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1. Aircraft has been parked outside for a long time , how will you carry out ‘Leach out’ effect check (a) Viscosity test (b) Spectrometric analysis (c) Aquadec capsules (d) Aquagel paste 2. what type of gas is used to inflate the escape chute of an aircraft (a) Carbon-di-oxide (b) Nitrogen (c) Carbon-di-oxide and Nitrogen (d) None are correct 3. Presence of water in composite materials is checked by:(a) X-Ray method (b) Radiography (c) Holography (d) All 4. When the fire handle is operated, the following things occur (a) Fuel shut-off valve closes (b) Hydraulic shut-off valve closes (c) Generator trips off (d) All the above are correct 5. The diagram indicate (a) Positive pressure loop (b) Negative pressure loop (c) Neutral pressure loop (d) All the are correct 6. A hole is provided in the bottom of the cabin, window panel. It is for:(a) Equalizing the pressure (b) Prevents moisture buildup (c) Provides a passage for the moisture to escape (d) All the above are correct 7. NACN 0009 indicates:(a) 9% aerofoil section (b) 90% aerofoil section (c) 0.9% aerofoil section (d) None are correct 8. NDT of wired assy, or any _______________ carried out by:(a) Dye penetration method (b) Eddy current method (c) Radiography (d) All the above are correct 9. Level of fluid in Oleo shock strut is checked by:(a) Carrying out shock strut bleeding removing plug & inserting a gauge (b) By releasing the air & seeing that the oil is to the level of filler plug

(c) Charging air and measuring the extension of inner cylinder (d) None of the above are correct 10. The brake wear indicator pin in multi-disc brake is broken, how will you carry out brake wear check (a) By observing the extension of retaining spring of the stator (b) By putting on the parking brakes and measuring the clearance between the rotor & stator disc (c) By jacking the aircraft, applying the brakes & rotating the wheel (d) All the above are correct 11. Cleaning of de-icer books are carried out with :(a) Aliphatic Naptha (b) Alcohol & Thinner (c) Soap & Water (d) All the above are correct 12. Retraction check of heavy aircraft is carried out, if not possible in the hangar by:(a) Parking the aircraft outside (b) As in (a) and facing towards the wind (c) As in (a) and facing towards tail wind (d) All the above are correct 13. Aircraft Door seal is fixed by:(a) Channel & strips (b) Screws & fasteners (c) Adhesives (d) All the above are correct 14. Aircraft Door & Pressure is held by:(a) Frame & Pressure bulkhead (b) Door hinge & Door seat (c) Frame & Internal – External pressure (d) None of the above are correct 15. ‘O’ rings marked with ‘3Q’ indicates:(a) Manufactured at 1st quarter of 3rd year (b) Manufactured at 2nd quarter of that year (c) Manufactured at 3rd month of that year (d) Manufactured at 3rd day of the 3rd month 16. The rivet that can be used to replace counter sunk rivet is:(a) AN 470 rivet (b) Flat head rivet (c) Round head rivet (d) None of the above are correct 17. Commonly used seal to prevent ‘External & internal’ leakage is:(a) ‘Cup’ Seal (b) ‘O’ Ring Seal (c) ‘V’ Ring Seal (d) All the above are correct 18. Back-up ring used with ‘O’ ring above 1,500 psi is made of (a) Cardboard

(b) Asbestos (c) Cellulose plastic (d) Teflon 19. Electric Motor used for retraction & extension of landing gear would be:(a) Series wound motor (b) Shunt field series wound motor (c) Split field series wound motor (d) Split field shunt wound motor 20. High Starting Torque is obtained by:(a) Series wound motor (b) Shunt wound motor (c) Inverter Drive Motor (d) Shunt wound series motor 21. A pitot reports that, when the hydraulic pump is running the pressure is normal, however, when the pump is stopped, there is no hydraulic pressure available, the reason is:(a) Leaking selector valve (b) Low accumulator fluid pre-load (c) Restricted Pressure line (d) No air pressure in the Accumulator 22. Apart from an external leak in the line, what will cause parking brakes to creep off continuously to the ‘off position is due to:(a) Insufficient hydraulic fluid in the reservoir (b) An internal leakage in the master cylinder (c) Brake lining wear (d) All the above are correct 23. The common cause of slow actuation of hydraulic actuators is:(a) Poor maintenance (b) Internal leakage in the actuators (c) Improper setting (d) None of the above are correct 24. Aerodynamic forces acts through:(a) Aerodynamic center (b) Center of pressure (c) Center of gravity (d) Neutral axis 25. In anti-skid system, touchdown protection system (a) Prevent the application of brakes while landing with brake pedals depressed (b) Allow the application of brakes while landing with brake pedals depressed (c) Allow application of brakes when the weight of aircraft is on the shock strut & anti-skid generator senses a specified speed (d) (a) & (c) are correct 26. The point is the point at which (a) Nose down movement is equal to tail down movement (b) Nose down movement is more than tail down movement (c) Nose down movement is less than tail down movement

