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Mass Effect 2 Armor and Casual Wear Hacks

Hacking Mass Effect 2 with the Gibbed Save editor (see earlier Hacked Hair project posts) is relatively simple. It lets you change shep's hair, coloring, and you can add in TIM's creepy eyes, etc. But everything from the neck down is off limits. Hmm.... That sounded wrong. Point being, the morphhead info for your Shep is all in YOUR files (under My Documents on your computer). It requires a Gibbed Editor to change features after you build Shepard in the character creator and to add in certain, non-standard features. Adding anything below the neck, however, is all about what resources are available for your character to use, and that is all game files which, in ME2, are in the Program Files (likely on your C:/ drive). It is all the realm of the .ini files. Thus, to change clothes and armors available to you in ME2, you will need to hack the .ini file. NOTE!: The Bioware team has stated that if you mod your game AT ALL (including Gibbed hacks) YOU are responsible for anything you break. It could break the game in any myriad ways, render subsequent DLC unusable, and/or your import into ME3 might be totally hosed. Just know that if you try this, it's at your own risk. (GameTourists will not be responsible for breaks either.) So think about it first, and BACK UP YOUR .ini FILE!

Modding Casual Uniforms (The Easiest Case)
To hack the .ini file, you will need the Mass Effect 2 Coalesced Editor and then you need to BACK UP YOUR .INI FILE! (Twice, in 2 different places. I'm serious about that. You want a pure, unaltered file to revert to if the game breaks. The Coalesced.ini file is likely in C:/>ProgramFiles>MassEffect2>BioGame>Config>PC>Cooked.) Alright. Let's start with the easiest hack: casual uniforms. You are likely as sick of Cerberus uniforms as I am. Let's get some new casual uniforms. The simple way to do this is to just find projects where people post their .ini files. You can then download their hacked .ini files, replace your own .ini file in C:/>ProgramFiles>MassEffect2>BioGame>Config>PC>Cooked and start up the game. When you go to your armor locker, you'll now have additional stuff in the closet. I found several such projects on the BSN forums. (And again, ALWAYS back up your .ini file before overwriting it.) But me, I like to know what I'm hacking and why. Plus, I had my flycam stuff set up, so I didn't want to overwrite that with someone else's stuff. So I dowloaded a modded .ini file, loaded it up, looked to see how they did their stuff, and then re-created the pieces of it myself. It took a while, but I found: 1) Where to go in the ME2 coalesced editor to make changes to casual uniforms and armor. 2) What the codes are that you will need (list at end of blog). Okay, for #1: • • • • • • • Back up your .ini file twice if you haven't already (again, it's in C:/>ProgramFiles>MassEffect2>BioGame>Config>PC>Cooked) Fire up the Coalesced Mass Effect 2 editor Go to the BioGame tab on the left-hand side of the screen Scroll down the list there until you get to the Pawn_Player listing and hit the (+) to open it Here, you'll see a host of "appearances" - torso, helmet, shoulder, legs, arms all relate to the armor pieces. Casual is your casual uniform types. patterns and colors are, naturally, the custom patterns and colors for changing up your default N7 armor. Right click anywhere in this list and choose "New Settings" > "Add Batch Settings" A box will pop up. This is where you will enter in the codes for new stuff for your armor/clothes locker. You can copy and paste codes from the end of this blog post or other places on the 'net have these codes, too. Keep in mind that the code MUST begin Such-andSuchAppearances=(code here) for the code to work. Typing in just the code without that designation will not work and will give you a blank slot.

