stress 15. Thermal relief valve works on the principle of (a) Pressure sensitivity (b) Temp. Sensitivity 16. In a gyro horizon (AL/10-2 pg-1) (a) Horizon bar below a/c symbol indicates climb (b) Horizon bar and a/c symbol coincides during a coordinated turn (c) Horizon bar below a/c symbol indicates decent (d) As in (b) & (c) 17. Aileron cable tension measurement (a) Is taken insitu (b) Is taken after removing the tensiometer (c) From temp. chart, temp in Fahrenheit & load in kg (d) All of above 18. If any one generator in 24 V dc system shows low voltage, the most likely cause is (8911) (a) An out adjustment voltage regulator (b) Shorted or grounded wiring (c) A defective reverse current cutout relay 19. The purpose of antiskid generator is to (a) Monitor hydraulic pressure applied to brake (b) Indicate when a tire skid occurs (c) Measure wheel rotation speed any speed change 20. In a brake antiskid system when an approaching skid is sensed an electrical signal sent to the skid control valve which (8935) (a) Acts as a bypass for the debooster cylinder (b) Relieves the hydraulic pressure on the brake

(c) Equalizes the hydraulic pressure in adjacent brakes 21. A typical takeoff warning indication system, in addition to throttle setting monitors the position of which of following (8938) (a) Ailerons, elevators speed brakes, and steerable, fuselage, landing gear (b) Elevator, speed brakes, flaps, and stabilizer trim (c) Is parallel to angle of attack of aircraft 22. The angle of attack detector operates from differential pressure when the airstream (a) Is parallel to longitudinal axis of the aircraft (b) Is not parallel to true angle of attack of aircraft (c) Is parallel to angle of attack of aircraft 23. When an airplanes primary flight control surfaces are set for a particular phase of flight, such as landing or takeoff he corresponding control surface indicating system will show (8948) (a) Flap/slat position (b) Speed brakes position (c) Trim position 24. Where is the landing gear safety switch usually located (8956) (a) On the main gear shock strut (b) On the landing gear brace (c) On the pilots control pedestal 25. What safety device is actuated by the compression and extension of a landing gear strut (a) Uplock switch (b) Downlock switch (c) Ground safety switch 26. Which of the following indications occur during a normal operation check of pneumatic deicer system (a) Relatively steady reading on pressure gauge & fluctuating reading on vacuum gauge (b) Fluctuating reading on pressure gauge and relatively steady reading on vacuum gauge (c) Pressure and vacuum gauge will fluctuating as the deicer boots inflate and deflate 27. What is the purpose of the oil separator in the pneumatic deicer system (8980) (a) To protect the deicer boot from oil deterioration (b) To remove oil from air exhausted from the deicer boots (c) To prevent an accumulation of oil in the vacuum system 28. Damage on the sidewall of a tire is caused due to (a) Under inflation (b) Over inflation (c) Excessive toe in 29. When a standby rudder system is activated (a) Hydraulic system opens by pass valve (b) Hydraulic system gives pressure to stand by actuator (c) Shutoff valve supplies pressure to the alternate system (d) Shutoff valve remains off when switch is on-off position 30. How does fail safe achieved in window (a) Inner panel is of acrylic (b) Outer panel is of fiberglass (c) Middle panel is of acrylics 31. Instantaneous VSI (Pallet-105) (a) Employs an accelerometer (b) Creates a more rapid differential pressure effect at the initiation of a climb or dive

