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1. Cut out is a feature in modern aircrafts to correct:(a) Flap asymmetry (b) L.E. device out of phase (c) High angle of attack during take-off (d) All are correct 2. In a magnetic compass deviation card is corrected in what headings:(a) 15 (b) 30 (c) 45 (d) 90 3. Deviation in magnetic compass is permitted up to what degree:(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 5 4. Brake gets healed up, which fire extinguisher is used:(a) Carbon-di-oxide (b) Foam (c) Dry chemical powder (d) None of the above 5. Fluctuations in hydraulic system pressure gauge occurs, the reason may be:(a) Hydraulic quantity more (b) Hydraulic quantity less (c) Due to cold froth formation occurs (d) All are correct 6. Fuselage station no. 138 is the distance from the datum, it indicates:(a) 13.8 cm (b) 138 inches (c) 138 cm (d) 1.38 cm 7. Station number 130 & 250, 130 is the datum from the nose, what is the measurement of the fuselage section:(a) 120 inches (b) 90 inches (c) 130 cm (d) 250 cm 8. Attachment of wing to the fuselage bolt is of:(a) Press fit (b) Push fit (c) Interference fit (d) Tight fit 9. The longitudinal members used for stiffening of skin to prevent buckling are known as:(a) Formers (b) Bulkheads

(c) Stringers (d) Frames 10. Nose wheel braking is:(a) Independent system (b) Is provided on touch down (c) Obtained after half travel of pedals (d) No braking is available for nose wheel 11. The point at which boundary layer becomes turbulent is called:(a) Separation point (b) Transition point (c) Trim point (d) Turbulent point 12. The zero lift incidence for a symmetrical aerofoil in tail plane is:(a) Positive (b) Negative (c) Zero (d) All are correct 13. In a vertical climb, the lift on the wing is:(a) Two times the weight (b) Zero (c) Half of the weight (d) None are correct 14. Function of steering damper in landing gear of large transport aircraft is for:(a) Shimmy damping (b) Steering (c) (a) & (b) are correct (d) Preventing ground looping 15. Aircraft is flying in warmer condition, the reading of the true speed indicator will be:(a) Higher (b) Remains the same (c) Lower (d) Initially lower & then remain same 16. In an aircraft equipped with tail anti-skid unit, the replacement of shoes is indicated by:(a) Red decals (b) Green decals (c) Wear dimples (d) Both (a) & (b) are correct 17. The pot life of sealant used in repair of fuel tanks is:(a) 2 hours (b) 4 hours (c) 6 hours (d) 8 hours 18. If the pitot system is blocked which of the system will be erroneous:(a) Altimeter

(b) Airspeed indicator (c) Potentiometer (d) Mach meter 19. Mark the wrong statement:(a) In a swept back wing the main load is taken by the front spar (b) In a swept back wing the main load is taken by the rear spar (c) In a wing the skin load is transferred to the spar (d) The wing caries the main aerodynamic loads 20. In the aircraft, cabin rate of climb is too high, the controller will send the signal to the outflow valve to:(a) Close slower (b) Close faster (c) Dump the cabin pressure (d) All are correct 21. Ice box rivets are:(a) D rivets 2017 (b) DD rivets 2024 (c) AD rivets 2117 (d) (a) & (b) are correct 22. In aircraft fuel vent system, float type valve is:(a) Located outward (b) Located inboard (c) Restrict the flow of fuel between the tanks (d) It is not a part of a fuel vent system 23. The indication of loose rivet on aircraft structure:(a) Grey (b) White (c) Green (d) (a) & (b) are correct 24. The purging of Pneumatic system is done to detect:(a) Leak in the system (b) Contamination (c) Pressure in the system (d) All correct 25. Vapour cycle system was functioning normally on initial start, but after some time there was no cooling effect, the reason is:(a) No refrigerant in the system (b) Water in the system (c) Low-pressure sense switch is not functioning (d) All are correct 26. Colour coding on the O ring determiners:(a) Age (b) Vapor compatibility (c) Temperature (d) All correct

27. In the figure shows:(a) Over balanced (b) Under balanced (c) As in (a) & to prevent flutter (d) None are correct 28. Which of the following method in balancing does not require removing of control surface:(a) Calculation method (b) Scale method (c) Trial & error method (d) Component method 29. Induced drag decreases with:(a) Increase in aspect ration (b) Increase in speed (c) Decrease in speed (d) (a) & (b) are correct 30. Mark the correct statement:(a) Flight spoilers are used only in flight (b) Ground spoilers used on ground (c) As in (a) & used with ground spoilers while landing (d) None are correct 31. Ram doors:(a) Fully open on ground (b) Open during landing (c) Provides cool air in flight (d) None are correct 32. Re-circulation fan in air conditioning system is used to:(a) Reduce the load on the compressor (b) Dehumidify cabin air by mixing with dry air (c) Acts as a redundant to the air with conditioned air (d) Combine emergency ram air with conditioned air 33. Corrosion in Spot welding can be detected by:(a) Dye penetreant method (b) X-Ray method (c) Ultra sonic method (d) All correct 34. Fire damage on aircraft structure is detected by:(a) Buckling (b) Eddy current (c) Non paint burn marks (d) None are correct 35. Mach meter measures the ratio of ___ to Local Speed of sound (a) TAS (b) IAS (c) EAS (d) CAS