for example. Quite humorous." Your armor is now changed. Also.a small silver hoop that I can't see under my shep's hair.Earrings. #1 is something that looks like a fish's spine. Close the editor and fire up the game. essentially) to get just the hacked armor body by itself. etc. Hit "Accept. You just have to wear something in the head slot with hacked-in armor.ini file (and back up the .except that they're really a torso plus all limbs.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.SFXGameEffect_Gear _Visor").PlotFlag=-1) LegAppearances=(Id=4.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PR O.GameEffects=("SFXGame. Close the editor and fire up the game.ini file again). If your shep's ears show. Thus. in that the codes are set to work for male or female. Another Note: the ID # doesn't really matter . but I didn't get a picture for everything: . That also means each new DLC will require you to re-enter all your hacks to the . floating as a torso in the air. if you hack in a new armor.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.Type=CustomizableType_Arms. or whatever . but her head will be half-sticking out of it.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet"). You will note that these codes are unisex. Now when you go to your armor locker aboard the Normandy (or on Lazarus station at the beginning of the game). Take the torso slider and move it over to the torso armor you put in. nor does it cover everything.Hit OKAY to add your new batch of codes (however many you choose to add) to the list. and shoulders on top of that body. then I put the hacks back in once I see the DLC is working properly.HMF_HAT_Er2_MDL" . Once you've entered your codes (in the same way you enter casual armor). You have to "turn off" the default armor pieces (turn off the extra limbs. will show up at the proper time without trouble . Armor codes are TorsoAppearances .ini file.again. but still have an extra set of legs. To do that.PlotFlag=-1) Those essentially "turn off" each piece of armor. really. Save your changes by Rebuilding the Coalesced file (Commands tab at the top of the editor). full codes in a moment . I use Er2 . it's best to add in all the DLC that you plan to use BEFORE hacking your . The DLCs (like Kasumi) will then "work around" your hacks.Earrings. DLC will always overwrite your .PlotFlag=-1) HelmetAppearances=(Id=50. Move the arms. you get sets a number after what you've got in your locker).earrings #2."SFXGame.ini file back to the unaltered version before I install new DLC.ini file. The Kasumi fancy dress. This is just my compiled list of codes. If you turn them all off without turning on a new torso. you might want to play with this until you find something unobtrusive or fitting for your shep. sans arms and legs.) The #s go from 1-999. You can also use a visor. you will essentially get new body. the head mesh will get confused and try to place a helmet on shep. so I like to give it something clean to work with. or other helmet. you need to put in the torso appearance that you want (codes in a moment) AND you will need the following codes hacked in as well: • • • • ArmAppearances=(Id=4. The "helmet" there is actually earrings.HMF_HAT_Er2_MDL". you simply choose the "Armor" and go down to the individual pieces. under Casual Appearances you'll find all your new clothes.Type=CustomizableType_Shoulders. Some pictures follow. arms. codes follow). Now.PlotFlag=-1) ShoulderAppearances=(Id=4. Do the same for selecting your helmet (or earrings or visor. hat. hit OKAY to add them to the list. The reason for this is that if you don't have something in the helmet slot. so just pick something unlikely to get used twice. shoulders. and legs sliders over to the "blank" slot. Modding Armor Armor is a little trickier. Save your changes by Rebuilding the Coalesced file (Commands tab at the top of the editor). It gets very odd looking: For the helmet slot. The Codes: This is list not comprehensive. I always change my .you just need to make sure that you don't use the same ID # for 2 of the same things (torsos. when you go to your armor locker. casuals.

H VYb. there are multiple variations of colors and textures. Thus far.ARMOR: • Old N7 Armor.HMF_ARM_MEDb_MAT_1a").HVYa.HMM_ARM_HVYb_MDL".HMF_ARM_MEDa_MAT_1a").HVYb.HMF_ARM_HVYb_MDL".MEDb. Some are GLORIOUS.HVYb.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.) Variants of Medium Armors (Casual Appearances only) 1a: Gray junk armor 2a: Green camo 3a:White w/purple webbing and blue lights 4a:camo – brown/white 5a:Dark grey w/yellow lights (Kaidan's horizon armor) 6a:Green camo w/ green lights 7a:Padded gray 8a:padded brown 9a:padded w/ lights 10a: yellow w/ lights 11a: phoenix reddish-brown 12a: black colossus w/ red webbing and lights 13a: red w/ red lights 14a: yellow w/ lights 15a: black/white camo w/ lights 16a: light white camo 17a: eclipse merc armor 18a: blue suns merc armor • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .HMF_ARM_HVYa_MAT_1a").Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_MED_R.FemaleMaterialOverride= "BIOG_HMF_ARM_HVY_R. I want to hear about it.PlotFlag=-1) • Heavy Armor (white.HMM_ARM_HVY b_MAT_1a". and so on.PlotFlag=-1) • Medium Armor: TorsoAppearances=(Id=61. Many hacked armors are medium to LOW resolution and will appear pixealted and grainy.