(c) Is the other name of ROC indicator (d) As in (a) & (b) 32. Purpose of rigging is (MR-325) (a) Synchronization of dual controls (b) Setting of cable tension (c) As in (b) & synchronization of the cockpit control with the control surface (d) All of above 33. Spiral instability (a) Caused by too much directional stability (b) Caused by longer vertical fin & rudder and lower dihedral angle (c) Both (a) & (b) 34. Flap asymmetric system (a) Stops trailing edge flaps of LH & RH wings if they differ in positions (b) Controls the operation of TE flaps (c) Stops the operation of LE flaps 35. MTCS (a) Flap position indicator sensor is fitted on outboard flap track (b) Flap position indicator sensor is fitted on inboard flap track (c) Comparator unit is fitted to give comparative indication of left and right wing. (d) As in (a) & (c) 36. Hydraulic fluid for contamination is checked by (a) Applying small press & taken from reservoir (b) Pressurizing the system & taken from a p/p outlet (c) Depressurizing the system and taken from the bleed valve (d) None of above 37. Tapered bold holes bearing surface should be checked by (AL/7-8 pg-2) (a) Cannot be checked because of taperness (b) Applying engineers blue to the hole and lightly rotating the bolt 38. The most common method of preloading a bolt (AL/7-8 pg-4) (a) Applying a specified torque to the nut during tightening (b) Appropriate torque is obtained by using torque wrench (c) Both a and b correct 39. TO stop the crack which starts at the edge of acrylic panel (a) It should be stop drilled (b) It should be drilled and filled with cement (c) It should be opened up by a razor blade and adhesive cement to run into crack (d) All of above 40. Intermittent warning on pressurization system comes when (a) Cabin pressure becomes equal to atmospheric pressure (b) Equivalent airspeed or mach no. is exceeded (c) None of above 41. Water tank can be pressurized by (a) Engine bleed air (b) APU bleed air, cabin pressurization (c) Some external pressure when on ground (d) All of above 42. When checking OVHT on ground, what indication comes when system is placed at OVHT

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Main system ON, light illuminates temp soots up Main system OFF light illuminates temp rise and smoke comes Both OVHT ON & switch goes OFF None of above

43. Fluid lines are identified by (9A-102/103) (a) Color code, words & geometric symbol (b) Identification markers are placed immediately adjacent to each valve, regulator, filter or other accessories within line (c) The markers identify each lines function, content & primary hazard & direction of fluid flow (d) All of above 44. Which material is use din high stress & vibration area [Lalit Gupta-10] (a) Fiber glass (b) Aramid (c) Carbon graphite (d) Ceramic 45. Main purpose of using sandwich honeycomb core is to provide (a) Deflection (b) Strength (c) Save the weight and take the shock load 46. Which of the following is Nitra alloys (a) Al (b) Ti (c) Ni (d) All of above 47. Reference datum (a) Is always at nose tip (b) Is ahead of nose tip (c) Can be at any point from nose 48. MTCS (a) Water line is used to measure vertical stabilizer & L/G system (b) It an be positive and negative both (c) Both (a) & (b) (d) Horizontal structures and measured along water line 49. AI clad AI alloy is used in a/c. (T-151/152) (a) AI clad has an advantage over painted alloys that corrosion resistance properties are maintained after several years of service (b) AI clad retains most of its original strength after several years of service (c) All of above 50. Anodizing provides (9A-183) (a) An oxide film over AI (b) Inferior to paint base 51. Exhaust collectors are made up of (a) Monel (b) Titanium (c) Inconel (d) K-monel 52. MTCS regarding dihedral (a) Dihedral effect produces dutch roll (b) Wing dihedral should be higher