36. If the weight of the aircraft is increased:(a) ROC decreases largely (b) Max. Speed decreases (c) Minimum speed decreases (d) All correct 37. Mark the correct statement:(a) In open center selector valves fluid flows through the valve in ON position (b) In open center selector valves fluid flows in three direction in ON position (c) In open center selector valve a limited amount of fluid flows in one direction & no fluid flows in the opposite direction. (d) In open center selector valves fluid flows through the valve in the OFF position 38. Air used for air-conditioning & pressurization is generally called:(a) Compressed air (b) Ram air (c) Bleed air (d) Conditioned air 39. Purpose of horizontal stabilizer is:(a) To provide laminar flow with respect to wing (b) Provides pitching movement (c) To aid the pilot during turning (d) All are correct 40. Element used in fire extinguishers:(a) Helium (b) Carbon tetra chloride (c) Carbon-di-oxide (d) Oxygen 41. To prevent inadvertent landing gear retraction ground:(a) Lock pins are used (b) Closing the landing gear selector lever (c) Locking the selector lever with thrust lever (d) None are correct 42. What is the indication of low tire pressure:(a) Treads from the center worn out (b) Tire bulging in the sidewall (c) Excessive wear in the shoulder area (d) Threads visible in the sides 43. Buffeting is the intermittent application of forces to a part of an airplane, it is caused by:(a) Incorrect rigging of flaps (b) Unsteady flow from turbulence (c) Incorrect rigging of ailerons (d) None are correct 44. After performing maintenance on an aircraft landing gear system, which may have affected the systems operation, it is usually necessary to:(a) Conduct a test flight

(b) Inspect the area after the first flight (c) Make an operational check with the aircraft on jacks (d) No check is required 45. Outflow valve:(a) Opens in air to maintain cabin pressure (b) Opens immediately after touchdown (c) Opens on ground as well as in air (d) All are correct 46. Flight spoilers:(a) Operates inn flight only (b) As in (a) & operates along with ailerons (c) Operates on ground also (d) All are correct 47. Zero fuel weight of an aircraft is:(a) Aircraft with fuel tanks full (b) Aircraft with fuel tanks empty (c) Aircraft with residual fuel in tanks (d) None are correct 48. Aircraft cables are checked for:(a) Corrosion (b) Tension (c) Abrasion (d) All are correct 49. Most important property of synthetic hydraulic fluid is:(a) Low viscosity (b) High flash point (c) Low moisture retention (d) All are correct 50. If an aircrafts constant-pressure hydraulic system cycles more frequently than usual, & no fluid leakage can be detected, the most probable cause is:(a) Pump volume output too high (b) Low accumulator air preload (c) Too high relief valve setting (d) All are correct 51. The marking of H on air valve indicates:(a) Low pressure valve (b) Medium pressure valve (c) High pressure valve (d) None are correct 52. The rate of roll of the aircraft doesnt depend upon:(a) Rolling (b) Pitching (c) Yawing (d) None are correct

53. Deviation errors in most magnetic compass is caused by:(a) Vertical Component of the Earths Magnetic field (b) Horizontal Component of Earths Magnetic field (c) Magnetic Dip (d) All are correct 54. Angle of attack at which Lift/Drag ratio is Maximum is called:(a) Optimum angle (b) Stalling angle (c) Efficient angle (d) None are correct 55. Mark the correct statement:(a) Diluter demand system is used by pilot & crew only (b) Continuous flow system is used by passengers only (c) Diluter demand system is used by passengers only (d) Continuous flow system is used by pilot & crew only 56. Turn indicator indicates:(a) Rate of turn (b) Trim (c) Bank (d) All are correct 57. In fluid deicing system, the plastic sealing strip is used:(a) To prevent electrolytic corrosion (b) For maintenance reason (c) (a) & (b) are correct (d) None are correct 58. In NDT during visual inspection, high quality image of area being viewed is recorded in:(a) Dye Penetrant method (b) Ultrasonic inspection method (c) Optical fiber method (d) Eddie current inspection method 59. Flight spoilers operates to reduce:(a) Lift (b) Drag (c) Turbulences (d) All are correct 60. The Auto Slat System:(a) (b) (c) (d)