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1. While checking the zero incidence of wing, the clinometers placed on incidence board over wing surface reads zero, it indicates:(a) The angle of incidence is zero degrees (b) Incidence angle is correct (c) As in (a) & installation of L.E. dicer boots will not affect the wing incidence valve (d) As in (b) & modifications to the areas where incidence boards are placed can affect the reading 2. Mark the correct statement regarding control system:(a) Undue tightness of the rig pins in gigging hole indicates incorrect tensioning/mis-alignment of the system (b) When rig pins are not provided, the neutral positions are established by means of alignment marks Alignment marks (c) The cable tension can be adjusted for correct value by keeping control surfaces in no any position (d) Rig deg pins simplify the setting of pulleys, levers, bell cranks in neutral position. 3. The correct wheel alignment in airplanes using oleo shock struts is obtained by inserting the following between the arms of the torque links (a) Shims (b) Nylon bushings (c) Iolite bushings (d) All the above are correct 4. The color code on ‘O’ ring of an Hydraulic system component which uses skudro as woring fluid is (a) Yellow dot (b) Green dash (c) Blue dot (d) White stripe 5. The fundamental difference between sequence valve and priority valve is:(a) Priority valve is actuated by mechanical means & sequence valve by hydraulic pressure (b) Priority valve is actuated by hydraulic pressure & sequence valve by mechanical means (c) Sequence valve is electrically operated & priority valve is servo operated (d) Sequence valve is pneumatically operated & priority valve is solenoid operated 6. Mark the statement in respect of hydraulically operated landing gear:(a) Orifice check valve is installed in UP line of landing gear actuator (b) Orifice check valve is installed in DOWN line of landing gear actuator (c) In hydraulic system PRV is set to operate at a lower pressure than pressure regulator (d) Pumps used in hydraulic system are pressure generators rather than fluid movers 7. During inspection of airplane, there is an appearance of ‘Smoking’ on the rivet structure, it is an indication of:(a) Dissimilar metal corrosion (b) Fretting corrosion (c) Stress corrosion (d) Wrong rivet being used 8. Flat spotting in nylon tyres depend on:(a) Airplane weight supported by tyre (b) Drop in internal pressure of tyre (c) As in (a) & (b) and is severe in hot weather (d) As in (a) & (b) and is more severe in cold weather

9. The main condition(s) that must be fulfilled before skid control valves of antiskid system permit (a) Squat switch must signal that weight of aircraft is on wheels (b) Wheel generators sense a wheel speed of over 15-20 mph (c) Anti-skid switch is ‘ON’ (d) All the above conditions should exist 10. The tyres of duel installation of nose wheel should have their inflation pressure maintained with in what tolerance of each other? (a) 5 % (b) 5 psi (c) 10 psi (d) 10 % 11. The function of an anti-skid valve during normal brake operation, when there is no skid impending is:(a) It serves as main brake valve, metering fluid into the brakes (b) Prevents excessive pressure build up from heat (c) Serves only as a passage for the fluid (d) Acts as a hydraulic fuse in case of a broken line 12. Mark the correct statement regarding balancing of aircraft control surfaces:(a) Aerodynamic balance reduces the effort required to move the control surface (b) Static balance avoids flutter (c) As in (b) provided the aircraft is flying at high speeds (d) Both (a) & (b) are correct 13. The recommended way of shutting off a Chemical Oxygen Generator after it has been activated is:(a) There is no way to shut them off once they have been activated (b) Move the shut-off valve to the ‘stop flow position’ (c) Remove the generator from the housing & quench it in water (d) Remove the mask from the container once the pressure is relieved, the flow will stop 14. While re-balancing control surfaces, which of the following methods does not require removal of the control surface from the aircraft (a) Trail & error method (b) Scale method (c) Calculation method (d) Component method 15. Differential control on Aileron system means:(a) Up travel of the aileron is more than the down travel of the aileron, for a given movement of control stick (b) Up travel of the aileron is less than the down travel of the aileron, for a given movement of control stick (c) As in (a) & it prevents adverse aileron yaw (d) As in (b) & it prevents adverse aileron yaw 16. The wing design feature that prevents tip stalling is:(a) Swept wing (b) Wash out (c) Canard (d) Taper wing 17. The non-dimensional number that decides flow characteristics of an airflow (laminar or turbulent)over an aerofoil surface is :(a) Reynolds number