(c) Wing dihedral should be higher (d) As in (a) & (b) 53. MTCS regarding numbering of flight control system (a) Control surfaces are measured from LH for left wing to RH of right wing (b) From wing root to wing tip (c) Left wing tip to right wing tip (d) All of above 54. Variable restrictor in hydraulics system (a) Limit the fluid flow (b) As in (a) & slow the operation (c) It is also known as metering check valve (d) It also known as restrictor check valve 55. Wing station and horizontal stabilizers distances are measured form (a) Center of the fuselage (b) From root of wing 56. Vent is provided in the fuel tank (a) To prevent overflow of fuel from tank (b) Assist the debooster p/p (c) To prevent the tank form bursting (d) As in (a) & (b) 57. Dragging of brake may be due to (a) Broken return spring (Master Cylinder) (b) Air in the hydraulics system (c) Piston remains stucked (d) All of above 58. Tied gyro (AL/10-2 pg-1) (a) Having one plane of freedom at right angle to the plane of rotation (b) Having three plane of freedom at right angle to each other but controlled by some external force (c) Having complete freedom in three planes at right angle to each other 59. In Q code QNE means (AL/10-2 pg-5) (a) Setting aerodrome atmospheric pressure so that an altimeter reads zero on take off and landing (b) Setting means sea level atmospheric pressure so that an altimeter reads the aerodrome altitude above mean sea level (c) Setting mean sea level atmospheric pressure in accordance with the ICAO standard atmosphere 60. MTCS (a) Gage pressure is the atmospheric pressure minus absolute pressure (b) 61. Auto flap (a) Increases lift during high angle of attack flight (b) Increases lift during low AOA flight (c) Increases lift irrespective of AOA 62. Keel surface (a) Fuselage (b) Vertical stabilizer (c) Gives stability in rolling moment lesser than moment in other direction (d) All 63. In the electrical heating windshield (a) Tempered glass dissipates static electricity from the windshield

(b) Vinyl withstands pressurization load (c) Vinyl and glass are bonded with transparent adhesive (d) None of above 64. Strain hardened AI alloy is usually used in construction of skin, cowlings, fuel tanks (a) Strain hardened AL ally has better strength than heat treated AI alloy (b) Corrosion resistant and easily bent, welded etc. (c) As in (a) & (b) (d) Strain hardened AI alloy does not require heat treatment after structure is made. 65. Which of the following is correct in case of tempering, higher the temp. during tempering (T-52) (a) Lower the strength * hardness but greater the ductility (b) Higher the hardness as well as ductility (c) Increase strength, hardness & lower ductility (d) Decreases both ductility and strength 66. Load is applied & removed and load direction is also reversed that is called (AL/7-8 pg-4) (a) Fatigue set in 67. A metal is mechanically and thermally damaged, that can be detected by (a) C scan (b) Radiography (c) Acoustic emission (d) Thermography 68. The point at which wing moment is equal to tail moment (a) Trim point (b) Neutral point (c) Aerodynamic center 69. Primary control surfaces are generally in pair (a) It gives better control at high speed (b) Prevent wing twisting at high speed (c) As in (a) & elevators and rudders are not generally duplicated for safety purpose (d) All of above 70. Artificial feel in incorporated in ruder system (a) Below the rudder pedal (b) Provide feel to pilot through rudder pedal (c) Centering the rudder & as in (b) 71. NWS operation is controlled by (a) NWS operation is limited by mechanical stop of the control cable (b) NWS operation is limited by movement of piston within the cylinder 72. NWS incorporates (a) Metering valve (b) Compensator valve (c) Relief valve (d) Bleed valve 73. Fraise aileron (a) Increases drag when goes up (b) It prevents bad twisting due to aileron (c) Replaced by differential aileron (d) All of above 74. Shock strut is serviced by

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Air charge through a check valve Serviced through a check valve Air valve is located at the bottom to charge the shock strut None of the above

75. Mach trim control (a) Controls horizontal stabilizer (b) Controls speed (c) As in (a) & (b) when autopilot is engaged (d) As in (a) & (b) when autopilot is not engaged 76. A double is applied on structure having 3 rows of rivet & rivet dia is given D (a) Minimum edge distance is 2D & rivet row spacing minimum is 3D (b) Edge distance is 2D and minimum spacing is 5D 77. MTCS regarding induced drag (karmode-105) (a) It decreases as span is increased & stalling speed increased (b) Right wing tip produces clockwise vertices & LH wing produces anti clock wise vertices when viewed from tail (c) (d) All of above 78. Corrosion is removed from parts & bow is developed can be detected by (a) If the stressed skin fatigue corrosion is removed the bow is measured by DTI (b) Bow in a/c parts are measured by DTI (c) As in (b) and divided by 100 to take %age 79. Control wheel in the cockpit is turned clockwise (a) Right aileron will go up & a/c will turn to right (b) Left aileron will go up and a/c will go left (c) Left aileron will go down a/c will go left (d) Right aileron will go down and a/c will go to right.