(d) Tail down movement is more than nose down movement 27. During coordinated turn:(a) The load factor (L/W) (b) The Rudder has no effect (c) There is no slip (d) None of the above is correct 28. Brake accumulator in hydraulic system (a) Provide uninterrupted hydraulic power (b) Used during emergency (c) Dampens pressure fluctuations (d) All the above are correct 29. Mark the WRONG statement:(a) The penetrant is applied by brushing spraying of dipping (b) Very small indications of cracks require reduced penetration period (c) Parts being inspected should be dry and heated at least 70 deg, but not over 130 deg (d) The size of defect may be obtained by the rate of growth of the indication 30. Inflation of De-icer boots is controlled by:(a) Solenoid valve (b) Timer valve (c) Distributor valve (d) Both (a) & (c) are correct 31. On hydraulic pump, Shaft seal leak can normally be detected by:(a) Hydraulic fluid flowing from the pump drain line (b) Evidence of engine oil combined in hydraulic fluid (c) Evidence of hydraulic fluid combined in engine oil (d) Presence of hydraulic fluid around the pump mounting pad 32. When seal/material is used with phosphate Ester base Hydraulic fluid:(a) Natural rubber (b) Synthetic rubber (c) Butyl rubber (d) Neoprene rubber 33. Nose gear centering cam is used:(a) To function as internal shimmy camper during taxying (b) To siraighten the nose wheel during retraction (c) To provide steering of aircraft during ground operation (d) All the above are correct 34. What does in a Hydraulic System with a constant delivery pump allows circulation of the fluid when no demands are on the system:(a) Pressure relief valve (b) Shuttle valve (c) Pressure regulator (d) De-booster valve 35. Pressure controller uses:(a) Bleed air pressure, OAT, cabin rate of climb

(b) Barometric pressure, cabin altitude 7 cabin rate of climb (c) Cabin rate of climb, bleed air volume & cabin pressure (d) None of the above are correct 36. De-booster valves are used in brake systems primarily to:(a) Reduce brake pressure & maintain static pressure (b) Relieve excessive fluid & ensure & positive release (c) Reduce the pressure to the brake & increase the fluid flow (d) All the above are correct 37. If a brake de-booster is used in a hydraulic brake system, its position will be:(a) Between the pressure manifold of the main hydraulic system & the power brake control valve (b) Between the brake control valve & the brake actuating cylinder (c) In the brake pressure line between the brake pedal & brake accumulator (d) None of the above are correct 38. Fuel tank venting is done from Main tank to the surge tank through:(a) Stringers (b) Ribs (c) Spar (d) All the above are correct 39. Fuel cell which are part of the wing is called:(a) Dry tanks (b) Wet tanks (c) (d) All the above are correct 40. Teflon Hose which have taken as set:(a) Can be re-used (b) As in (a) & after straightening it (c) As in (a) & should not be straightened (d) Cannot be re-used 41. Pressurization load on fuselage structure is (a) Tension (b) Compression (c) Shear (d) Bending 42. The around relief valve:(a) Is held fully open on ground by a landing gear operated switch (b) Is not open on ground (c) Can be adjusted on ground (d) Is held open on ground by ram air pressure 43. Measurement taken a fixed number of inches below the bottom of aircraft fuselage is known as:(a) Fuselage station (b) Water line (c) Buttock line (d) All the above are correct

44. A valve in the hydraulic system which permits fluid to flow freely in on direction, but restricts the rate at which the fluid is allowed to flow in the opposite direction is:(a) Check valve (b) Orifice restrictor (c) Orifice check valve (d) Shuttle valve 45. Unit which causes one hydraulic operation to follow another in a definite order is called:(a) Shuttle valve (b) Selector valve (c) Sequence valve (d) Priority valve 46. The expansion valve in Freon system:(a) Control the flow of refrigerant in the evaporator (b) Meters the flow of refrigerant in the evaporator (c) Cools the refrigerant (d) All the above are correct 47. Mark the correct statement:(a) Priority valve is solenoid operated (b) Priority valve is actuated by hydraulic pressure (c) Sequence valve is actuated by electrical means (d) Sequence valve is actuated by hydraulic pressure 48. Which are the components of Wind Shield Heating:(a) Auto-transformer, heat control relays, control units, indicating lights, temp sensing element in lamina panel, heat control toggle (b) Heaters, leak detectors, circuit breakers (c) Solenoid valve, pumps, toggle switches (d) Rheostat switch, toggle switch, solenoid valve 49. Buffeting is the intermittent application of forces to a part of an aircraft, it is caused by:(a) Incorrect rigging of flaps (b) An unsteady flow from ailerons (c) In-correct rigging of ailerons (d) Unknown fortes 50. The conditions which causes rejection of Wheel Bearings are:(a) fitting & Corrosion (b) Flaked, cracked or broken bearing surfaces (c) Both (a) & (b) are correct (d) None of the above are correct 51. ‘Body steering’ is used for:(a) Ease of turning (b) Reducing the radius of turn (c) Increasing the take-off efficiency (d) Decreasing the take-off efficiency 52. ‘Nose wheel steering’ utilizes:(a) A simple system of mechanical linkages (b) Push-pull rods to connect the pedals to hose wheel strut

(c) Power source for large aircraft (d) All the above are correct 53. What is the purpose of using backup rings with O-RINGS in hydraulic systems above 1,500 psi? (a) Prevent internal & external leakage of all moving parts within a hydraulic system (b) Provide a seal between two parts of a unit which move in relation to each other (c) Prevent high pressure from extruding the seal between the moving and stationary part (d) All the above are correct 54. The out-flow valve is fully open on ground. The sense is received from:(a) Pressure sensing switches (b) Air-to-ground sensor (c) Throttle lever settings (d) All the above are correct 55. During re-fuelling of aircraft if the APU shuts down:(a) APU should be re-started (b) Re-fuelling should be stopped (c) Continue with re-fuelling (d) All the above are correct