(b) Euler number (c) Mach number (d) Bernoulli’s number 18. Lateral stability is achieved by:(a) Wing dihedral (b) High wing & low CG (c) Sweep back wing (d) All the above will promote lateral stability 19. Static margins:(a) An indication of lateral stability (b) Distance between CG & leading edge (c) Distance between CG & neutral point (d) An indication of directional stability 20. Mark the incorrect statement (a) For a given weight in level flight there is one speed and angle of attack at which an aircraft is in equilibrium (b) The angle of attack at which aircraft is in equilibrium is known as trim point (c) Zero slope of the curve(pitching moment versus CG) indicates unstable static stability (d) A trim point, wing moments are equal to tail moments 21. The figure indicates:(a) Balance tab (b) Servo tab (c) Trim tab (d) Spring tab 22. Induced drag :(a) Is also known as active drag (b) Increases with decrease in speed (c) Directly proportional to square of speed (d) Both (a) & (b) are correct 23. Which of the following types of fuel leak from the fuel tank require immediate repair? (CAIP/9A) (a) Running (b) Stain (c) Seep (d) All the above warrant immediate repair 24. Mark the correct statement regarding vortex generators (K/365) (a) Vortex generators are miniature aerofoil having high aspect ratio (b) They are arranged in complimentary pairs to off-set vortices effect of one over the other (c) As in (b) and vortex generators reduce overall drag (d) For effective operation, they are mounted forward of the point where separation begins 25. Mark the correct statement regarding continuous wire type detectors of fire system:(a) The resistance of detector element increases with increase in temperature (b) The resistance of detector element decreases with increase in temperature (c) The main advantage of resistance type detector is, it will not generate false warning in case of short-circuit (d) The capacitance of capacitance type detector increases with increase in temperature

26. The purpose of cut-out valve of hydraulic system is:(a) Cut-off the supply to the service in case of fire (b) As in (a) & accumulator is essential when a cut out is fitted (c) Provide an idling circuit to the pump when no services are selected (d) Dump the hydraulic fluid to the inlet of pump 27. In modern airplane structures, which of the following serve as feature of fail safe design? (a) Crack stopper bands (b) Reinforcement doublers (c) Cleats (d) All the above 28. What does a vane-type stall-warning indicator measure, to warn of an impending stall? (a) Speed of the air over the wing (b) Speed of the air under the wing (c) Movement of stagnation point on the leading edge of the wing (d) The angle of incidence 29. How much pressure is used to test a static system for leaks? (a) 100 psi shop air supply (b) Enough negative pressure to cause the altimeter to increase 1,000 ft. (c) One inch of mercury positive pressure (d) One psi negative pressure 30. If parking brake does not hold, the reason is? (a) Foreign matter locking brake disc (b) Leak in brake system (c) Air in system or defective parking brake valve (d) All the above are correct 31. What should an accelerometer read when it is properly installed in an instrument panel? (a) Minus one (b) Plus one (c) Zero (d) Off Scale 32. Which of the following is unaffected by errors in static source? (a) ROC indicator (b) True Air-speed indicator (c) ASI (d) Altimeter 33. In the fuel system, the capacitance of tank uit is not affected by which variable? (a) Material of which the plates are made (b) Separation of the plates (c) Area of the plates (d) Di-electric constant of the material between the plates 34. In modern aeroplanes, in case of lateral imbalance, the fuel travel from inboard section of the wing fuel tank to tip of the wing tank is prevented by:(a) Solenoid operated valve (b) Pressure maintaining valve (c) Baffle check valve

(d) Pneumatically operated valve 35. Aircraft parts which require more strength and little forming are made of Al-Alloy:(a) 6061 (b) 7075 (c) 2117 (d) 5052 36. The aircraft fluid hoses which offer minimum resistance to fluid flow & long service life are made of:(a) Teflon (b) Neoprene (c) Buna-N (d) Butyl 37. Shot-peening of surfaces of aircraft parts is carried out to:(a) Prevent stress corrosion (b) Prevent filliform corrosion (c) Obtain a good surface finish (d) Obtain a rough surface for a better paint adherence quality 38. Mark the incorrect statement:(a) A fail safe structure after its initial failure will still have redundancy for ever (b) Flying control cables exit the pressurized are of aircraft through labyrinth seals (c) In pressurized aircraft, floor venting system equalizes pressure above & below floor level to obviate structural distortion in case of sudden decompression (d) Longitudinal stresses in a pressurized cabin are low as compared to hoop stress 39. Cabin doors and emergency exists are sealed by inflatable seals, the source of inflation is:(a) Cabin air itself (b) Independent air supply from engine air bleed via pressure regulator (c) Pressurized air bottle (d) Both (a) & (b) are correct 40. Mark the correct statement:(a) Method of installation does not affect breaking strength of a glass wind screen (b) Tempered glass has less strength than annealed glass (c) Both (a) & (b) are incorrect (d) As in (c) and code numbers etched in the corner of glass near the bus bar terminal indicate amperage required for heating 41. Wind screens on pressurized aircraft are heated to:(a) prevent formation of ice & mist on panels (b) Improve the impact resistance of wind screen panel (c) Both (a) and (b) are correct (d) As in (c) and code number etched in the corner of glass near the bus bar terminal indicate resistance required for heating. 42. Mark the correct statement in respect of wind screen panel attachment in the cockpit:(a) Wind screen panel attachment bolts are of non-magnetic material so that the stands by magnetic compass readings are not affected. (b) After installation of the wind screen panel, a check compass swing must be carried out (c) Both (a) & (b) are correct (d) As in (c) and the accuracy of stand by compass shall be checked with current to the wind-screens switched both ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’