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMM_ARM_HVY a_MAT_1a".PlotFlag=-1) NOTE: • A LOT of hacked armors look weird because they were meant for NPCs that you see in passing or are supposed to be too busy shooting at to notice their clothes. as I'm a huge fan of #5a (Kaidan's Horizon armor .MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R. But they only work in casual mode. modders have not found a way around this. However. if you load them up as casual uniforms ("CasualAppearances=" instead of "TorsoAppearances=") and change the "MAT_1a" to "MAT_2a" and 3a.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_HVY_R.HMM_ARM_ME Da_MAT_1a".MEDa.yum.MEDb. Now. looks like Ursa Armor from ME1): TorsoAppearances=(Id=62. Heavy: TorsoAppearances=(Id=60.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_HVY_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_MED_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R. It's really too bad.MEDa.HMM_ARM_MEDb_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_HVY_R.HMF_ARM_MEDb_MDL".HMF_ARM_HVYb_MAT_1a").FemaleMaterialOverrid e="BIOG_HMF_ARM_MED_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_HVY_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_HVY_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R.HMM_ARM_ME Db_MAT_1a".FemaleMaterialOverrid e="BIOG_HMF_ARM_MED_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_HVY_R.HMM_ARM_HVYa_MDL". and 4a.PlotFlag=-1) • Old N7 Armor.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMF_ARM_MEDa_MDL". thus you can only wear them around the Normandy and other casual armor situations (like Samara's loyalty quest).Type=CustomizableType_Torso.M EDb. Medium: TorsoAppearances=(Id=59.HVYa.HMM_ARM_MEDa_MDL".HMF_ARM_HVYa_MDL".HVYa.M EDa.MEDb.H VYa.MEDa.FemaleMaterialOverride= "BIOG_HMF_ARM_HVY_R. though if they do.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R.HVYb. HERE is a kooky thing: These medium and heavy armors "a" ("b" is the N7 armor) will only go to their defaults in armor mode.

Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").GameEff ects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor" ). Cap.Cosmo.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").PlotFlag=-1) Cyclops Visor: HelmetAppearances=(Id=9.bHideHair=True) .Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Pl otFlag=-1) FullGlasses: HelmetAppearances=(Id=6.HMF_HAT_Cap_MDL"."SFXGame. These load up only when in armor mode. choose that to turn the shoulders "off".PlotFlag=-1) Beret (brown only): HelmetAppearances=(Id=12.HMM_HAT_MTR_MDL".Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO. for example."SFXGame.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.HMF_HAT_MTR_MDL".Another cool thing that these armor hacks will let you do is mess with the default N7 pieces you have.HMM_HAT_Cap_MDL"."SFXGame."SFXGame.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R. Cosmo.Cap.HMM_HAT_CYC_MDL".HMF_HAT_Brt_MDL".SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor"). Beret.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet. MotoGlasses.SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor").G lassesFull.HMM_HAT_GLF_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").GameEffects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_Vi sor").Beret.PlotFlag=-1).SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor").GlassesFull."SFXGame. If you want to take off the massive shoulder pads.GameEffects=("SFXGame.PlotFlag=-1) Moto Visor: HelmetAppearances=(Id=8.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet".SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor").Ga meEffects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor").GlassesHalf.PlotFlag=-1) SR1 blue baseball cap: HelmetAppearances=(Id=14.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R."SFXGame.GameEffects =("SFXGame.HMM_HAT_MTG_MDL". you can just load up the ShoulderAppearances=(Id=4.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").HMM_HAT_Brt_MDL".G lassesHalf.bHideHair= True).HMF_HAT_CYC_MDL"). HalfGlasses: HelmetAppearances=(Id=5.Moto.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.MotoGlasses.Cyclops.HMF_HAT_GLA_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Shoulders.HMF_HAT_Cos_MDL". Moto.G ameEffects=("SFXGame. PlotFlag=-1) .HMF_HAT_Cub_MDL".HMM_HAT_GLH_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Helmet. too.SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor").Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.GameEffects=("SFXGame.C yclops. though you can hack the hats on as a hairmesh over a crew-cut using Gibbed.HMF_HAT_MTG_MD L").HMF_HAT_GLH_MDL".PlotFlag=1) Visor Variant: HelmetAppearances=(Id=10.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.HMM_HAT_Cub_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Helmet. PlotFlag=-1) "Cuban" brown hat w/ brim: HelmetAppearances=(Id=13.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet".Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.HMM_HAT_Cos_MDL".Cuban.GameEffect s=("SFXGame. Cuban.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Plot Flag=-1) MotoGlasses: HelmetAppearances=(Id=7.GameEffects=("SFXGame. Helmets and Earrings: Helmets are nice."SFXGame."SFXGame.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.bHideHair=True) .SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor")."SFXGame.