1. MTCS (a) Vegetable base hyd. fluid react with natural rubber. (b) Petroleum base hyd. fluid is dyed blue and can be effectively mixed with phosphate ester type fluid. (c) Phosphate ester type fluid is skydrol & corrosive at length temperature. (d) Neoprene rubber seals used with petroleum base fluids. 2. MTCS (a) In modern transport a/c fiber glass, Kevlar, boron, carbon fibers are used with epoxy as matrix (b) GFRP is used in primary structure (c) AFRP not used in radome due to pro resistance (d) CFRP is used in fairing and cowling 3. Dzus turnlock fastener dia. measured in (a) 1/16th of an inch (b) 1/8th of an inch (c) 1/100th of an inch (d) 1/1000th of an inch 4. MTCS (a) Plastic should be installed tightly so that it is not loose (b) Plastic have greater coefficient of expansion than meta (c) When installing plastics the plastic and metal should have similar expansion characteristics. 5. Transverse pitch in rivet layout is (a) Distance between centre of rivets in same row (b) Perpendicular distance between adjacent rivet row (c) As in (a) & should be half of the head dia. (d) As in (a) & should double of the head dia. 6. False brinclling (a) When dissimilar metal rub each other (b) Sharp deep grovein bearing (c) When dissimilar metals rub each other & movement is limited 7. Angle of incidence (a) A line parallel to the wing chord & a line parallel to the longitudinal axis p1 a/c 8. Fowler flaps (a) Increase lift (b) Increase drag (c) Increase nose down pitching moment (d) All 9. Leading edge flaps are made of (a) Machined magnesium casting with integral ribs & fastener. (b) Same material of wing but the rivet strength is more (c) Fastened by special methods 10. MTCS (a) a/c should be always jacked during leveling

(b) may not be required to be jacked during leveling (c) (d) All 11. In L/G assembly (a) Drag strut stabilizes the gear longitudinally (b) Torque link is also called scissor assy. & connects the strut to piston & axel (c) Over center link prevents accidental retraction (d) All 12. A high speed a/c tire may be recapped (a) Sound cord body & bead (b) Only 3 times (c) Indefinite no. of times (d) Both (a) & (b) 13. MTCS (a) Inspect tire pressure after flight (b) Inspect tire pressure after 2 hrs. (3 hrs. for net days) 14. MTCS (a) Pneumatic systems are used as emergency power for hydraulic operated subsystems. (b) Pneumatic system is used in place of hydraulic system for hydraulic system for pressure control system. (c) There is no storage bottle in pneumatic system but when necessary pr. is build up by EDP. 15. Tires should be replaced (a) One layer of thread visible (b) Adjacent tire has experienced over temp. (c) Fusible plug get fused at its max temp. (d) All 16. An a/c with extended landing gear during heightening strike (a) Lower part of i/g inspected for discharge (b) As in (a) & inspected for flight through turbulence (c) L/G should be inspected visually 17. ACM contains. (a) Primary heat exchanger, secondary PIE, compressor, turbine, water separator, temperature control valve (b) As in (a) & it was refrigerant as a cooling medium (c) Temp control valve used to prevent turbine icing 18. Rivet layouts is determining (a) Type of head & size (b) No of rivets (c) As in (a) & (b) (d) As in (c) & material temper cond. & strength. 19. Isobaric mode of cabin pressurization (a) Maintains constant pressure altitude during flight (b) Maintains the constant differential pressure (c) As in (a) & on the ground also. 20. Fineness ratio

