Bay Area Retired School Personnel

Volume 21—ISSUE 1
BARSP Newsletter September 2012

President’s Message…….
President Sandy DeWaele

Summer is drawing to an end. This year promises to be a busy one with a lot of important and interesting things planned. I appreciate your support and hope to see more of you at our BARSP meetings this year. Community Service Projects: We have two new service projects to help get name recognition for BARSP. In October 2012 and in April 2013 we will be collecting used magazines for waiting rooms at the Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic and the hospitals . Food donations for the Salvation Army Food Pantry will take place in November 2012 and May 2013. Used magazines should have the mailing label removed or blackened out. BARSP volunteers will affix a label to each magazine stating ‘Donated by BARSP- Bay Area Retired School Personnel’. Food donations must be nonperishable and at least six months from expiration date. I am very pleased with the volunteer response we got for these community service projects for 2012-2013. The community service project schedule and names of those who volunteered are included in our new directory, which will be available at our September meeting. One Time Donations for 2012: Thanks to the 50/50 drawing, BARSP was able to give one time donations again this year. Santa House received $200 and the following organizations received $500 each: Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic, Imagination Station, MARSP in Memory of s BARSP Members for 2011-2012 ,and Bay City Lions- Kids Sight. SB 1040: MARSP Executive Directive, Mark Guastella sent this information in June: MARSP membership did an outstanding job of making the legislature aware of our position on SB 1040. These efforts resulted in the House Republicans offering a measure that eased the health care cost burden on our most financially at risk members and retained the existing hybrid pension plan. We did a great job of making the House understand we are a reasonable group who believe there are many alternatives available to solidify and ensure the long-term viability of the MPSERS system without burdening the State of Michigan financially. Our work is not done, however. Update on SB 1040: The Senate did not concur on House Substitute H-3. As of July 18, 2012 the bill was being sent to Conference Committee. Report is forthcoming when Legislature reconvenes on August 15, 2012. This makes it even more important to keep contacting our legislators! Call our State Senator, Mike Green (517) 373 1777 or 866-305-2131 (toll free) today and urge him to oppose this assault on the retirement of Michigan's school employees. Current employees should not have to pay even higher out-of-pocket costs to keep the benefits that have been promised to them. Retirees cannot afford their health insurance premiums to increase, especially in light of the state's new pension tax. Calling Committee: The idea behind this committee is to increase attendance at BARSP meetings by getting to know each other better. Marilyn Goik has agreed to chair this committee. She could use more help. Members are assigned one page from our Directory as their calling list for the year. Simply call five or six different people a week before the meeting and just talk. Contact Marilyn (686-0832) to volunteer and for more information. Dee Bishop, a BARSP member will tell us about the Humane Society at our meeting on Monday, September 10, 2012. The Humane Society would appreciate donations of pet food. -Sandy

1st Vice President Michael Andress —— 2nd Vice President Betty Defrain Janet Brandt Secretary Joyce Sigelko Treasurer Phil Bosco Past President Dr. Mary Boettger

Luncheon Meetings

DoubleTree Hotel
One Wenona Park Bay City, Michigan September 10, 2012 October 8, 2012 November 12, 2012 March 11, 2013 April 8, 2013 May 13, 2013




Cindy says….
. Look for A13 on the mailing label of the hard copy of your newsletter to indicate that your dues are up to date. This may take a while (a few months) to show up, so don’t panic if you have paid and it still reads A12. We are working on a method to verify payment to those of you who receive the newsletter via e-mail. So far we have 67 out of 577 receiving their newsletter via e-mail. Once again please consider letting Phil Paulus know if you would like to receive your newsletter this way. It not only saves us a lot of money , but you also receive your newsletter at least a week earlier than those getting a hard copy. Cindy Bosco-Membership Chair

Welcome Aboard

September Prepays

Carol Fulcher Mary Garcia Neil Kent Dee Bishop Dr. Mary Boettger Cindy Bosco Phil Bosco Gloria Bublitz Grace Chevalier Betty Clifford T. Betty DeFrain Sandy DeWaele Janet Dixon Mary Ida Doan Sally Finzel Marty Gilkey Marilyn Goik Rosanne Heme Carl Learman Inez Luce Dolores Maillette Mildred Nuffer Sue Post Rika Schoenfeld Florine Schutkowski JoAnn Vanover Edna Wittbrodt Phyllis Woody.

