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DEFINITY Systems. Servers Gateways. Survivability Solutions. Interface cards. Licensing Structure.

Legacy Systems – DEFINITY (No longer sold)
SMALL – Definity G3csi (Prologix), Definity One, IP600
CMC G600

MEDIUM – Definity G3si LARGE – Definity G3r


G600 •Single Port Network only •Up to 3 CMC or G600 cabinets •Single Location •Standard Reliability only DEFINITY . Definity One.LARGE •G3r Processor Only •Center Stage Switch (CSS) MCC cabinet •Switch Node Carrier – Indirect Fiber EI (Expansion Interface) to SNI (Switch Node Interface) •Up to 44 Port Networks (PNs) •Combinations of SCC and MCC •Standard.SMALL •G3csi (Prologix). High & Critical Reliability DEFINITY .FEATURES DEFINITY . High and Critical Reliability . •G3si Direct Fiber Connected •Standard.MEDIUM •G3si •Up to 3 Port Networks (PNs) •Combinations of MCC and SCC.

. Media Gateways are hardware elements which provide connectivity to a variety of end-points & trunks by deriving intelligence from the Server.AVAYA Media Servers & Gateways Integral components of AVAYA Converged Infrastructure solutions. It provides call processing & media processing capabilities to cater to individual enterprise needs. Media Server is the BRAIN (Intelligent) component of an AVAYA PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

.AVAYA Communication Manager (CM) High-quality. extensive mobility features & contact center functions. high performance voice-application software which is loaded onto the Media Server. Provides rich call-processing capabilities. Offers great flexibility from small. mid-size to large enterprises.

AVAYA Media Gateways .

G150 Gateway G150 2T+4A G150 4T+4A .

G250 Gateway Upto 14 extensions & 4 trunks or E1/T1 .

G350 Gateway Up to 72 extensions & 60 trunks .

G700 Gateway 450 extensions & 450 trunks .

G450 Gateway Upto 450 extensions & 450 trunks .

G650 Gateway G650 G650 with circuit packs inserted. .

G860 Gateway .

IG550 Gateway Up to 100 extensions & 60 trunks .

AVAYA Media Servers .

) .S8300 Server Up to 450 extensions& 450 trunks Availability Media Gateways supported G700 G450 G350 G250 IG550 Station & Trunk Support Up to 450 stations (IP. (Usually the 1st slot) Can support up to 50 Media Gateways. Analog & Digital) Up to 450 trunks. (Port networks not applicable. Networkin Redu ndanc y No ESS (Enterprise Survivabili ty Server) No LSP (Local Survivable Processor) Yes Comments -Operation modes include Internal Call Controller (ICC) or Local Survivable Processor (LSP) -Includes IA770 Messaging Software Application (Supported only in ICC Mode) Simplex Blade Server that resides within a Media Gateway Slot.

(a G700. emergency transfer switch functionality. -Uses the TN8412AP. or G250 Media Gateway that is connected to an S8400 Media Server can have an LSP installed) -Provides aVoIP based integrated messaging capability for up to 450 light duty users. Analog & Digital) Up to 400 trunks. Redundancy Networking Supports a single PN composed of G650. No Supports LSP. Can support up to 5 Media Gateways. G350. No ESS LSP Comments Simplex TN circuit pack (TN8400AP ) that resides in a G650 Gateway slot. or CMC cabinet. . toneclocks. customer/external alarms. G600. cabinet maintenance. S8400 IP Interface (SIPI) circuit pack to provide circuit pack control within its port network.S8400 Server Up to 900 extensions & 400 trunks Availability Media Gateways supported G650 G700 G450 G350 G250 IG550 Station & Trunk Support Up to 900 stations (IP.

Supports up to 64 Port Networks composed of G650. CMC. Analog & Digital) Up to 800 trunks. Rack mountable. G600.S8500C Server Up to 2400 extensions & 800 trunks Availability Media Gateways supported G650 G700 G450 G350 G250 IG550 Station & Trunk Support Up to 2400 stations (IP. -Operates in 4 modes Standalone Processor Ethernet (PE) LSP ESS . Networking Redunda ncy ESS LSP Comments Simplex server. Yes Yes Yes -Communicates with the Port network through IPSI. SCC1 or MCC1 cabinets. Can support up to 250 Media Gateways. -Has a RAM disk which can store backup in the event of disk failure for up to 72 hours.

