NAME OF DRUG Isoniazid (INH, isonicotinic hydrazide


MECHANISM OF ACTION May inhibit cell-wall biosynthesis by interfering with lipid and DNA synthesis; bactericidal

DOSAGE 200mg/5ml, 7.5ml OD A.C. x 1yr due 4/10/2013

INDICATIONS -actively growing tubercle bacilli -to prevent tubercle bacilli in those exposed to TB or those with (+) skin test results whose chest x-rays & bacteriologic study results indicate nonprogressive TB

CONTRAINDICATIONS -with acute hepatic disease or isoniazidrelated liver damage -use cautiously in patients elderly patients, in those with chronic nonisoniazidrelated liver disease or chronic alcoholism, seizure disorders and severe renal impairment

ADVERSE REACTIONS -seizures -toxic encephalopath y agranulocytosi s -aplastic anemia -hepatitis

NURSING CONSIDERATIO NS -always give with other antituberculoti cs to prevent development of resistant organisms. -monitor hepatic function closely for changes. -severe & sometimes fatal hepatitis may develop, even after many months of treatment. Risk increases with age. -give pyridoxine to prevent peripheral neuropathy, especially in malnourished patients.

bactericidal 200mg/5ml. Drug’s systemic effects may cause asymptomatic elevation of liver function test results and uric acid level -drug may cause hemorrhage in neonates of rifampintreated mothers -avoid IV administration because faster systemic elimination will reduce effectiveness Vitamin B Complex Coenzyme that stimulates metabolic function and is needed for cell replication. pulmonary. with other antituberculoti cs -use cautiously in patients with liver disease -shock -pancreatitis -acute renal failure -hepatotoxicity -give drug with at least one other antituberculoti c -monitor hepatic function. -use cautiously in anemic patients with coexisting cardiac.Rifampicin (rifampin) Inhibits DNAdependent RNA polymerase. and uric acid levels. hematopoiesis. 15ml OD AC x 1yr due 4/10/2013 -pulmonary tuberculosis. 1cap PO BID To combat toxic side effects of anti TB drugs. which impairs RNA synthesis. or hypertensive -heart failure -anaphylaxis . hematopoietic studies.

Appears to reduce transmission of -iron deficiency contraindicate d in patients with hemosiderosis. -protect B12 from light. Give oral form with meals or with milk to prevent GI distress -watch for sensitivity . hemolytic anemia. Monitor hemoglobin level. peptic ulceration. or regional enteritis and in those receiving repeated blood transfusions -spasticity in -use cautiously spinal cord in patients injury with impaired renal function or seizure disorder or when -nausea -epigastric pain -vomiting -Constipation -black stools -diarrhea -anorexia -high fever -paresthesias -multiple organ-system failure -muscle weakness of vitamin. hematocrit. an essential component in the formation of hemoglobin 1Tbsp PO OD Baclofen Hyperpolarizes 10mg/tab PO fibers to TID reduce impulse transmission.and nucleoprotein and myelin synthesis. disease Ferrous sulfate Provides elemental iron. and reticulocyte count during therapy -don’t confuse different iron salts. elemental content may vary. Don’t refrigerate or freeze -don’t give large oral doses of B12 routinely. ulcerative colitis. primary hemochromato sis. drug is lost through excretion -oral iron may turn stools black.

analgesic. spasticity is used to maintain motor function reactions.Mefenamic acid impulses from the spinal cord to skeletal muscle. and respiratory distress -don’t confuse baclofen with bactroban 250mg/cap PO TID PRN for Pain 250mg/cap TID PRN for pain -anaphylactoid reactions -preexisting asthmas -ulcerations -abdominal pain -n/v -flatulence -heartburn -ulcers -CHF - -don’t give to preexisting asthmas or ulceration of the GI tract . and antipyretic activities. thus decreasing the frequency and amplitude of muscle spasms in patients with spinal cord lesions NSAID that exhibits antiinflammatory. skin eruptions. such as fever.

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