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User Manual

2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch

Ver. 1.0.0-0803

or Multisync monitor capable of the highest resolution that you will be using on any computer in the installation A USB Keyboard A USB Mouse Computers The following equipment must be installed on each computer that is to be connected to the system: A VGA. SVGA. User Manual 3. KVM Cables 3. KVM-0223 2.English Package Contents 1. SVGA or Multisync video port A USB Type A port Hardware Review 1. USB keyboard/Mouse connector 6. Speaker Jack 4. Quick Installation Guide Requirements Console A VGA. Console Port 5. Video Connector 2 3 1 4 5 6 7 . Port LEDs 2. Speaker Plug 7.

4. 2. The keyboard and mouse ports are labeled with an icon to distinguish them. video. the switch will receive power from the computer. its USB cable must plug into the KVM-0223’s keyboard port for the Hotkeys to function. make sure that all the devices you will be connecting are properly grounded. Before you begin. *This step is optional Plug the USB. You can even connect a hub to install multiple USB devices. and can accept any USB compatible peripheral. 2. To prevent damage to your equipment. You must unplug the power cords of any computers that have the Keyboard Power On function. When using a wireless composite keyboard and mouse. and mouse into their ports on the KVM-0223. The mouse connector is actually a USB port. Installing your new KVM-0223 involves the following steps: 1. and speaker connectors of the attached KVM cables into their respective ports on the computers you are installing. Plug your speakers into the KVM-0223’s speaker jack. 3. Turn on the power to the computers. [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock] . Operation Hotkey Port Selection All hotkey port switches begin with tapping the Scroll Lock key twice. Otherwise. Plug your keyboard. Plug the keyboard in before plugging in the mouse. Note: The KVM-0223’s Power On default is to link to the first computer you turn on. monitor. make sure that the power to all the devices you will be connecting has been turned off.Installation Important 1.

(US English:33. 1. Sets a Generic keyboard operating platform. Sets the Sun keyboard operating platform. 3. Press and hold down the Num Lock key.Invoking Hotkey Mode: All Hotkey operations begin by invoking Hotkey Mode. Invoking Hotkey Mode takes three steps. Sets the PC Compatible keyboard operating platform. French: 08. and Auto Scan Modes. The alternate Skip Mode invocation keys are [Ctrl] + [Ctrl]. Sets the Mac keyboard operating platform. to the other one. [Esc] or [Spacebar] Exits Hotkey. key in one of the following keys to perform the corresponding function: Key H Function Toggles between the default and alternate HSM invocation keys. Sets the keyboard language layout. Invokes Auto Scan Mode. T Toggles between the default and alternate Skip Mode invocation keys. Press and release the minus [-] key. [A] Note: The Auto Scan feature automatically cycles through the two ports at regular 5-second intervals. Skip Mode Skip Mode is a shortcut method for port switching. Hotkey Summary Table Combination [Num Lock] + [-] [Port ID] + [Enter] Function Switches access to the computer that corresponds to that Port ID (1 or 2). simply tap the Scroll Lock key twice. F10 F1 F2 F3 F7 [F6] [nn] [Enter] Auto detects the keyboard operating platform (for PC compatible systems). the KVM focus switches from its current port. Hotkey Configuration After invoking HSM. Where nn is a two digit number that represents the keyboard language code. The alternate HSM invocation keys are [Ctrl] + [F12]. When you do this. 2. . To perform a skip. Release the Num Lock key.

2m USB 2048 x 1536. Troubleshooting Symptom Keyboard and/or Mouse Not Responding Possible Cause Keyboard / Mouse needs to be reset.3 x 2. wait 5 seconds. Turn off the computers. Switch needs to be reset. then plug it back in. Non-condensing Plastic 0. turn the computers back on. Humidity Housing Physical Weight Properties Dimensions (L x W x H) KVM-0223 2 Hotkey 1 x USB Type A Female (Black) 1 x HDB-15 Female (Blue) 1 x USB Type A Female (Black) 1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green) 2 x USB Type A Male (Black) 2 x HDB-15 Male (Blue) 2 x Mini Stereo Plug Male (Green) 2 (Green) 1. keyboard operating platform. Hotkey sequence input and release each key in the sequence individually. Resend the Hotkey command . Action Unplug the keyboard / mouse from the Console Keyboard Port. DDC2B 5 Seconds 0-50°C -20-60°C 0-80% RH. F5 R [Enter] Performs a USB reset. Environment Storage Temp.40 kg 8. Video Problems Specifications Function Computer Connections Port Selection Keyboard Console Video Ports Mouse Speaker Connectors Keyboard/ Mouse KVM Ports Video Speaker LEDs Selected Cable Computers Length Emulation Keyboard/ Mouse Video Scan Interval Operating Temp. Resets the Hotkey settings to their default status. and language code settings. Select a lower resolution and/or bandwidth.Japanese: 15) F4 Prints out the current hotkey.35 cm .1 x 6. Resolution and/or Refresh rate set too high.

Sun Keyboard Note: When using [Ctrl] combinations. press and release the Ctrl key. PS/2 Keyboard [Ctrl] [T] [Ctrl] [F2] [Ctrl] [F3] [Ctrl] [F4] [Ctrl] [F5] [Ctrl] [F6] [Ctrl] [F7] [Ctrl] [F8] [Ctrl] [F9] [Ctrl] [F10] [Ctrl] [1] [Ctrl] [2] [Ctrl] [3] [Ctrl] [4] [Ctrl] [H] Sun Keyboard Stop Again Props Undo Front Copy Open Paste Find Cut Help . then press and release the activation key.Keyboard Emulation Mapping The USB 101/104 key keyboard can emulate the functions of the Sun or Mac keyboard. The corresponding functions are shown in the table below.

then press and release the second key. PS/2 [Shift] [Ctrl] [Win] [Ctrl] [1] [Ctrl] [2] [Ctrl] [3] [Ctrl] [4] [Alt] [Prt_Sc] [Scroll Lock] [Desktop Menu] [Enter] [Back Space] [Ins] [Ctrl] [Win] Mac Keyboard Shift Ctrl L Alt/Option F13 F14 = Return Delete Help F15 V1. press and release the first key.0 .Mac Keyboard Note: When using key combinations.