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Dear Batch

The following case studies are to be studied & presented by groups on 8th feb (however, everyone is supposed to read & analyze the cases for class discussion):Group A: GE Medical Systems Group B: Jykse Bank Group C: Group D: Starbucks Group E: Giordano Group F: The quality improvement customer's didn't want Group G: Shouldice Hospital Limited Format for all case presentations in Services Marketing: 1.0 Objective of the case 2.0 Background 2.1 Industry Level Analysis (the Porter's 5 force model, relative industry position - market share, stage in the Industry life cycle, Industry attractiveness, SERVQUAL compliance, Industry growth & potential drivers, effective strategies, inter-industry leverage, etc.) 2.2 Company Level Analysis (Firm's Value Chain, SLC, stakeholders, Profitability Liquidity & leverage ratios, sales forecast figures, marketing trends, Competitive position, strategic moves, bench marking data, etc.) 3.0 Case Analysis : Characteristics of service delivery, services marketing mix, GAPS model, consumer behavior, relationship management, service recovery strategies, Service design & standards, blueprinting, measurements/evaluation procedure, overall consumer experience, services research, role of employees & training, Self-service technologies, role of IT enablers, Supply chain & intermediaries, vendor evaluation criteria, impact of Industry demand & supply, Integrated Marketing communications & branding, pricing, extent & type of distribution requirement, specifics of the case, comparisons, etc. 4.0 Findings/Conclusion 5.0 Recommendations


due for completion by the 1st/2nd week of March 2012 (Hard copy of report + presentations + primary research video testimonials):- Group Project topic “A comparative analysis of how airlines deal with SERVQUAL attributes (viz. Following are your respective group-wise projects topics. Marriot. Reliability. Hyatt.Dear Students. Assurance. Empathy & tangibles)” A (Airline) B (IT/Software Consulting) “Critical success factors in the Integrated Services Strategy of IBM India Ltd. Four Points. Ltd” D (Retail services) “The role of intermediaries in facilitating retail services (Apparel or food & grocery retail)” E “The People (employees + customers) services mix of leading Indian hotels” (Le Meridian.” C (Banking & Financial Services) “Service design & delivery processes at IndusIld Bank. ITC.) . Taj. etc. Responsiveness.

) G (Restaurants/ beauty salons) Growth strategies & differentiators for city based full-meal joints and hair/beauty salons. . Gupte Hospitals.. Regards. etc.(Hospitality) F (Healthcare) Physical evidence & relative service traits of leading hospitals & diagnostic centres in Pune (Aditya Birla hosp. Jehangir.