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Low in thick wing Low fineness ratio increases turbulence High FR increases skin friction All

21. Modern transport a/c have high aspect ratio (a) Reduces induced drag (b) Increases induced drag 22. Induced drag (a) Due to spillage of air at wing tips (b) Increases with angle of attack (c) As in (a) & (b) 23. In annealing parts can be cooled in furnace of (a) In cold water (b) In still air (c) Buried in ash & time 24. 18-8 stainless steel can be welded (a) Only spot welding (b) Metal are & seam welding (c) Fusion welding 25. Aileron balance panel (a) Made up of at honey comb skin bonded to al. frame. (b) Differential pressure acting on the balance panel counteracts the load required to move aileron 26. MTCS (a) Speed brakes & spoilers always need some manual activation (b) Ground spoiler can be operated automatically (c) As in (b) when all the conditions are fulfilled (d) Inboard spoilers are use for roll control 27. In modern transport a/c oxygen system (a) Classified as chemical, stored gas, liquid (b) As in (a) & continuous flow type & demand pressure regulator type (c) O2 candle contains NaCO2 and ferrous (iron) (NACLO3) (d) Automatic oxygen supply starts when cabin altitude increases and cannot be operated manually. 28. In heavy a/c fuel quantity gauge (a) Capacitance type (b) Magnetic type (c) As in (a) & measures density (d) As in (a) & measures conductivity 29. Eject pump (MR-478) (a) Supply pressurized fuel to FCU (b) Normally used to scavenge fuel from remote areas to fuel tank (c) Operated by flow of return fuel from EDP (d) All the above are correct. 30. In modern turbine fuels (9A-78/79)

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Contains both dissolved & suspended water Microbes feed hydrocarbon in fuel As in (a) & (b) If water is present fuel appears cloudy & disappears at the bottom.

31. In modern turbine fuels (a) Stains, seep, heavy seep, running leak (b) Seep, heavy seep, running leak 32. When battery master switch is ON no response (a) S/w defective (b) Open cell (c) Battery defective (d) All 33. Borsical is (a) Silicon coated boron laminated (b) Thermo set & polyester epoxy (c) Thermoplastic matrix (d) Metal matrix 34. The antiskid system of modem a/c (a) Normal skid control – brakes are fully released when the wheels stop (b) Locked wheel control – when wheels slip on a patch of ice due to lack of tire friction (c) Fail safe protection – continuously monitors 2 indicating the operation of antiskid system. (d) Touch down protection – prevents the brakes from being jammed during touch down 35. MTCS (a) Halon 1301 is used extensively as it is non toxic (b) Only CO2 & N2 are used. 36. Windshield are made of (a) Thermosetting plastic (b) Thermoplastics 37. Stressed skin can take following load (MR-44) (a) Shear (b) Tension (c) Both (a) & (b) (d) As in (c) & compression (to some extend if stiffened by some other member) 38. Ribs (MR-44) (a) Stabilize the spar against twisting (b) Gives shape to wing (c) Transmit air loads from covering to spar (d) All 39. Plastics should be cleaned by (a) Mild soap & water & grit free cloth (b) Acetone 40. Sealants in windows (a) Prevent accumulation of moisture