HMF_HAT_Er1_MDL".FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHh.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Doctor variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=33. non-arm codes as well and give yourself a helmet.HMM_ARM_M EDe_MAT_2a".PlotFlag=-1) Beanie variant: HelmetAppearances=(Id=17.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Officer. of course.bHideHair=Tr ue).PlotFlag=-1) Doctor variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=34.CTHh. non-shoulder.PlotFlag=-1) Beanie (cap): HelmetAppearances=(Id=16.CTHh.PlotFlag=-1) Earrings: HelmetAppearances=(Id=18.CTHh.HMM_ARM_CT . can be changed from Er 1 to any # between 1 and 7.HMF_HAT_Off_MDL".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_ CTHh_MAT_6a").HMF_HAT_Bn1_MDL". visor.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.MEDe.HMF_ARM_CTHh_MAT_2a"). or earrings): Doctor variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=35.PlotFlag=-1) Doctor variant (liara?): CasualAppearances=(Id=32.Type=CustomizableType_Torso. custom casual uniforms are as follows (these can.HMF_ARM_CTHh_MAT_5a").HMF_ARM_CTHh_MDL".SFXGameEffect_Gear_Viso r").Beanie02.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.MEDe.) Custom casual uniforms: Okay.SFXGameEffect_Ge ar_Visor")."SFXGame.HMM_HAT_Bn2_MDL".FemaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHh_MDL".CTHh.Blue alliance admiral's hat (for the cocky): HelmetAppearances=(Id=15.HMF_ARM_CTHh_MDL".CTHh. you'll need to set the non-leg.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R.HMF_ARM_ CTHh_MAT_7a"). that last one ^ earrings.GameEffects=("SFXGame.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Doctor variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=30. Beanie02.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").CTHh.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO. Officer.FemaleMaterialOverri de="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO. MEDe.HMF_HAT_Bn2_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R.PlotFlag=-1) Doctor variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=29.HMM_ARM_CT Hh_MAT_2a". CTHh.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").GameEffects =("SFXGame.Mesh=(Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_ R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R.GameEffects=("SFXGame.SFXGameEffect_Gear_ Visor").Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.if you do that.HMM_ARM_MEDe_MDL".SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").HMF_ARM_CTHh_MAT_4a").Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_MED_R."SFXGame.PlotFlag=-1) (Again.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.FemaleMaterialOverri de="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. be made into "armor" by simply adding in "TorsoAppearances=" instead of "CasualAppearances=" .HMF_ARM_CTHh_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHh_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHh_MDL".SFXGameEffect_Gear_N7Helmet").HMM_ARM_M EDe_MAT_1a".HMM_HAT_Bn1_MDL".SFXGameEffect_Gear_Visor").CTHh.Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.CTHh.Type=CustomizableType_Torso. MEDe.Earrings.CTHh.FemaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. Beanie01.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHh.bHideHai r=True).bHide Hair=True).HMF_HAT_Er1_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Helmet.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMM_ARM_CTHh_MDL".Female="BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO. CTHh.Ear rings.Beanie. hat."SFXGame.HMM_ARM_MEDe_MDL".GameEffects=("SFXGame."SFXGame.Mesh=(Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_ R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.CTHh.HMM_HAT_Off_MDL".

Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHh.CTHh.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHf_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHe_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHf_MAT_1a").CTHg.HMM_ARM_CTHe_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHf_MDL".CTHf.HMF_ARM_CTHd_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHf_MDL".CTHe.CTHf.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHe.CTHd.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHe.PlotFlag=-1) VI body: CasualAppearances=(Id=18.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHf. CTHd.HMF_ARM_CTHe_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHg_MDL".CTHd.HMM_ARM_CTHe_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Hh_MAT_1a".CTHg.PlotFlag=-1) Slave wear variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=22.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MAT_6a").HMF_ARM_CTHf_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHf_MAT_4a").HMM_ARM_CT He_MAT_3a".FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHf_MAT_3a").Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Ugly Prison wear variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=25.HMM_ARM_CTHd_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHd_MAT_1a").PlotFlag=-1) Consort's Dress (pink w/ cutouts): CasualAppearances=(Id=28. CTHe.PlotFlag=-1) .MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHd.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMM_ARM_CTHf _MAT_3a".HMF_ARM_CTHf_MDL".Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHf_MDL".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHh_MAT_1a").HMF_ARM_CTHf_MAT_2a").FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. CTHf.HMF_ARM_CTHe_MAT_1a").CTHg.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hg_MAT_2a".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. CTHf.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Dress: CasualAppearances=(Id=20.HMF_ARM_CTHg_MAT_1a").CTHf.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHg_MDL".FemaleMaterialOverride="B IOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT He_MAT_1a".CTHf.PlotFlag=-1) Ugly Prison wear variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=24. CTHf.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R. CTHe.HMM_ARM_CTHg_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHh_MDL".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHf.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. CTHg.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hd_MAT_3a".FemaleMaterialOverride="B IOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. CTHg.HMM_ARM_CTHf _MAT_2a".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHd.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHd_MDL".CTHf.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.FemaleMaterialOverride="B IOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hg_MAT_1a".CTHf.PlotFlag=-1) Short-sleeved blue and black Dress: CasualAppearances=(Id=19.CTHc.HMM_ARM_CTHf _MAT_4a".PlotFlag=-1) Ugly Prison wear variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=27.HMM_ARM_CT Hd_MAT_2a".FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Belly Dress (?): CasualAppearances=(Id=21.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHd_MAT_3a").HMF_ARM_CTHd_MDL".CTHg.CTHe.HMM_ARM_CT He_MAT_2a".HMF_ARM_CTHd_MAT_2a").Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CTHd_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHd.Type=CustomizableType_Torso. CTHe.CTHd.HMM_ARM_CTHf_MDL".CTHf.CTHd.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHf.CTHd.PlotFlag=-1) Ugly Prison wear variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=26. CTHd.CTHf.CTHe.

SR1 casual wear): CasualAppearances=(Id=57.CTHc.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHb.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MAT_3a").CTHb.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hc_MAT_5a".PlotFlag=-1) Alliance Casual (same as ME1.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hc_MAT_3a".CTHb.HMM_ARM_CTHb_ MAT_4a".HMF_ARM_CTHb_MAT_2a").HMF_ARM_CTHb_MDL".CTHb.HMF_ARM_CTHb_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MDL".HMM_ARM_CT Hd_MAT_1a".HMF_ARM_CTHb_MAT_4a").FemaleMaterialOverride="B IOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.HMM_ARM_CTHb_MDL".CTH b.CTHb.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MAT_5a").FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CT Hb.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CTHb _MAT_6a".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHb.CTHc.CTHc.HMM_ARM_CTHb_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CT Hb.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MDL".PlotFlag=-1) Blue and Black Casual variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=9.CTHb.CTHc.CTHb. CTHd.Type=CustomizableType_Torso. CTHc.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Long red and purple dress (Liara's visit dress): CasualAppearances=(Id=17.CTHc.HMF_ARM_CTHb_MDL".Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hc_MAT_2a".HMM_ARM_CTHb_MDL".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CTHb_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MAT_2a").Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Long blue and red dress: CasualAppearances=(Id=15.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHb.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHc.HMF_ARM_CTHb_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHc_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHb_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHc_MDL".PlotFlag=-1) Long Red dress (asari councilwoman's dress): CasualAppearances=(Id=13.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CTHc_MDL".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.CTHc.CTHc.CTHb.HMM_ARM_CTHd_MDL".HMM_ARM_CTHc_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHc_MAT_4a").PlotFlag=-1) Casual variant (black): CasualAppearances=(Id=11.HMF_ARM_CTHb_MAT_5a"). CTHc. CTHc.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MAT_1a").Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Long Black dress w/ orange trim: CasualAppearances=(Id=14.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso. CTHb.PlotFlag=-1) Detached sleeves + cutout casual variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=10.HMM_ARM_CT Hb_MAT_7a".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.FemaleMaterialOverride=" BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHd.PlotFlag=-1) Alliance Casual variant: CasualAppearances=(Id=8.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R. CTHc.HMM_ARM_CTHb_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHc_MDL".CTHb.HMF_ARM_CTHb_MAT_1a").MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.CTHb.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHc.HMF_ARM_CTHc_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHb.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHb.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.FemaleMaterialOverride=" BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) .PlotFlag=-1) Long blue and white dress: CasualAppearances=(Id=16.HMF_ARM_CTHb_MAT_3a").Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHb.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMM_ARM_CTHb_ MAT_5a".HMM_ARM_CT Hc_MAT_4a".CTH b.HMM_ARM_CTHb _MAT_3a".FemaleMaterialOverride="B IOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.

