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Sree Krishna Solutions [Your Code with us - 524450] Plot No.47 Dwaraka nagar Gajularamaram Hyderabad 500055 India With reference to your above quotation, we request you to supply the following materials / services subject to terms and conditions mentioned. PO No. PO Date Amendment Amendment : 5800151535 : 21.08.2012 No : Date :

Quotation No/Date : Payment Terms Price Basis Insurance : Due Net 45 days : Free on Road / Rail Biologics Bachupally,Hyd : To your account

S No Material Code Material Description

Qty (UoM)

Unit Rate (INR)

Discount % Per Qty Abs. Val

ED/Ecess/ HCess %

VAT/CST/ S.Tax/ WC % VAT 5.00

Total Value (INR)


920006957 Lab Consumables Viz PP POURINGS Autoclavable , Code: P2106-09PSD , 1000/Pack , require 1 pack... Delivery Schedule 30.08.2012 Delivery Qty 1,000 (EA)

1,000.000 (EA)

30,000.00 Per 1,000 EA

10-% -


Special Instructions : 1. Pl. arrange Min. Shelf life @ 80% where ever applicable from the date of invoice.. 2. Pl. arrange COA / MSDS where ever applicable... Item 2 is

Terms Discount P&F Excise/Ecess VAT/CST/STx Insurance Freight Others Grand Total

% 10.005.00 -

Amount 3,000.00 1,350.00 28,350.00 28,350.00


PJT/06/1/1757/90-91 28020182004 KUKATPALLY -I HYDERABAD - L HYDERABAD - IV AAACD7999QXM010

Total PO Value (INR) Delivery Address : Biotechnology Division Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. Survey No: 47, Bachupalli Qutubullapur Mandel,RR Dist. Andhra Pradesh-500090,Andhra Pradesh,India Drug License No:

for Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

Authorised Signatory

This is a computer generated approved document, hence no signature is required Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., 8-2-337, Road No 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Reddy's and mentioned in this purchase order shall be final and no deviation there from shall be accepted without Dr. 8-2-337. Reddy's for the first time against its purchase order. Material to be supplied strictly in compliance with Dr. Reddy's in respect of all the samples of all the goods/material to be supplied to Dr. (Dr. 2. except those expressly accepted in writing.500034. India. Reddy's shall be final and binding on the Vendor. ED/CESS/AED on actual should be charged and such Gate pass shall be provided wherever applicable along with supplies failing which.ANNEXURE Sree Krishna Solutions [Your Code with us . PO Date Amendment Amendment : 5800151535 : 21. Dr. Reddy's in respect of the specifications in the purchase order as also in respect of both quality and quantity and the decision of Dr. 5. Time shall be of the essence in respect of execution of the order as stipulated under Clause 6 here in below. Reddy's shall be entitled to deduct the amounts so lost by Dr. Reddy's by such Vendor Raw materials shall be supplied preferably from one single batch and shall be accompanied by the relevant analytical report. the price contemplated hereunder shall be inclusive of delivery charges and all containers and Packing cases and the like shall be deemed to have been supplied. Unless it is otherwise expressly agreed to the contrary.Reddy's specifications and shall have a minimum 80% of shelf life at the time of dispatch. The terms and conditions of this purchase order shall supersede and prevail over all earlier negotiations and shall represent the final and concluded contract between Dr. Road No 3. shall be binding on you. The Vendor shall obtain the prior written approval of Dr.Reddy's reserves their right to reject and return back at your cost/risk immediately.2012 No : Date : Note: 1.. Goods/material will be accepted by Dr.Any error in the purchase order should be notified to the respective buyer before supply of the material.All Invoices & Delivery challans are to be typewritten and no hand written will be accepted. Reddy's which the vendor shall obtain in writing before commencement of bulk production of any of the goods/material which are to be supplied to Dr. The receipt of the purchase order by the vendor as deemed under clause 2 here under. Dr.Reddy's specifications and shelf life. PRICE: Price accepted by Dr. Reddy's and the Vendor who shall both be bound by the terms and conditions hereafter and no modifications or alterations hereof shall be permissible without the specific written consent of Dr. Dr. Excise duty extra on actual. if applicable. Reddy's shall be under no obligation to pay for or return the same at any point of time hereafter. EXECUTABLE ORDER: This order shall be executable immediately on receipt hereof by the Vendor to whom it is addressed and shall be deemed to have been received by such Vendor within two days of its dispatch by ordinary post to the correct address of the Vendor. Hyderabad . TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. 4. Reddy's from the payments that are made to the Vendor in respect of the goods/material supplied by the Vendor. MATERIAL: The goods/material supplied by Vendor shall be subject to the approval of Dr. Reddy's between 9:00 hours to 16:00 hours on working days at the delivery point indicated in the purchase order. Material if not complying to Dr. Reddy's specific agreement in writing.524450] Plot No. However.08. Reddy's for brevity) shall be governed exclusively by the following terms and conditions and no deviation from these conditions. Method of analysis followed by the Vendor and safety data for the goods/material shall be forwarded if the goods/material are/is supplied to Dr. GENERAL: All deliveries and services to Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.47 Dwaraka nagar Gajularamaram Hyderabad 500055 India PO No. Reddy's. Reddy's shall be entitled at any time hereafter to amend. modify or cancel the order placed hereunder. Provided that Dr. Banjara Hills. MODE OF DELIVERY: All deliveries shall be accompanied by relative excise Gate passes and receipted freight bill. by the Vendor. shall also be deemed to be implied and un-conditional acceptance of the prices and all other terms and conditions stipulated hereunder. Reddy's Laboratories ltd. alter. 2. free of charge and Dr. 3. Andhra Pradesh. 2/6 .

Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.e. if any (3) Details of Quantity batch wise (4) Packing details i. 8-2-337. PACKING: (a) Material to be supplied in Original sealed intact drums. LR. Tech. fire. shall be paid as per the terms and conditions of Purchase Order.Reddy's for replacement of the material. (b) All individual packages should bear the label clearly indicating:(1) Name of the manufacturer (2) Contents (3) Grade of material (i. 8. Reddy's to secure the material/goods of the appropriate quality and quantity from other sources. Reddy's. Reddy's shall also. by an act of God or of aPublic Enemy.2012 No : Date : 6. DELIVERY CHALLAN: A separate challan shall be made for each item of the goods/ material. Reddy's as the direct consequence of such default.Reddy's reserves the right to reject and return back at your cost and risk and it is at the discretion of Dr. all payments shall be made by way of cheque /Demand Draft/Inland LC/Wire transfer (EFT) or against the documents through bank. etc. if any incurred by/or caused to the Vendor as a consequence of such cancellation and consequential purchase of the goods/material from any other source/Vendor shall exclusively be borne by the Vendor (e) Dr. if any 9.47 Dwaraka nagar Gajularamaram Hyderabad 500055 India PO No. The amount agreed. Reddy's. Reddy's shall have the right to purchase the goods/material from any other source/Vendor and claim reasonable compensation therefor as has accrued as a direct result/consequence of the breach/inability ofthe Vendor to supply the goods/material and the loss. I. Road No 3.e.... India.P.08. and date (2) Name of the items as provided in Dr. transportation embargoes and/or any such other causes whatsoever beyond the control of Dr. If for any reason. Also note that the transit damages if any due to improper/inappropriate packaging. floods. DELIVERY TIME: Time shall be of the essence and shall be as per the delivery schedule indicated on the face of this Purchase Order. 3/6 ... number of packages and quantity in each Packet. Dr. etc. lockouts. PO Date Amendment Amendment : 5800151535 : 21. Dr. In addition to which the Vendor shall also be liable to pay the difference between the price at which such material/goods is / are secured if any and also to compensate Dr. in addition to the above be entitled to pre-pone or postpone delivery of the material/goods at any time.e. Commercial. Andhra Pradesh. Reddy's shall be entitled as its option to: (a) Immediately cancel the contract by written/oral notice communicated to the last known address of the Vendor and (b) to charge liquidated damages as reasonable compensation for each days delay occasioned on account of the inability of the Vendor to deliver the material/goods as per the delivery schedule indicated on theface of this order for as long as it takes Dr.500034.524450] Plot No. strikes.ANNEXURE Sree Krishna Solutions [Your Code with us . PAYMENTS: Unless. the date for delivery being the last date by which the goods which are the subject matter of the purchase order shall reach Dr. (c) Dr. The delivery challan shall provide the following details: (1) Purchase order No. labour trouble. Hyderabad . Reddy's for any other loss or injury suffered by Dr. Dr. (d) Dr. Reddy's purchase order along with code Nos. which the parties hereto have mutually agreed to and shall be bound by in respect of the transaction covered hereunder. Reddy's by the said stipulated date on the face of this purchase order. Banjara Hills.) (4) Gross and net weights/volume (5) Batch number (6) Manufacturing Date and Expiry date. Reddy's. AR. otherwise agreed in writing by Dr. 7. earth-quake. Reddy's shall be under no obligation to accept the deliveries of the goods/material hereunder even when such failure on the part of the Vendor is due to any unforeseen event i. the goods do not reach Dr.