(b) Maintains aerodynamic smoothness to exposed surface (c) As in (a) & (b) 41. Bonded structure (MR-32) (a) Distributes load evenly (b) Prevents ingress of moisture (c) Prevents corrosion (d) All the above 42. Dynamic pr. at nose of a/c (a) Max. (b) Zero. (c) Nylon brush (a) All 43. Corrosion on anodized aluminum alloy cleaned by (a) Al wood (b) Nylon brush (c)Al wire brush (d) All 44. Structural fuse. (a) Allows the engine to shear off the wing preventing the primary structure from damage and creating vibration and drag. 45. Ram Air Turbine operation in emergency when hydraulic & electricity supply fail. 46. Deicer boots fail to inflate when s/w is placed in manual. (a) Suction relief valve defective (b) Short circuit (c) Time delay ckt faulty 47. When removing or installing wheels (a) Axel should be protected by a sleeve (b) Threads should be protected with adhesive 48. In multiple brake disc system (a) Odd no. of stators and even no. of rotor (b) Odd no. of rotor and even no. of stators including thrust plate (c) As in (b) & stators are installed with flange (d) As in (b) & rotors are fitted with bearing carrier 49. Static margin at any time (a) Distance between C.G. and neutral point (b) Provides lateral stability (c) Both (a) & (b) 50. Brake pads are made of (a) Carbon and metal matrix (b) Carbon matrix (c) Metal matrix (d) None of the above 51. Sherading (a) Heating in atmosphere of zinc oxide (b) Heating in molten zinc 52. A/c flying at 300 knots, speed reduced to 150 knots

(a) Induced drag increases 53. MTCS about bulkhead (a) Are main structural members & may or may not have webs (b) Are used to contain system pr. (c) Give shape to fuselage, cargo etc 54. When an a/c flies through turbulence, the following parts/areas should be inspected (a) Wing to fuselage joints, tail to fuselage joints, engine mountings, & where the greatest bending moment takes place 55. Intergrannular corrosion is cause (a) Along crystal boundary layer (b) As in (a) & where moisture in present 56. To prevent stress corrosion (a) Shoot peon the surface to provider a compressed stressed surface (b) Shoot peon the surface to provider a tensile stressed surface (c) Shoot peon the surface to provider a bending stressed surface (d) All the above are present 57. To provide an electrically transparent streamlined housing for radar antenna is rain forced with (a) Fiber glass (b) Graphic (c) Kevlar 58. Corrosion fatigue is caused in the metal surface by (a) During the application of repeated stress cycle 59. Fineness ratio controls (a) Fineness ratio controls (b) Lift of the wing (c) Skin friction (d) As in (a) & (c) 60. While cleaning fuel tank which of the following gas is used (a) CO2 (b) Nitrogen (c) Oxygen 61. MTCS (a) In semi monocoque fuselage it has bulkheads at both sides (b) In semi monocoque fuselage it has frames at both sides 62. MTCS (flow equalizer) (MR-369) (a) Accumulator supplements hyd. pump when more load applied (b) Flow equalizer synchronizes the speed of two fuel pumps connected in parallel (c) Priority v/v is mechanically operated & sequence v/v is operated hydraulically 63. MTCS (most appropriate B) (a) Fuel jettison is done by gravity method (b) Outboard tanks are first defulled in sweapting wing a/c (c) Cross feed system means supply of fuel from one tank to any other tank 64. In modern a/c.

(a) Aluminum is exyensively used because of its ability to take particular type of load (b) Composite materials can be used to make primary a/c structure (c) Steel and magnesium is mostly used because of its strength and load carrying capability 65. MTCS (15A-363,366) (a) Orifice check v/v is used in brakes lines to prevent chatter (b) A pressure ball check power brake control v/v releases and regulates main system pr. to the brakes & relieves thermal expansion when the brakes are not being used. (c) Many transport a/c have nose wheel brakes (d) All 66. MTCS (based on mechanism of extinguishment, they are halogenated, hydrocarbon, inert agent, cold gas agents (a) Fire extinguishers are classified according to mechanism of extinguishing fire (b) Fire extinguishers are classified as halogenated, hydrocarbon, inert agent, cold gas agents (c) As in (a) & (b) 67. Secondary structural parts are (a) Soldered with 30-70 lead tin solder (b) Soldered with 70-30 lead tin solder & phosphoric acid is used as flux (c) Soldered with 70-30 lead tin solder & phosphoric acid is used as flux 68. MTCS (a) Two independent yaw system operates continuously in flight to improve the aero plane directional stability & turn coordinator (b) One controller is used for both yaw dampers 69. MTCS (MR-320) (a) Elevators are operated hydraulically (b) Horizontal stabilizers are operated by mach/trim for speed stability (c) There are three modes of operation of stabilizer – electric, manual & automatic (d) All 70. MTCS (a) Safety v/v prevents over pressurization of cabin (b) Outflow v/v releases cabin pr. automatically when its preset valve is reached (c) Dump v/v releases the cabin pr. automatically (d) Over flow v/v and CPC are located adjacent to each other 71. MTCS (a) Fuel tanks are made of steel and aluminum (b) Metal tanks are required to withstand internal pressure of 3.5 psi or 125% of pressure developed in the tank from any ran air effect (c) As in (b) and if the fuel tank is in fuselage it should be able to withstand a rupture and at least 9 g of downward load. 72. MTCS (MR – 626/7) (a) Take off warning comes when all the controls are in their proper position & engine is not in take off mode. (b) Stall warning indicator is active during all the phases off flight and gives indication to the crew through stick shaker. 73. MTCS – with the control surface in locked position while rigging (MR-328) (a) Ground lock devices can be used while rigging (b) Rigging pins should be of accurate hole size & take shear loads