HMM_ARM_CTHa_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso. CTHa.CTHb.012664.CTHa.CTHa.ParameterValue=(R=0.HMM_ARM_CT Ha_MAT_5a".PlotFlag=-1) Brown officer least bars: CasualAppearances=(Id=53.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R. but colors are relatively easy to do.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MAT_1a").Parameter Value=(R=0.012664.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.PlotFlag=-1) Alliance officer – full bars: CasualAppearances=(Id=52.Stripe3Param=(ParameterName="Stripe_Color_03".012664.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.012664.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.CTHa. 012664.B=0.A=1. 000000)).G=0.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_PatternColor. however.PlotFlag=-1) Custom armor colors: I do not know how to mod patterns for armor.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MDL". CTHa.HMM_ARM_CT Ha_MAT_4a".FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHa. In this case.CTHa.Stripe2Param=(ParameterName="Stripe_Color_02".012664. CTHa.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.012664.CTHa.012664. CTHa. I wanted to make a stripe down the side of the default N7 armor into the same shade of black as the black armor.HMM_ARM_CT Ha_MAT_2a".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Ha_MAT_3a".PlotFlag=-1) Alliance officer – midbars: CasualAppearances=(Id=51.CTHa.CTHa.Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CT Hb_MAT_1a".HMF_ARM_CTHa_MAT_3a").FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. You can follow the Tint1Appearances tabs for the kind of codes for the armor colors and change up the RGB codes there.B=0.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MDL".Mesh=(Male="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.HMM_ARM_CTHa_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.A=1.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MAT_4a").ParameterValue=(R=0.CTHa.PlotFlag=-1) Alliance officer – least bars: CasualAppearances=(Id=50. . CTHb.HMM_ARM_CTHb_MDL".Type=CustomizableType_Torso.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MDL". CTHa.CTHa.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHa.012664.G=0.000000)).HMM_ARM_CTHa_MDL".HMM_ARM_CT Ha_MAT_1a".Pattern=(Stripe1Param=( ParameterName="Stripe_Color_01".G=0.CTHa.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MAT_2a").CTHa.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.B=0.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.CTHa.HMM_ARM_CTHa_MDL".HMF_ARM_CTHa_MDL".Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MAT_6a").CTHa.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MAT_5a").Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MDL".MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R. I found the RGB vectors in the Tint1Appearances list and made a new Pattern Color Appearances to match: • PatternColorAppearances=(Id=21.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R. I had to overwrite an existing color because there are only so many slots available.CTHa.000000)))) The RGB values there can be whatever.FemaleMaterialOverride ="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R. To do that.A=1.CTHa.MaleMaterialOverride="BIOG_HMM_ARM_CTH_R.Type=CustomizableType_Torso.Female="BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.HMF_ARM_CTHa_MDL".PlotFlag=-1) Brown officer mid bars: CasualAppearances=(Id=54.HMM_ARM_CTHa_MDL".Brown officer highest bars: CasualAppearances=(Id=55.

why I'm blogging it in case my way of thinking about it helps anyone else figure it out. In the last post.) . it would bog down the gameplay tremendously. Okay. to continue the metaphor. If you manage to track down the codes for Shep's nekkidness. it looked pretty dumb. please read my blog post about that and start there. but that only works for certain costumes. They would get in the way and the actors would trip on them when they were trying to leave the stage. I thought: So I wanted to change that. has a set range of costumes. first. When Shepard hits a no-air world. Other costumes . Shepard. Hence. etc. being nekkid. In other words. so I am going to use one that I do know: Miranda's breather mask. It would be stupid for all the sets and costumes to be right backstage for the entire 40 hour+ show. Simply telling the .ini file and how to input new armor/casual wear codes into the armor locker.ini file to put it in Shepard's armor locker is not enough. I do not have all the codes for this. So this requires a 2 part hack. she wears a helmet. Secondly." So far so good. I get confused by reading lines of mod codes on forum threads and sort of need context to be able to figure this stuff out. Or. Sadly. Think of it this way: Mass Effect 2 is a play and the Coalesced.ini file into saying that the script is right for Shep to wear what you want. are meant ONLY for certain moments in the play. Get Ready for a 2-Part Hack FIRST: BACK UP YOUR COALESCED. You must also tell the armor locker that it is the right time to use the breather mask. that mask is specific to Miranda. I detailed how you can add a few more options to her closet. but also tells them that it is the right time in the play to put that costume on. It has the instructions for hacking the Coalesced. Kelly's dancer suit. that's up to you. In other words. if you don't already know how to hack in custom casual wear and armors (old N7 armor. as a sort of visiting co-director get to choose a few. You have to pass a note to the stagehand that not only tells them to put that costume in Shepard's locker. you have to trick the .ini file is the script. the lead. the game only loads what files it absolutely needs.). With modded armor. Okay. full props to both ELE and reverie from the BSN (Bioware Social Network) for pointing me in the right direction on this and answering my questions. I wanted Shepard to wear Miri's breather mask so as to let Shepard's face be seen. Again. You. now shep.INI FILE.Miranda's breather mask. (Just a reminder.Mass Effect 2 Specialty Clothing Hacks I WILL tell you is the means by which to use non-standard armor on Shepard. wear that. So the stagehands put them away in their respective cast dressing rooms until they are needed. Sneaking Stuff into Shep's Dressing Room: Wearing clothing not intended for Shepard is a tricky thing. It's sort of like passing a note to a stagehand and saying "Get me a copy of that costume for Shep's room.