September 2012
Betty Clifford, Deborah Perry, Geraldine Welter

October 2012
Kathy Brenner, Deborah Bula, Patricia Wilson

November 2012
Gloria Bublitz, Marty Gilkey, Florine Schutkowski

In Memorium Elaine MacDonald 4/15/12 90 yrs Marilu Neering 4/23/12 81 yrs Olwen Musser 4/29/12 88 yrs

March 2013
Deborah Bula, Eileen Partlo, Lavona Styn

Enjoy computer work? I need your help… Rika Schoenfeld, Editor 989-793-9467

April 2013
Marion and William Jones Brenda Kehrier, Mary Moskal

May 2013
Ellen Czerwinski, Dorothy Massoll, Lavona Styn

Thanks JoAnn Vanover

Source: MLive 3-22-12 Affordable Care Act impact on Michigan residents: 2.8 million preventive care as immunizations mammograms 58,000 young adults have insurance to age 26 84,000 on Medicare saved average of $580 each due to drug discounts 556,000 with pre-existing conditions have insurance 3 million women protected against gender discrimination to pay higher premiums Source: Detroit Free Press Rep. John Dingell Affordable Care Act will save average family of 4 $2,265-$9,794 yearly

V O LU M E 2 1 ISSU E 1



BARSP Meeting Reservation Form Monday September 10,2012 — 11:00 a.m. $9.50 per person Name (s)_____________________________________________________________________________________ No. Attending________________ Amount Enclosed __________________________(please do not staple)
All Fur the Love of Animals Dee Bishop, Bay County Humane Society
Make check payable to BARSP mail by September 1 Carl Learman 6353 Lawndale Road Saginaw, MI 48604-9457 989-793-8089

DoubleTree Hotel

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read was made by Phil Paulus and seconded by Mike Andress . Motion Meeting was called to order by President Sandra DeWaele carried. at 10:30 a.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by the singing of “America the Beautiful” and “Happy Legislation Report: Mike Andress spoke on Senate Bill 1040 and how important it is that you contact Mike Green Birthday” to those with May, June, July and August birthdays led by Cindy Bosco. and Charles Brunner to voice your concerns on this bill. BARSP Minutes—May 10, 2012 Memorials: “We remember our colleagues with prayers and thoughts of their selfless giving to education and their community.” Deceased members remembered: Elaine MacDonald (4/15/12). Marilu Neering (4/23/12), and Olwen Musser (4/29/12). Membership is at 577 with 3 new members. Carole Fulcher, Mary Garcia and Neil Kent. President DeWaele called the roll of MARSP delegates. She introduced Joan Hildinger, Area 11 director, who began the MARSP annual meeting with an audio visual presentation prepared by MARSP. The presentation gave information of what lies ahead and how to use the MARSP web site ( Also presented was an overview of health cards, prescription drugs, and an update on legislation and the devastating effects it would have on the retirees of the public school system. Elections for MARSP’s President-elect, Secretary and the goals for 2012-13 where held. Joan adjourned the annual MARSP meeting at 11:30 a.m. Joan presented a Chapter Service Award to Carl Learman for his years of service and a Local Chapter RecognitionAward to President DeWaele, on behalf of MARSP. President DeWaele began the BARSP meeting the secretary’s report. Motion to accept the minutes of the April, 2012 was made by Florene Schutkowski and seconded by Jo Ann Vanover. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Phil Bosco
Income Expenses Checking Account Savings Account $2,056.00 $687.20 $7,595.96 $1,801.62

Bay City area voting poll sites have changed. Make sure you know your place of voting and begin now to prepare for the November elections. Luncheon Reservations: Carl Learman reported 83 reservations for today’s meeting and 83 meal tickets. A reminder - beginning September 2013, BARSP meetings will be held on the second Monday of the month. Luncheon cost will be $9.50. Old Business: None. New Business: President DeWaele will attend the MARSP Leadership Team Development Seminar in Grayling on June 20th. If interested, she is driving. You can register online with MARSP for this seminar. This year’s golf outing is scheduled for August 16th. If you have not signed the petition for “protect our jobs” please do so. Motion to adjourn was made by Cindy Bosco seconded by Sandy Paulus. Motion carried. Blessing for September meeting to be given by Mike Andress. 50/50 winners: $48.00 - Sandy Paulus $15.00 - Agnes Schmidt $15.00 - Leon Katzinger Winners of BARSP gifts: Bev Shelburg and Marcella Knapp. Submitted by: Joyce Sigelko, Secretary

CD Life Acct. DC

$7,380.40 $7,380.40

BAY AREA RETIRED SCHOOL PERSONNEL 2245 Carroll Road Bay City, Michigan 48708

Presorted STANDARD U.S. Postage Paid Bay City, MI Permit No. 30


September 2012


Programs for 2012-2013
September 10, 2012

“All Fur the Love of Animals” - Dee Bishop, Humane Society of Bay County

October 8, 2012
Current Insurance Benefits - Branko Bojicic

November 12, 2012
You and MARSP - Les Nixon MARSP President

March 11, 2013
A Theatrical Gem: Bay City Players Turning 100 -Leeds Bird Bay City Players

April 8, 2013
Olli’s Follies - SVSU Olli Chorale

May 13 2013
MARSP Annual Meeting - Joan Hildinger, Director Area 11

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