(c) Rigging pins with permanent red warning should be used and should be of softer material (d) Both (b) & (c) 74. Because of peculiarity of maintenance, duplicate inspection of a/c parts are carried out – (a) Simultaneously (b) After first flight of a/c (c) During the next inspection schedule due. 75. A/c cabin is pressurized (a) To maintain the altitude of 10000 Ω from MSL (b) To withstand structural strength limit under max differential pr(c) As in (b) also has bearing on structural strength of fuselage 76. fd (a) Wear on the crown due to over inflation (15A-378) (b) Excessive wear in the shoulder area of the line is an indication of over inflation (c) Tire pressure should be measured with a digital pressure gauge 77. Under chapter ATA-100, a/c zone has been identified as (MR-23) (a) 200-lower half of the fuselage to the rear pressure bulkhead (b) 400-powerplants and struts or pylons (c) 500-landing gear and landing gear doors (d) 800-empennage, including fuselage off of the rear pressure bulkhead 78. MTCS (a) The plane parallel to chord plane & perpendicular to body buttock lines called body station 1 (b) The plane perpendicular to chord plane & parallel to body using buttock line (c) The plane perpendicular to chord plane & parallel to body using waterline (d) As in (b) & (c)

1. S-glass is (AC-18) (a) borosilicate (b) (c) magnesium-aluminium silicate. 2. Best from to using ratio is (AC-36) (a) 40:60 (b) 50:50 (c) 60:40 (d) Depends upon the requirement and room temperature. 3. whisker is (AC-189) (a) AI-paint applied over composite (b) A short single-crystal fiber or filament as a acinforcement is machine (c) Static discharge wick_connected with honeycomb. (d) In air bubble in composite material

4. Zero based is [AC-180] (a) (b) (c) (d) A laminate fabrication procedure that does not allow loss of remaining caused. 5. Fallers in pro-prag material [AC- ] (a) Central viscosity and weight (b) (c) (d) 6. For clearing composite materials, we normally use [AC- ] (a) methyl, ethyl, keytone (b) Water & soap solution (c) Acetone (d) Both (a) & (c) 7. mark the incorrect statement, Engine mounts are made of (a) Heat treated al-alloy forgives to get high strength height ratio. (b) Cr-Mo steel tubing (c) Ni-Cr-Mo forgings 8. In a/c pneumatic system [12A-331-333] (a) High pressure is available from vane-type pump (b) Medium pressure is available from jet engine compressor section (c) Low pressure is available from metal bottles (d) Reciprocating pump gives continuous airframe 9. Veder-camter display means (P-26) (a) Alpha-numeric display (b) Dual-indicator display (c) As in (a) & also called digital display (d) As in (b) & also called digital display 10. Drus fastener strut diameter is measured is (8049) (a)