there would simply be an empty slot with nothing in it. when you hit "4" on your number pad (be sure to have NumLock ON) the game will think that Shepard is in a case where she can use Miranda's breather mask. I always have to hit 4 and then 7 and set this mask up at the beginning of a mission if I want to see this mask.0 showmenu | OnTap 3. BioH_Vixen_01" ) and Bindings=( Name="NumPadSeven" .) You can tell this is working because there is often a pause and the "Loading" icon pops up for a second as that item is loaded in. find [SFXGame. Don't be surprised if she's rather blankly stoic with this thing on. but I often found the mask would un-select if you didn't choose all the armor at the same time as choosing the mask. THAT is where the second keybinding you put in comes into play. Save your changes by rebuilding the coalesced file under the commands tab at the top of the editor.0 OpenGUI Personalization" ) Now. 2) Under the BioInput tab. try the Modding is Possible threads on the Bioware Social Network: Command="OnlyLoadLevel BioH_Leading_01 | OnlyLoadLevel . You cannot use it. Shepard will be wearing this mask from the beginning of a no-air mission . Now.Type=CustomizableType_Helmet. 3. So that's the secret to hacking on non-standard armor: First. a piece of your torso armor to make the changes "stick." I don't know why that is. When she opens up the armor locker. For more codes. Basically. hit "4. 2. it will be in the locker and she can equip it.SFXPawn_Player] and add: HelmetAppearances=(Id=90. Sometimes.HMF_HGR_LGTa_MDL". LGTa.bHasBreather=True). having this mask on can mess with Shep's custom armor.Mesh=(Female="BIOG_HMF_HGR_MIR_R. Shepard wasn't meant to wear this mask.SFXGameModeBase] and add: Bindings=( Name="NumPadFour". Supposedly. they didn't really bother to animate her face under her breather helmet. Now you have on a non-Shepard-standard piece of armor.PlotFlag=-1) ^ that adds Miri's mask into your armor locker. That keybinding means that you can access your armor locker wherever you are. re-choose. select your armor options. however. Command="OnlyLoadLevel BioD_Nor_000Cabin | OnTap 2. and hit "Apply" to close the locker. You can either load it up before you leave the Normandy. take the helmet slider over to the breather fiddly selection required.1) Under the BioGame tab in the Mass Effect 2 Coalesced editor. with NumLock ON) and you bring up your armor locker. I've read if you hit NumPad 4 during the squad selection screen. or you can load it once the mission starts. A few things to note: 1.SFXGameEffect_Gear_De athMask")." When the armor locker opens." then hit "7. THEN you need to find the additional situational code to make the game think that it's the right time to use that armor and bind THAT code to a key in the GameModeBase. I'm not near the locker when I'm on the Collector ship (or wherever). find the code for the armor itself and put it under Pawn_Player section of the BioGame tab in the Mass Effect 2 Coalesced editor. Close the editor and fire up the game. Sometimes you will need to "re-load" . While I've gotten lovely shots of her with it on. Just hit "7" on the number pad (again. it hacks the armor and sometimes strange stuff happens. To put on the breather mask. But wait! you say. whenever you in.GameEffects=("SFXGame. Now you can put on whatever you want. causing her to revert to default N7 armor in mission-start cutscenes. go to the [SFXGame. 4. I have never gotten that to work. (In any other situation. .bioware.

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