meaning and operation of affect of this contractor the breach thereof shall be settled by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. ARBITRATION: All the disputes or differences whatsoever arising between the parties as to the construction. CONTRACT AMENDMENT: Any deficiency in the goods/material supplied by the Vendor shall entitle Dr. Reddy's shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 18% per annum thereon..500034. address of which is indicated below:Dr. Reddy's may at any time by written order make changes in the drawings. Reddy's to the Vendor shall be the property of the Vendor. The actual physical receipt of the consignee copy of the LR by Dr. India An advance copy of the bill presented to the Bank shall be delivered to Dr.ANNEXURE Sree Krishna Solutions [Your Code with us . as and when received by Dr. Reddy's immediately after despatch. However. which shall be subject to these terms and conditions. IMPOSSIBILITY. Reddy's against open policy.BLOCKS/DIES: All blue prints. PO Date Amendment Amendment : 5800151535 : 21. Insurance shall be covered by Dr. Reddy's in writing. DELAY. Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.2012 No : Date : 10. packing material supplied/provided by Dr..P. without assigning any reason thereof. Banjara Hills. 1996 and the award made in pursuance thereof shall be binding on the Dr.524450] Plot No. Reddy's to effect insurance and other appropriate coverages to secure the goods/material. Reddy's shall be subject to inspection and approval at the destination/on arrival. Reddy's is concerned. artworks. the cost of freight and other incidental expenses incurred by Dr. 13. Reddy's on demand. shall result in such rejected goods/material being destroyed/disposed off by Dr. design or specifications applicable to the supplies covered bythis order and also reserves the right to cancel the order or any part thereof. 11. The vendor shall provide the necessary details and particulars of carrier receipt to Dr. Accounts Payable Department. Failure to do so. Hyderabad 500 016. shall be construed as the delivery of the title in the goods/material to Dr. the drawing shall be returnable to Dr. at any time. 6-3-865. Reddy's. insofar as physical verification of the goods/material.. INSURANCE: Unless otherwise expressly provided. This inspection shall in no way relieve the Vendor of its responsibility in respect of defects in the goods/material and or/workmanship and of its unconditional obligation to ensure that the goods/material are fit for the use and purposes intended or for use in tests and for the delivery of the goods/material in accordance with the specification since given or agreed upon with the vendor. INSPECTION: The goods/material received by Dr. immediately on handing over the goods/material to the carrier in order to enable Dr. A. Ameerpet. Global Business Services. Madhupala Towers. 8-2-337. India. Reddy's to summarily reject the goods/material and the vendor shall be liable to remove such rejected material at its own expense within a week from the date of intimation of rejection. Reddy's.47 Dwaraka nagar Gajularamaram Hyderabad 500055 India PO No. In case of all such rejected goods/material. Road No 3. 14. Reddy's shall be payable by the Vendor to Dr. 2nd Floor. Reddy's on demand. 15. date of the order and challan number to the Accounts payable department of Dr. Reddys. blocks. Andhra Pradesh. 12. INVOICES: Original invoice in duplicate shall be forwarded immediately after delivery of the goods/material quoting relevant purchase order. Reddy's and the sale proceeds if any received therefore shall be remitted to the Vendor after taking into account all costs incurred by Dr.08. Hyderabad . dies. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. In case failure to refund such expenses within fifteen days of such written demand being served on the Vendor. Dr. Reddy's for disposing the goods/material. 4/6 .