43. Mark the correct statement (a) Hydraulic fluid is considered part of the empty weight (b) Take off weight and landing weight are always the same weight (c) The maximum weight at which an aircraft may operate is the same regardless of the category in which the aircraft is operated (d) The empty weight of the aircraft includes fluid sampling 44. Mark the correct statement in respect of hydraulic fluid sampling (a) Sampling of hydraulic fluid from hydraulic system can be taken from any point in the system and the system need not be pressurized (b) A suitable service should be operated to circulate the fluid, when taking a sample (c) As in (b) and sampling shall be taken from specified sampling points (d) All the above are correct 45. Mark the in-correct statement regarding pneumatic de-icing system opration:(a) At the end of inflation stage, partial pressure is maintained in the de-icer boots to reduce aerodynamic drag (b) When the system is switched on, pressure is admitted to the pneumatic de-icer boots (c) At the end of inflation stage of the operating sequence, the air is in the inflation tubes is dumped to the atmosphere (d) When the system is off, vacuum is continuously supplied to all inflation tubes within deicer boots. 46. While carrying out functional test on pressurized system, the recommended source of pressurized air that enables simultaneous testing of all other components is: (a) APU bleed air (b) Bleed air from the engines (c) Ground supply unit (d) All the above are correct 47. In water separators of Air-conditioning system, the bypass valve of water separators:(a) Opens at pre-determined altitude to permit cold air top pass directly through water separates bypassing coalscent bag, to reduce system back pressure (b) Opens when coalscent bag is obstructed (c) Both (a) and (b) are correct (d) As in (c) and the condition of coalescent bag can be checked even with the system is off as the indicator is not pressure sensitive 48. Rapid de-pressurization of the cabin during fires or emergency descent is achieved by:(a) Safety valve (b) De-pressurization valve (c) Dump valve (d) All the above will serve the function 49. Which of the following is not an input to the ADC (Air Data Computer) (a) Pitot pressure (b) Static pressure (c) Airspeed (d) Temperature 50. Absolute ceiling is that ceiling at which:(a) There is one altitude at which there is only one speed at which aircraft can fly straight & level (b) The maximum rate of climb is zero

(c) The excess power is zero (d) All the above are correct 51. Effective angle of attack is defined as:(a) Geometric angle of attack minus induced angle of attack (b) Geometric angle of attack plus induced angle of attack (c) Induced angle of attack minus geometric angle of attack (d) Solid angle plus angle of attack 52. An aircraft component is to be designed for which high compressive strength and high rigidity, composite material is required, one should go for (a) Carbon fiber (b) Aramid fiber (c) Fiber glass (d) Boron fiber 53. Name the material which follows reversible process:(a) Thermo-plastic (b) Epoxy resin (c) Fiber (d) Thermoset 54. The amount of time in which the resin mixed with catalyst will be workable is known as:(a) Pot-life (b) Shelf-life (c) Working-life (d) Both (a) & (c) are correct 55. Mark the correct material which is used as foam for sandwhich construction:(a) Urethene (b) Ply-vinyl chloride (c) Both (a) & (b) are correct (d) Honey-comb 2. An aircraft is flying at stall speed but there is no indication to pilot about it. The reason may be:(a) The stall vane is held down (b) The electrical switch connected to vane is open (c) The red light/warning horn is faulty (d) All the above are correct 3. The operation of the electro temperature control system is based primarily on:(a) Balanced wheat-stone bridge principle (b) Density variation with temperature principle (c) Linear expansion principle (d) Balanced rheostat principle