-Duplex.000 IP endpoint) Up to 12.000 stations (Analog & Digital Up to 12. Up to 36. S8710. . Yes Yes No -Communicates with the Port network through IPSI.000 extensions (12. S8720 & S8730.(DAL board needed for hardware duplication) -Variants: S8700. High & Critical Reliability options. Supports up to 64 Port Networks composed of (G650) Can support up to 250 Media Gateways.000 IP) & 12.000 trunks S8720 Server Availability Media Gateways supported G650 G700 G450 G350 G250 IG550 G860 Station Trunk Support & Networking Redundan cy ESS LSP Comments Duplicated server. -Software & Hardware Duplication . Rack mountable.000 trunks.S87XX Server Up to 36.

G650 gateways connected by a single TDM bus cable back to back.e. • • • . CMC. not a circuit pack residing in the gateway) Example of a PN: A stack of 5. SCC or MCC cabinets.PORT NETWORKS • A Port Network (PN) is a combination or stack of media gateways that provide physical ports & interfaces for handling calls. G600. A PN communicates with the server thru an IPSI if the server is modular ( i. PNs comprise of G650.

• Server configured as an LSP provides local call processing capabilities for the Branch Location (only) on event of failure of the Main Server. • Preserves all features available in normal operation like Call center agents. .Local Survivable Processors (LSP) • Local Survivable Processors are prompted into action when the Primary Call Controller (Server at the Main Location) is unavailable or when the link connecting the Primary Call Controller & the branch location LSP is down. Local announcements etc.

LSP – A Scenario… Communication Manager Central Data Applications Primary Link Failure H248 Registration Attempts Gateway 48 H2 l ro nt Co IP Phones IP IP Phones Media Gateways Analog Phones Digital/Analog Trunks Router Be ar e r DCP Phones PSTN Branch Location Central Location Vo ic e H2 25 Analog. DCP Phones .

or when connectivity to the main server(s) is lost •Enterprise Survivable Servers can be deployed where needed throughout the network to provide increased communications continuity •ESS provide full call processing capabilities to the main location as well as all the branch locations controlled by the Main location. .Enterprise Survivable Processors (ESS) •Enterprise Survivable Servers allow backup servers to be placed at various places in a network so that communications can continue in the event that the main server(s) fails.

NORMAL OPERATION Main S8700 Cluster S8500 ESS Gateway 1 Gateway 2 LAN or WAN Gateway 4 Gateway 3 LAN or WAN .

SERVER FAILURE SCENARIO Main S8700 Cluster IPSIs request Backup Cluster take over S8500 ESS Gateway 1 Gateway 2 LAN or WAN Gateway 4 Gateway 3 LAN or WAN .

Call classification & Clock generation •Compatible with CMC1. •For configurations where voice bearer is over IP. MCC1. G600.Tone detection. G650 gateways.TN2312BP IP Server Interface (IPSI) •Provides the communication interface between the server and media gateways or port networks. . •Each IPSI can control up to 5 Port networks if the voice bearer is over a CSS( center stage switch ). •Responsible for gateway control and for tunneling call control messages back to the server. there must be one IPSI per Port network. SCC1. •Provides Tone generation .

Connectivity to various adjuncts like Avaya CMS (Call Management System). A maximum of 64 CLANs can be used for each configuration. CDR (Call Detail Recording) etc. INTUITY AUDIX.TN799DP CLAN (Control LAN) •CLAN provides IP interface for many functions. media gateway control signaling . . •Provides call control for all IP endpoints that are connected to S8500 or S87XX media server using the G650 media gateway. (Acts as a Gatekeeper to which all the IP phones register to) •The number of CLANs required depend upon the number of devices connected. printers. including: call signaling for IP stations and IP trunks.

TN2302AP MedPro that provides up to 64 voice channels. enables communication between IP .analog & digital phones) • Performs Echo cancellation. • There are two variants namely 1. 2. The difference is that the CLAN controls the call. while the medpro provides the codecs that are used for the audio on the call. Silence suppression and DTMF detection. TN2602AP Media Resource that provides up to 320 voice channels.e.MedPro (Media Processor) • Handles audio processing for VoIP (provides DSP resources for conversion of TDM to IP & vice versa i. . • The CLAN differs from a media processor.

LICENSES In a normal Office PBX scenario the following licenses would be required: • 1 CM User license for every user. • 1 EC500 license for every Extension-to-cellular feature user. • 1 Voice mail license for every Voice mail user. • If a NICE logger is used 1 Channel License for every Voice call/Screen being recorded and 1 CLS license. • 1 TSAPI license for every user using any AES/CTI features. In a Contact Center scenario the following additional licenses would be required: • 1 Agent license for every concurrent agent logging into the System. . • 1 Agent license on the CMS (if applicable). • 1 Soft phone license for every Soft phone user.

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