2012 No : Date : . 7) Vendor needs to ensure the Plant on their invoice i. JURISDICTION: This contract shall be governed by the laws of India and having been accepted and concluded at Hyderabad.Reddy's whose decision shall be final and binding on both the parties. Hyderabad . Anti Bribery Clause for PO: Vendor or Supplier agrees that in connection with performance of this agreement or activities under this Agreement. we are eligible for Central Excise duty. i. the Authorized officer should examine the goods in the case of goods on which DEPB/DBK benefit is proposed to be availed. Andhra Pradesh.e. the name of the Contractor/supplier and Consignee name i. Road No 3. India. 16. PO Date Amendment Amendment : 5800151535 : 21. neither the vendor / supplier nor any of its personnel. 4) If the goods procured by the Contractor are duty paid. then also.e. to government officials or other parties for the improper purpose of influencing or inducing or as a reward for any act. Before the goods is put to use.08. 4) Manufacturer/supplier should have valid IEC and a copy of the same is provided along with proforma invoice for filing BOE. PO raised by the Contractor. 3) Authorization in f/o DRL shall be issued by the Manufacturer/supplier for filing of Bill of Export on behalf of the manufacturer/supplier in the attached proforma.. 3) On arrival of duty exempted goods procured by the Contractor. or provide or offer to provide anything of value. 8-2-337. Receipt and Issue.e either DEVELOPER or UNIT based on PO For Contracts: 1) In all correspondence. DC. "The disputes and differences shall be referred to the sole arbitrator appointed by Dr. 2) In case of non Central Excise items.500034. 2) Disclaimer should be issued by the manufacturer/Trader in f/o DRL in the attached format and should be sent along with the ARE-1 while forwarding goods to the site. consolidated registers of Receipts and Issues should be maintained by DRL for the purpose of record as the overall responsibility for the duty exempted gooods lies with the unit. the details should be entered in the gate register and he should also maintain a separate register for duty paid goods. Banjara Hills. omission or decision to secure an improper advantage or to improperly assist the Supplier/Vendor or Dr Reddy's in obtaining or retaining business. 6) Goods/material ordered should come along with ARE-1. 5/6 PO No. DRL should be reflected for all goods required for the development and creation of facilities and services availed by the Contractor for availing the benefits of exemption and reimbursement. 5) Basing on the records maintained by the contractors.524450] Plot No. 5) Form-I shall be issued by DRL for claiming exemption of CST to the su pplier.ANNEXURE Sree Krishna Solutions [Your Code with us . he should intimate the same to the Authorized officer and representative of DRL and enter in the Gate Register and registers maintained by him i. shall make or promise to make any improper payments. CST/APVAT exemption and hence supplier should extend the same. Andhra Pradesh.e invoice. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. The venue of arbitration shall be Hyderabad. the Contractor can take goods on behalf of DRL without payment of APVAT by following method in (1). It shall always comply Dr.47 Dwaraka nagar Gajularamaram Hyderabad 500055 India parties. The court at Hyderabad alone shall have exclusive territorial jurisdiction THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS/GUIDELINES MAY BE PRESCRIBED IN THE PURCHASE ORDERS/SERVICE ORDERS AT THE TIME OF AWARDING CONTRACT OR ISSUING PURCHASE ORDER FOR THE SEZ UNIT PROJECT For Direct Purchase orders by DRL: 1) Being SEZ unit/Developer. directly or indirectly.

price competitiveness and standards of products supplied or services provided" Unless otherwise specifically Mobile No: 9959096702.Biologics. SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY CLAUSE : #In addition to the terms agreed in the Agreement and any Purchase Order executed between You and Dr. Hyderabad . "Dr Reddy#s is committed to providing you with professional business partnering experience premised upon mutual trust and cooperation and governed by the strictest anti-graft policies. Hyderabad .. to the following address :Dr. Dr. +91-40-66511909 If payment is not received as per payment terms specified in this purchase order. Ameerpet.08.524450] Plot No. Reddy#s person. Reddy#s shall inquire into all complaints received and shall always ensure fair dealing based entirely upon the quality. Reddy#s guarantees complete anonymity and shall safeguard your interests against any form of retaliation. Ext: 4484 FAX No: 040 . If you have concerns regarding your official and related dealings with any Dr. You agree that Youhave reviewed the Dr. Reddy#s Supplier Code of Conduct on social accountability. then you are welcome to share your concerns by speaking to or anonymously writing a compliant to our chief compliance officer at +91 40 4900 2000 or complianceofficer@drreddys. Bachupally.vikretha. which is available at Supplier interface portal www. SCM Dept . PO Date Amendment Amendment : 5800151535 : 21. 2nd Phone No +91 40 30783217 Fax No +91 40 66511909 Dr. Banjara Hills. Andhra Pradesh.2012 No : Date : with the Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. Dr. Accounts Payable Department. India.500090. 1988. Hyderabad 500 016. You may note that any deviations to the Dr. EU anti-bribery regulations. 6/6 . Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. whose contact details are given below :E Mail ID payableshelpdesk@drreddys.Reddy's Supplier code of conduct and Global Anti bribery provisions including but not limited to Indian Prevention of Corruption Act. 6-3-865. Survey No: 47. +91-40-30783217 Fax No.drreddys. Road No 3.44644484...Sreevalli A E Mail ID . please send original invoice in duplicate. 8-2-337. duly indicating our Order No. Reddy#s Laboratories Limited (#Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.47 Dwaraka nagar Gajularamaram Hyderabad 500055 India PO No." Stage Wise Payments as per Annexure : Buyer's Address : Buyer's Name . US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. Biologics Development Center. UK Bribery Act. please contact payables help desk.500034.ANNEXURE Sree Krishna Solutions [Your Code with us . 2010. Reddy#s SupplierCode of Conduct on social accountability would be deemed as breach and would lead to termination of the Agreement and you shall be solely liable for all the costs and consequences arising as well as on Phone: 040 . India Phone No.23041418.P. A. Phone: 040 .biologicsscm@drreddys. Madhupala Towers. Reddy#s#) and undertake to strictly abide by the same. Global Business Services. Dr.